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How do men seduce women? Secrets of manipulation

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How do men seduce women? Secrets of manipulation
How do men seduce women? Secrets of manipulation

There are many examples from life when a seemingly completely ordinary-looking man meets a beautiful, self-confident girl. Or in the bed of an ordinary guy is a stunning beauty. What are men who seduce women called? Casanova, ladies' man? At the same time, the girls themselves cannot really explain what exactly attracted them at the time of choosing a partner. How do men and women seduce each other? Psychologists, studying this issue, drew attention to the actions of potential male lovers at the time of meeting and establishing contact with the ladies. How to behave in order to seduce any woman you like? Of course, the tricks used by seducers are not a panacea, because girls are all different and react differently to courtship. Consider the main techniques that affect the absolute majority. How men seduce women depending on the sign of the zodiac?

Women seduce a man


Every girl knows this type of men. He will chirp incessantlygive compliments, make jokes. How does a Gemini man seduce a woman? His task is to speak monotonously, a lot and looking mainly at the partner. Thus, gradually it is introduced into a kind of trance. The effect is enhanced by key phrases that draw the girl's attention to her, albeit not real, moral qualities. For example: “You are so risky, adventurous, interesting. Surely you can break away at any moment? End with a proposal to go for a ride around the city at night or run away to the observation deck (or anywhere else). The bottom line is that the emphasis on the inner qualities of a woman gives her a reason to feel better than she really is. The girl will try to match the compliments attributed to her and behave as expected of her. An experienced man needs a few well-formed phrases. It is important not to overdo it with monologues and not seem boring.


This method is designed for a woman who is more capable of empathy than others. A man in front of such a lady acts as a victim. He talks about his sad life, about the failure that happened. It is advisable not to use illustrations from past relationships for these purposes. Failure at work or a quarrel with a friend is quite suitable. And it is also important to remember that not every girl is capable of sympathy for an unfamiliar person. And this trick, frankly, is not new. Therefore, think over the conversation plan in advance, so as not to expose yourself as a miserable loser in the eyes of a stranger. If the desired effect is achieved, be sure to mention in the dialogue that you have not seen such acaring, special woman. Maternal instinct will do its job for you. This method describes how the Cancer man seduces women. His forte is the search for sympathy, he has confidence.

How to seduce a woman


Most women are sure that friendship between a girl and a guy is possible and exists. They are warmed by the thought that an old friend will turn out to be a secret admirer as a result. How do men seduce women? Often they are friends with an attractive young lady, waiting until the number of her fans decreases or a crisis occurs in their personal lives. And at that moment he will enter the arena - the dearest and closest friend. At the right moment, friendship turns into intimacy and ends there. What happens after sex will be known later. But friendly relations can no longer be maintained.


This is such a rare manifestation of male behavior in modern life that it knocks even the most self-centered ladies off their feet. How does a Libra man seduce women? Any girl, like air, needs care and affection in a relationship. If they are seasoned with romance, then the value of a man in her eyes increases significantly. Learn to do crazy things, as one good movie said: "We have forgotten how to climb through the windows to the women we love." It's time to remember how a man beautifully seduces a woman. Do bright, unexpected deeds, because lovely ladies miss them so much. This will distinguish you among the mass of men, they will tell your girlfriends about you. And those, in turn, dream of meeting someone like you, which will play into the hands in the future in caseparting. Every woman dreams of becoming special, the one for whom poems and songs are composed, fantastic deeds are performed.

Seduce each other

Bring tears

Pay attention to the condition of the woman, perhaps she needs protection and a strong shoulder nearby. The image of the patron has a beneficial effect on the relaxation of a woman. An upset girl can be asked what is the reason. And if necessary, become a protector, savior and get rid of the annoying element. In a conversation, you can bring tears with phrases such as: “You deserve better. You are treated badly. You are sad all the time. You must be very lonely." A grateful victim of seduction will be ready for a lot. But do not advertise your goals, otherwise there is a risk of stumbling into a scandal and ruining your reputation. This method is typical for Taurus men. A woman must decide for herself that you are the ideal patron.

Stone Wall

The task of a man is to present himself as a successful, stable, confident person in the future. At the subconscious level, a woman is always looking for the father of future offspring and a spouse who causes respect and awe. Self-confident, we althy men, ready to support their future family, invariably attract the attention of a huge number of women. Position yourself as the master of the situation, a stable and serious man. Ladies will definitely pay attention to such a representative of the stronger sex and will seek his location. The Capricorn man is perfect for this role.

The man seduced the woman

The soul of the company

When choosing a man, a woman is also guided by how other women react to her chosen one. How can a man seduce a woman? In order for her to appreciate you as a worthy party, you need to like the people around you. For Leo men, this method is not difficult. Drawing attention to himself from the right angle and without excesses in the role of a clown, he will not go unnoticed. To complete this item, you need to have certain oratory skills and activity. Attract individuals who are listened to, respected. Such a man gives the impression of being competitive, someone with whom you can stand out and live an active life under the envious glances of rivals.


How do men seduce young women? Young ladies are looking for some abstract man who must certainly be extraordinary. You can use your unusual hobby to attract a woman, use a non-standard approach in communication or interesting habits. Everything that can catch the eye of a beautiful lady is used, making you stand out from the crowd. After all, most girls dream that their chosen one will be special, not like everyone else. The Sagittarius man has the right originality.

men seduce women


A man is checking which category the young lady in front of him belongs to. And in accordance with this definition plays the role of good or bad. Good girls love bad boys, and bad girls love good ones. According to this principle, the seduction of the selected object occurs.With leading questions, specify the category of the girl and act according to the circumstances. But do not forget that a conscious woman is looking for a normal, stable man for herself. And playing the role of a bad boy will not lead to anything productive in this case. A cunning Aries man will love this game.


The “all such mysterious” man also works well for young maidens: he pauses at the right places in the monologue, skips something in the process of the story in order to supplement it later. He walks out without a word and disappears, then appears out of nowhere. In the story about himself, he leaves some understatement, a mystery. Friends who came with you should support this game. Thus, the girl will become interested, because they are all curious by nature, and she will want to talk heart to heart, unravel the mysterious personality. The halo of mystery attracts and beckons them like moths. This role suits Pisces men. For older women, this method is contraindicated, most likely, you will be mistaken for a poseur and sent to solve riddles elsewhere.

Loose Ears

The method is suitable for talkative girls. Its essence is simple: listen without interrupting. Sometimes "accept", "groan" according to the meaning of the text and nod your head. Few people know how to listen well, this is a valuable quality, especially for men. How to seduce a woman? Show sincere interest in her story, ask again, clarify some points. Thus, the object of seduction will be imbued with confidence in you and will become closer. Women single out a man who is able to listen and classify him as a “trustedpersons". The Scorpio man is capable of playing this role flawlessly.

About high

In no case should you advertise to a woman the intention to lure her into bed on the first date. You can hint from afar about your ardent desire, but you should not speak directly for sure. On the contrary, tell us about how you value sincerity and fidelity in women. That you believe in love and look for it everywhere. That she is that extraordinary, special woman whose company makes you feel warm and comfortable. Beautiful, non-binding words warm the soul and ears of a beautiful lady. Light, non-committal flirting is typical for Aquarius men.

Women seduce men


If you are aiming to seduce a married woman, you must first find out the following points:

  • What is her relationship with her husband. Perhaps the couple exists only nominally, and the woman feels free. Then the task is simplified.
  • How does her husband treat her, does he have problems with fidelity. If he cheats on his wife, then there is a high risk that she, having learned about the betrayal, decides to repay the same. This will be a good chance for you to try and take advantage of.
  • If the relationship in a couple is harmonious, love and joy reign, then you should not interfere with their happy life for the sake of satisfying your ego. Moreover, with a probability of 99% you will not succeed.

How do men seduce married women? This is likely only if her relationship with her husband has reached an impasse or there has been a major conflict involving treason.partner. A loving and beloved woman will never cheat on her chosen one. The psyche of a girl does not accept betrayal for herself as a way of entertainment. Usually married women cheat if they were humiliated in marriage, trampled on feelings, forgot about them. Then they are ready to take revenge in this way or just want to feel welcome.


If you are married and decide to cheat on your spouse, remember that there will be no going back after that. What feelings do you have for your own wife? Is it worth it to continue the relationship if you are ready to hurt the person next to you for the sake of a fleeting passion?

Why does a married man seduce a woman? Usually for the sake of a one-time connection, when he is not satisfied with family relationships. Sports interest, monogamy and other reasons for "alpha males" are, rather, excuses of immature personalities. An adequate adult man is able to understand, assess the scale of disasters and consequences in case of disclosure of treason. Therefore, think a thousand times whether a one-time dubious sexual experiment is worth the nerves and love of one, but the closest woman.

What not to do

If a man decides to seduce a woman, then there are some "bad advice" that you should not follow, so as not to be considered a man of a narrow mind.

How to spoil the impression of yourself right away?

  1. Communicate your sexual intent directly. Feel free to use words, use a couple of strong words.
  2. Behave like a hero lover, hit on a girl and her friends at the same time. She mustfeel that a real man is nearby.
  3. Tell me about your ex. And better about all the former. A woman who wants to seduce a man should definitely know about all the details of his intimate life. Complain about life, feel sorry for yourself and be sure to explain why the ex/ex was wrong in their attitude towards you.
  4. Specify the girl's average monthly income. Forget to pay the bill for a joint dinner or offer to pay in half. And what? Gender equality has not been canceled. Let him know that you are not obliged to support anyone.
  5. Ask for details of her previous relationships. Specify the number of partners, the reasons for parting. Consult how women seduce men for sex.
seduction of women

In closing

The moral character of society as a whole is gradually improving. A rare girl will agree on a first date to have an intimate relationship without some kind of supernatural attraction to a partner. For those men who need just such short acquaintances, there are nightclubs where, having demonstrated their financial capabilities, there is a chance to seduce a girl on a first date. Men who are interested in women of a different kind should take a closer look at those around them. Relationships, albeit short ones, are much richer and bring spiritual satisfaction when their emotional content goes beyond the material. The process of seduction, the game of "predator-prey", the desire to achieve success, mutual attraction - all these are components of the process of seduction, pleasantly exciting.blood.

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