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Who is the godfather of the father of the child: names, family ties, common misconceptions

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Who is the godfather of the father of the child: names, family ties, common misconceptions
Who is the godfather of the father of the child: names, family ties, common misconceptions

A young couple gathered to baptize the baby. And then a sea of ​​​​questions: whom to take as godparents? How to baptize? Where to apply? What is needed for that? The questions were sorted out, the child was christened. And now a new dilemma: who is the godfather of the child's father? And the godmother - the mother of the baby? They became relatives, it is understandable. What are these relatives called? Let's find out now.

Receivers from the font

How godparents are chosen

I would like to apologize to the readers for this story. It could be called funny if it weren't so sad. The story was published in the book of the priest Yaroslav Shipov. And is true.

A little man comes to church. From among the villagers. He needs to talk to his father. They called the priest from the altar, and the visitor right off the bat. And his question is wild: is it possible to rebaptize his son. The priest, of course, would not allow it. Baptized once and for life. But notrestrained himself and asked: what is the reason for such a decision? To which he received the answer: you can’t drink with the current godparents. The godmother drank herself, and the godfather - tied up.

We by no means want to say that our dear readers baptize children just for the sake of such gatherings. This is complete absurdity. But let's think about how we choose godparents for our children. What are we guided by?

  1. First of all, we trust those people who should become godparents.
  2. Secondly, we know: if something happens to us, the godparents will not leave the baby, they will take care.
  3. And thirdly, many godparents help godchildren financially. They buy expensive gifts, walk and entertain. In general, they remove part of the expenses from parents.

Well, good people, of course, chosen godparents.

It's all true. Just the wrong approach. And before we figure out who the godfather is to the child's parents, let's find out: how to choose godparents.

Godparents and blood parents

What should we be guided by

The godfather is the godfather of the child before God. And his task includes responsibility for the spiritual education of his godson.

Spiritual education does not mean helping parents financially and physically. No, no one cancels or forbids this. But the main task is to accustom the godson to faith, to educate him in the bosom of the church. In other words, the godfather is responsible for the spiritual life of his successor. And it is he who must instill in the godson the love of God.

So when we choosegodparents, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that they are believers. Not just baptized, but familiar with church life from the inside. Otherwise, what can godparents teach a child who do not know a single prayer? And by the way, they have a very big responsibility. They will answer to God for their godchildren.


The duties of godparents to the parents of the godson

Who is the godfather of the child's father? Kum is the real one. It is believed that from the moment the baby is baptized, the godparents and blood parents are related. Even if they are not related by blood.

That's not quite true. The godfather does not bear obligations to the parents, except for raising the godchild in the faith. By and large, helping them support a child is not in his competence. Responsible for his spiritual development is another matter. And to feed, water, dress - the task of parents. Godparents and blood parents do not become relatives. Spiritual kinship arises only between the recipient and his ward.

Godmother with baby

Misconceptions about godparents

Who is the godmother to the father of the child? Kuma. What you need to know about the delusions, one way or another connected with godfathers?

  1. An unmarried girl is not allowed to baptize a girl. Allegedly, she gives her happiness. All this is nonsense. Of course, when a godfather has a husband and children, she is more experienced in everyday life. And he knows how to raise children. But she can be completely unscrupulous in faith. Just as an unmarried girl can be a believer and instill in her goddaughter love for God.
  2. The same nonsense with an unmarried guy. It is impossible for him to baptize a boy, he gives up his fate. Don't believe. This is nonsense.
  3. Pregnant women are not allowed to become godparents. Either the child is born dead, or the godson dies. It was hard to think of anything more stupid. The only point is that it will be difficult for a woman preparing to become a mother to allocate time for the spiritual education of her godson. Only because of this it is more appropriate to refuse the title of godmother.
  4. If a child cries during baptism, God does not accept him. Where this nonsense came from is unknown. But you can still face this savagery. Aunts and grandmothers, who are at the christening, begin to gasp and lament. Like, a baby we have a bad time crying excitedly. This is not a bad baby, this is a problem for aunts and grandmothers. The child is just scared, hot, mom is not around. Here he is crying.
  5. If you did not enter into intimate relations with your godfather, life is over. Yes, there is an opinion that godparents are simply obliged to sleep with each other. It is unacceptable. Godparents do not have the right to have an intimate relationship with each other, the parents of the godson and with the godson himself. This is a great sin, they are excommunicated for it.

How to prepare for christening?

Who is the godfather of the daughter of the blood father? This we found out - godfather. And now let's talk about how godfathers prepare for christening.

The following duties fall on the shoulders of godparents:

  • buying a cross, baptismal shirt;
  • payment for christening;
  • expenses for candles and other paraphernalia.

Parents are responsible forfestive table. Is it necessary to give gifts to godparents? And should godparents give gifts to their ward and his parents? This is at the discretion of each of them. Do you have the ability and desire? Why not give a gift.

Before the christening, future sponsors take a course of mandatory lectures. Now this condition has been introduced in almost all churches. You will have to listen to at least three lectures.

The receiver takes the godson

How to arrange a christening

Kum is the one who is the father of the godson to the godfather. And he negotiates with the priest about the baby's christening.

How to do it? Come to the temple, preferably on Sunday. Defend the service. No time? Then come to the end of the service. Ask for a candle box to call the priest. And say that you want to become a godfather, you need to christen the child.

Batiushka will tell you everything else: when to come to catechumens, how to behave at baptism, what prayers to learn before christening.

Baptize a child

This is important

Who is the godfather of the child's father and mother, we found out. What to do with the godmother? Imagine the situation: a course of lectures was listened to, the day of christening was appointed. Father is waiting, the guests have gathered. And the future godmother's critical days have come.

At this time, a woman cannot enter the temple and start any sacraments. They include baptism. Therefore, in order to avoid embarrassment, look in advance at the women's calendar. And ask for a christening appointment after a week of indisposition has passed. According to church rulesa woman is considered unclean for a week.

And one more thing: come to the christening in a skirt or dress. Be sure to wear a headscarf. Godfathers come in trousers. Frivolous outfits, such as shorts, are prohibited. Shoulders and arms must be covered, so wrestling shirts are cancelled.

Communion after baptism


So we talked about who the godfather is to the father of the child. Remember: godparents and blood parents are godfathers. The godfather is godfather. Godmother, respectively, Kuma.

The main misconceptions related to godparents were sorted out in the material. It also tells how to prepare for christening, what are the actions of godparents and what obligations they have to the parents of their successor.

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