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Georgian wedding: traditions and rituals, photo

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Georgian wedding: traditions and rituals, photo
Georgian wedding: traditions and rituals, photo

It's no secret that Caucasian holidays fascinate with their beauty, a large number of guests, beautiful outfits and a rich table. Gaumarjos - the traditional Georgian wedding is currently taking place in compliance with the ancient rules, although modern innovations have made their own adjustments. The article will tell you about how newlyweds in this country welcome guests now.

Old national customs and traditions

This is now the Georgian wedding is preceded by the acquaintance of the future spouses. There used to be a custom when the groom stole his future wife. It may not have disappeared even now and is still practiced in remote mountain villages.

The girl almost never returned to her parents, as her honor was desecrated. In order not to cause discontent among neighbors and numerous relatives, parents had to take this step. Often women committed suicide because of their unwillingness to marry the unloved. Of course, there are many cases when a strong and friendly family was formed.

Georgians are very hospitable people. It is still customary to invite all relatives from the side of the bride and groom to such a great holiday. Refusal is not accepted. This causes resentment, andeven put in a special book the names of people who did not share the joy of the family. That is why, following the traditions, the Georgian wedding gathers a huge number of people.

After the wedding night, the mother-in-law took out the sheet from the bed of the newlyweds to prove the daughter-in-law's chastity. If the girl was not a virgin, then she was kicked out in disgrace.

Only sweets were placed on the wedding table for young people so that none of the guests could see how the spouse was eating.

Earlier, the holiday, when a new family was formed, was celebrated only in the house of the bride or groom. Despite the fact that now a lot of European has been gleaned from the celebration, many ceremonies remain. But about them in order.


This is how the first stage is called in Georgian - matchmaking. Of course, now the young people themselves get to know each other and choose a mate, but without the approval of their parents, the ceremony will not take place. There are exceptions, but they try to bring up children so that they listen to the opinion of their elders.

Here, the rituals of the Georgian wedding are not much different from the Russian ones. The groom must come to the bride's house with relatives to ask for her hand in marriage. The girl's parents greet the matchmakers with a magnificent feast, during which the boy's side praises him. They should list all the positive things.

Matchmakers arrived in Georgia
Matchmakers arrived in Georgia

Everyone is waiting for the appearance of the bride, who must give her consent to marry. And with a positive answer, the feast continues. Often even neighbors are involved in this process.

Next, the holiday moves to the house of the future husband,where the table is also served.


Like the Georgian wedding itself, the preparation also takes several days. It's time for the boy and girl to get engaged.

Taking a lot of gifts with them (it can even be just flowers, an expensive bottle of cognac and sweets), the groom's parents visit the bride's house with him again. There should be national dishes and a lot of wine on the table, which should not run out while the matchmakers are visiting. Therefore, they are stocked up in advance.

Men and women before the feast are separated, discussing various topics. And now the guy is already sitting next to his beloved. Everyone is waiting for the groom's father to get up and pronounce his toast, in which he expresses the joy of the upcoming relationship with the bride's parents. Only after that will a beautiful ring be presented to the future wife (sometimes it is a family heirloom that passes from generation to generation). The gifts don't stop there. No one should be left out.

During the conversations, the financial side and organizational issues will also be touched upon. Discuss the location of the wedding. More often, the groom's side has to pay for almost everything.

When matchmakers gather, they are given khachapuri and various sweets.

Bridal Wear

Buying outfits also happens according to tradition. So, for a Georgian wedding, the future husband buys beautiful clothes for the girl.

The outfit should consist of two parts. A shirt with a collar is put on down. He shows modesty and innocence. On top is a black or light dress, which, according to tradition, should be richly embroidered, sleeveshave deep cuts. The bride must be girdled. Girlfriends braided a braid and put on a headdress with a veil - chihti-kopi or mandili. The neck can be decorated with a beautiful necklace and pearl thread.

Bride's wedding dress
Bride's wedding dress

The bride used to choose an outfit (chokhu) for the groom. It consisted of a white shirt with a stand-up collar. A dark or light-colored cloak was worn over it, embroidered with gold and lined with satin. The groom was girded and was without weapons. On her feet are leather boots.

Groom's wedding attire
Groom's wedding attire

Bride price

It used to be that the groom had to redeem the bride by giving her parents cattle. Now these can be simple gifts prepared by matchmakers for future relatives, and the ransom is more entertaining. It all depends on the well-being of the family.

Since all girls live in their parents' house before marriage, this ceremony takes place there. But in many regions of Georgia, grooms used to come and even live with the bride after the betrothal.

The dowry of the bride has always been modesty, chastity. She must be accommodating and, of course, economic.

It's time for the next stage - a beautiful Georgian wedding.


First, young people undergo a mandatory ceremony - a wedding. Previously, it was considered even more important than the stamp in the passport.

It is from this moment that the Georgian wedding begins. There are very beautiful churches in Georgia, and on wedding days you can’t squeeze through there. At the exit of the newlyweds, a kind of arch will be waiting, which is made ofdaggers groom's friends. So they give protection to a new unit of society.

Newlyweds meeting in Georgia
Newlyweds meeting in Georgia

Then everyone goes to the registry office to legalize their relationship. It is now common to split two events into two days.

Further, it is customary for the whole motorcade to pass through the streets, waving their arms. The sound of klaxons can be heard for several kilometers. This is how husband and wife share their happiness.

Inspection of a new home

After the traditional photo shoot, the guy is taking his chosen one to get acquainted with his house.

Before entering, there is an obligatory ceremony - young people break the most beautiful plate for good luck. After that, the groom will have to climb onto the roof to release the white bird.

Guests are served wine. The first glass is handed to the husband. The wife is led around the house, scattering grains of various cereals in the corners. It is believed that this will bring we alth to the home, and offspring to the family. The symbol of the hearth is a cauldron, and the girl always touches it. Relatives put a pot of oil, around which she has to go around three times.

Wooden ornaments given to young people represent the Tree of Life. Before a kiss with her husband, so that only sweet statements can be heard in the future, her lips are smeared with honey.

After the glasses of wine follow, the young people pronounce their vows. The groom throws the ring into his glass, takes a sip, gives the bride a drink and puts this sign of matrimony on his wife's hand.

This completes the ceremonial part.


This is the name of the feast itself at a Georgian wedding. Photos confirmthe grandeur of a celebration that can last for a whole week.

Now, due to the large number of guests, expensive restaurants are being rented. The toastmaster is usually chosen from relatives. If the wedding tables are separated, then helpers (friends of the groom) help to entertain the guests. No one should be bored.

this is a wedding party
this is a wedding party

The most delicious treats are on the tables. The serving of dishes differs from a Russian wedding. From the aromas of kupat, shish kebabs, eggplants, the stomach simply reduces. Anyone would like to visit such a table. Such a variety of treats is not often found:

  • chikhirtma and tolma;
  • satsivi and kuchmachi;
  • ajapsandal and kababi;
  • a lot of greenery;
  • various cheeses;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • sweets.

The main dish at the wedding was always soup.

All tables are filled with traditional Georgian wines and cognacs, which help guests to say good wishes. Each Georgian toast at the wedding for the newlyweds is filled with meaning. You will not hear "Bitter!".

Traditional wedding toast
Traditional wedding toast

Before leaving, the couple cut the cake, holding the knife with both hands. And the groom takes the first piece to the most respected guest.

They even have something like a "Who can sit at the table the longest?" contest. Some families manage to celebrate until the morning. Khashi is waiting for them in the morning. This broth is specially brewed on the second day from beef stomachs and legs with the addition of garlic. It is said to be the perfect hangover cure. After all, there are still a fewdays.

Dances and gifts

The whole evening there is live music and, of course, dancing begins. If the young people invited professional dancers, then there will be an amazing spectacle. We all saw the graceful movements of the girls and the perfectly honed movements of real horsemen. Each wave of the hand or glance has its own meaning.

georgian dance young
georgian dance young

The bride should only dance with the groom or close relatives. But there comes a moment when she performs her Georgian dance at the wedding, circling around the hall. Guests give her money, which she disposes of at her discretion. It is customary for everyone to rejoice and dance. Also, folk songs are always heard at a wedding in Georgia.

It is customary to give expensive gifts to newlyweds on holiday. They must be signed. After the spouse, opening the gifts, they write down in a special family book who and what gave. This is done in order to make a better purchase for the wedding of relatives. The most generous are even brought in as honored guests of their home.

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