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Persil washing powders. Liquid powder "Persil"

Persil washing powders. Liquid powder "Persil"

When choosing household chemicals, we always try to give preference to the highest quality products. This is especially true for washing powder. Both the result and safety are important here. Powders "Persil" today on the market are considered the standard of quality

Tibetan mastiff: character, upbringing, training and content features

Tibetan mastiff: character, upbringing, training and content features

Not many people know about such a breed of dog as the Tibetan Mastiff. Indeed, today it is quite rare. This breed belongs to the group of Swiss mountain and cattle dogs, molossians, pinschers and schnauzers. What was the Tibetan Mastiff originally bred for? This breed is the oldest working breed. Dogs related to her were used in Tibetan monasteries as watchdogs, and nomads whose habitat was the Himalayas valued them as their faithful helpers

Goldilocks Secrets: Hair Combs

Hair combs… Sometimes we choose them because of the charm of the design or because such models are in fashion today. However, the choice of comb should depend on the type of your hair. Only then will they be beneficial and will not injure your curls

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Tourist dishes - the main equipment on a hike

Tourist dishes - the main equipment on a hike

Mug, spoon, bowl, knife (abbreviated KLMN!) - the main commandment of the tourist. You can forget to take everything with you except for these things. After all, you can’t do without them during the campaign. Travel utensils are the main attribute of any trip

False belly to simulate pregnancy - overview, features, types and recommendations

In the life of every woman, a situation may arise when it is necessary to depict a pregnancy. A false belly will help to qualitatively cope with this role. What are the products of this category, and what distinguishes them from each other?

The tradition of dyeing eggs - what are the origins?

How many legends and legends are associated with such an ancient tradition - to paint eggs! They all explain this custom in their own way. Despite the variety of interpretations, the tradition lives on to this day, being one of the favorite activities for the whole family

Variable Flow Teat: Rules of Use, Advantages and Disadvantages

On the shelves of children's goods stores there is a wide range of feeding nipples. More and more parents prefer universal nozzles that allow you to independently adjust the rate of fluid flow. What is a Variable Flow Teat? How does it differ from the classic look? How to use it correctly? The answer to these and other questions can be found in the article