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Bamboo rugs: types, description

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Bamboo rugs: types, description
Bamboo rugs: types, description

More and more consumers are trying to purchase interior items from natural materials. Bamboo products are extremely popular as floor coverings. Today we want to bring to your attention a review of bamboo rugs for home decor and for the beach.

bamboo mat

Bamboo in nature

The plant is native to East Asia, although it is now more widely distributed. Bamboo is a perennial plant belonging to the grass family. It has a green woody stem with a tuft of leaves and flowers at the top. By the way, its height can reach 40 meters, surprisingly, but in a day the plant can grow up to 2 m. This cereal can perfectly resist moisture, the sun. Due to the fact that the stems contain silicon dioxide, bamboo becomes so strong that its shoots can pierce even stone.

Bamboo ban, a substance found in the plant, gives it an antibacterial effect that is not destroyed even when the fiber is processed. Due to the fact that the plant has a porousstructure, bamboo mats and other products made from this material have excellent ventilation. Thanks to these characteristics, they have a lot of positive qualities.

Grass family: bamboo

Bamboo carpet

If you have decided to change your rug, but do not know how to choose the most suitable one from a huge variety, we advise you to pay attention to the bamboo product. This is a rather unusual accessory that combines artificial and natural ingredients. The fact is that bamboo mats are made entirely from natural raw materials (bamboo pulp), but made by chemical means. Therefore, the carpet is often called artificial, but by no means synthetic. It is believed that of all the artificial ones, this is the most natural carpet.

Bamboo floor mats

There are two options for creating carpet products from bamboo. They completely retain their properties, although they turn out to be completely different in appearance. We will tell you what methods of their manufacture exist.

Mat or batten rug

First option: slats are made from plant stems, in some cases pressed bamboo or its thin stems can be used. In order for the workpieces to be even and smooth, they should be well sanded. Make sure they are the same length.

bamboo mat

The blanks are fastened with threads so that there are no gaps between them. In order for the slats to be well fixed, they must be trimmed around the entire perimetercloth. It is advisable to impose them on a fabric base, which must be rubberized so that the bamboo rug is not slippery. After that, the product can be covered with stain or varnish.

Rugs can be square, rectangular, have the shape of a polyhedron. They will go not only as a floor covering, but also to decorate the walls. With their moisture resistance, they are ideal for the bathroom.

Products made in this way can also be used for yoga, for making sushi, as coasters for dishes.

Bamboo threads

From yarn

The second option is that the bamboo rug is woven from bamboo yarn, which can be made in two ways.

In the manufacture of fibers, enzymes (special enzymes) are added, and no chemicals are used. Therefore, this process is expensive, but completely natural.

Chemical method: the leaves and stems of the plant are crushed to a homogeneous consistency, and then soaked in a soda solution until cellulose is formed. After that, the soda is evaporated, and the cellulose is crushed and listened to. A few more compounds are added to the resulting mixture, then passed through a filter. Under the influence of acid, the tapes passed through the filter are formed into hardened fibers (filaments of yarn). Very often this yarn is called bamboo silk.

Bamboo rugs obtained by weaving have a fleecy structure. In this case, the pile can be short, medium, long and have differentdensity. Carpets with a short pile are most suitable for the most walk-through rooms, because they need the least care, with a medium pile - for a child's room, with a long pile - for the bedroom interior.

Bamboo woven rug

Bamboo beach mat

When you are going to relax on the sea or on the shore of any other body of water, in addition to a few towels, a swimsuit and sunscreen, you need to prepare a few more beach accessories. These include a beach mat.

Today, manufacturers in a wide range represent a variety of products. One of the most popular is considered to be a bamboo mat, on the one hand, which has cotton fabric, and on the other hand, one of the most environmentally friendly materials - bamboo.

These products have high aesthetic qualities, wear resistance, moisture resistance. They are easy and convenient to carry in your hands, because all bamboo mats are equipped with comfortable handles.

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