How to please a guy and make him fall in love with you?
How to please a guy and make him fall in love with you?

Video: How to please a guy and make him fall in love with you?

Video: How to please a guy and make him fall in love with you?
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Most modern women are often interested in the question of the effectiveness of certain tricks that can attract the attention of the opposite sex. At first glance, it may seem that a short skirt and beautiful makeup will be enough, but not everything is so simple.

Where to start?

And you need to start with the question of whether the chosen one is "the one". And if the answer is yes, then it's time to think about a strategy for seducing him. So, how to please a guy and make him fall in love with you?


Whoever says anything, but representatives of the strong half of humanity, first of all, pay attention to external attractiveness. No guy likes to communicate with an untidy and unkempt girl. But beautiful clothes, a neat manicure, a friendly sweet smile will help to interest him.

well-groomed girl
well-groomed girl


It is necessary to conduct your own little investigation into where the object of your sympathy likes to spend time, what hobbies and activities are interested in, and compare the resultsdata with information about yourself. This will help to identify the presence of common interests. If so, you can try to "accidentally" meet him at one of the places he likes to hang out and strike up a conversation.

Sense of humor

Humor is an important component of any person's life. A woman with a good sense of humor, as a rule, has a light character and is able to cheer up even on the most gloomy day, and most importantly, men feel such ladies.


How to please a guy, but not seem too intrusive? You can show initiative and activity, but you don’t have to, figuratively speaking, fill all the space around with yourself.


You should not strive to be an "open book" in front of your chosen one. It is necessary to reveal your strengths and weaknesses slowly and carefully, not forgetting that every girl should have a zest.


Showing interest in everything around will make a girl versatile, educated and interesting for the opposite sex. Start following the news, politics, learn a foreign language, find a suitable hobby for yourself.

Girl reading a book
Girl reading a book


Sport is a separate category. After all, even those guys who are very far from physical activity love it when their companion leads a he althy lifestyle and keeps fit.


Not only girls are crazy about nice words addressed to them. Guys also love it when their virtues do not go unnoticed. Cannote the excellent erudition and resourcefulness of a young man, or ask if the owner of such broad shoulders goes to the rocking room. It is very difficult to over-praise representatives of the strong half of humanity. And if one of the guys stole the lady's heart, then she even enjoys showering him with compliments. But do not forget that too blatant flattery can be easily calculated, so do not overdo it.

Always be yourself

In any situation, you should not try to appear as someone you are not. A guy should be interested in a real girl. For example, if she is modest, then let her use this quality to create an image of a calm and reasonable person. This type of woman will look advantageous against the background of overly emotional girls.

Cheerful girl
Cheerful girl

Comparing to other guys

All people are used to considering themselves unique and inimitable, so in no case should you compare a man with someone else. By praising other guys, you worsen his attitude towards you.

How to please a guy who doesn't like you

Love is a wonderful bright feeling, but if your chosen one does not pay attention to you, it can hurt. The main thing is not to despair, because there are no hopeless situations. If your lover has not yet seen the girl of his dreams in you, then you need to try to correct the current state of affairs. You should approach the issue with intelligence and perseverance, even if the situation seems hopeless.

First you need to find a reason to get to know each other better. For example,you know that the guy likes to dance, then you should also become a disco lover. First you need to learn how to move beautifully, and then you can go into battle.

Try looking into the places he frequents, but don't overdo it so it doesn't look like a stalker.

Interest a guy
Interest a guy


Practically all modern people have pages on social networks. And, most likely, every girl at least once in her life fell in love with an unknown, but very handsome young man, and she had a question how to please a pen pal.

Account of the object of sympathy

The first thing to do is to study the young man's account. According to psychologists, more than 80% of information about a person is located on his page on a social network. To get a basic understanding of a person, just scroll through his feed, read posts and statuses, look at his photos. Ready? So, certain conclusions about the personality of the guy are formed.

Information in your account

Next, you need to analyze your page, namely, remove unnecessary information from there. Information about unbearable mental anguish, as well as dreams of a husband with ten children and a country house, are not interesting for guys, even more than that, they can scare them away. Also, don't "load" them with your past failed relationships.

Photos in your account

After clearing out your personal information, it's time to revisit your photo folders. All failed shots should be destroyed. Advicesimple and banal, but effective. If a girl panics, worries and cannot properly identify the pictures in which she came out badly, you can involve her friends for "cleaning"


It's time to type the first message. No need to start a dialogue with a typical "Hi, how are you?" or even more so with "Hi, you're cool!". With such careless and banal phrases, you can completely miss the chance to please a guy. How to build communication? It would be better if the girl tries to interest the object of her sympathy, to involve him in an interesting conversation. At the same time, the dialogue should be a little restrained, showing good breeding.


Illiteracy annoys almost all people who are even a little familiar with the rules of their native language. Therefore, if you have any doubts about the spelling of a word, it is best to peep on the Internet or check it in the Word editor. It may also happen that the girl will be much more educated than her interlocutor, and he will make mistakes at the level of the first class. In this case, interest in such a young person may dissolve on its own.


If the first communication went smoothly, but suddenly the guy disappeared for unknown reasons and does not write anything else, do not jump to conclusions and get upset. At this point, you shouldn't do anything at all. Maybe he has things to do. A tactful young man will most likely even apologize for his sudden disappearance in the next correspondence. But you don't have to point it out to him.or ask questions like "Why did you disappear?" or "What have you been doing?".

Girl texting boyfriend
Girl texting boyfriend

How to get a guy to like you at school

School years are considered the easiest, most carefree and, of course, not complete without falling in love. It's okay to strike up a conversation with a boy, but many girls are shy about taking the initiative. This fear must be overcome.

For acquaintance, you can use female tricks, for example, ask a guy you like very much for a small service (glue a wall newspaper, help bring books). If he agrees, there is a chance that the sympathy is already mutual. It is better to approach this kind of requests in private, so that both feel freer in communication, and the conversation develops by itself. You can also get to know the object of your sympathy at school events or through mutual friends, if any.

Love at school
Love at school

Second attempt

It happens that a girl some time ago already had close communication with a young man, but for some reason she stopped him or he did it. And then the feelings returned, and she wanted to like her ex-boyfriend again. How to do it?

When meeting with the object of your sympathy, you must always be confident, with dignity. You should not openly demonstrate your desire to be together again and try in every possible way to rivet his attention to your person. Moreover, there is no need to dwell on past relationships. It's better if the girl starts new onesdating the opposite sex, and the former will see that the world did not collapse without him and the guys can like her, just like he once did.

Most representatives of the strong half of humanity are owners, and the very idea that someone else can look after the ladies who once belonged to them causes burning jealousy. The question arises in their heads: was it necessary to leave? In order for the answer to this question in the guy’s head to be negative, with your rare meetings, you need to show him exclusively positive character traits. The main thing is not to rush and give your chosen one time.

Confident woman
Confident woman

If you follow all these little tips, even the question of how to please a guy in 1 day will not arise in front of a girl. The main thing is to act slowly, confidently and carefully. After all, it is not so difficult to understand what kind of girl the object of your sympathy wants to see in front of him. One by one, after a while, your steps towards your beloved will lead to the goal, that is, to him. It is important not to forget that you should not change yourself for the sake of another person. There are plenty of guys out there who would love to be around you just because you are who you are. You cannot change yourself. Any girl who behaves naturally and naturally in communication with the opposite sex will arouse much more interest in him than the one who constantly wears masks that are comfortable for her partner. That's all the information you need on how to please a guy. If the tips worked, try to make yourself and your young man even morehappier than you were before.