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When is Anna's name day celebrated?

When is Anna's name day celebrated?

To understand when your name day is celebrated, you must first find out in honor of which saint you are named. Anna's name day is celebrated several times a year, because many saints bore this name. Even Anna the Righteous, mother of the Virgin Mary, has three whole holidays

Funny script for the bride price

Funny script for the bride price

It happens that two lonely people meet and fall in love. They get used to each other and seriously think about the wedding. So the desired moment comes when a man kneels down and offers his hand and heart to his chosen one. And if the girl agrees, then there comes an exciting moment of anticipation of the wedding, in other words - marriage. We will consider, perhaps, the most interesting part of the wedding - the ransom of the bride. You can create your own script for this event

Cool inscriptions on mugs - gift idea

There are different holidays, for each of them you need to come up with, find and purchase an exclusive gift that will not only please, but also be useful in everyday life. For such cases, they came up with cool inscriptions on mugs, they make ordinary things unique

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When the day of machine builders is celebrated

When the day of machine builders is celebrated

Many solemn days do not have a fixed date. One of them is the day of machine builders, which is celebrated on the last Sunday in September. It was approved by the decree "On holidays and memorable days" in 1980 and is familiar to many millions of citizens

Original cat names for cats and cats

Acquiring a pet carries with it no less responsible task than buying a scratching post, toys and a crib - this is the choice of a name. As they say, whatever you call a ship, that’s how it will sail, so choosing the right nickname turns into a real test for new owners

Iron Bork I500: instruction manual, reviews

Bright design, ease of use and smooth gliding - all this and much more in the modern model of the Bork I500 iron. The article offers an instruction manual and consumer opinions about the German brand

Children's toy "Interactive monkey"

The toy appears in the life of the baby immediately after his birth and remains with him for many years. She must fall in love with the child, otherwise she will not become a means of developing the baby: he simply will not play with her