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What date is Airborne Forces Day? Congratulations

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What date is Airborne Forces Day? Congratulations
What date is Airborne Forces Day? Congratulations

The Russian armed forces have their professional holidays. They are determined by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 31.05.2006. And the topic of this article will be the Day of the Airborne Forces: the date of its celebration, the main traditions and congratulations.

A bit of history

Airborne troops are considered elite and are part of the armed forces of the CIS countries. In 2018, they celebrate their 88th anniversary. What date is the birthday of the Airborne Forces?

The date was not accidental. In 1930, on August 2, an Air Force exercise took place near Voronezh. They were carried out by the Moscow Military District, which for the first time in the country used the parachute landing of 12 Red Army soldiers to achieve a military task.

Communication of generations, Airborne Forces Day
Communication of generations, Airborne Forces Day

The experiment was a success, and three years later the first aviation battalions of this kind were created in three districts: Volga, Moscow and Belarus. It was from these special-purpose units that the modern Airborne Forces were subsequently formed.

In the Great Patriotic War, their number reached 50 thousand people. Five landing corps covered themselves with glory, fighting defensive battles in the B altic States, Ukraine and Belarus. For more than a day, the "winged infantry" held Prokhorovka (Kursk region), wherefamous tank battle took place. The track record of the legendary branch of the military includes the liberation of Hungary, Moldova, Austria, participation in battles as part of the Karelian Front.

The paratroopers' contribution to the victory over another aggressor - Japan is invaluable. It was they who paralyzed the activities of its troops in the Far East.

Uncle Vasya

For more than 20 years, the landing troops were led by Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Margelov. He became commander in 1954 and led the "winged infantry" (with a short break) until 1979. It was under him that a special spirit was formed among the personnel of elite units, thanks to which service in the Airborne Forces became the most prestigious.

Who is the founder of the Airborne Forces
Who is the founder of the Airborne Forces

And how do the paratroopers themselves decipher the abbreviation? Airborne Forces Day for them is a holiday of "Uncle Vasya's troops", as they affectionately call their units. This speaks of an unparalleled respect for a person, in which this branch of the armed forces gained authority and its unique mobility.

Under Margelov, not only soldiers, but also infantry fighting vehicles began to parachute. The first combat vehicle in 1976 was personally piloted by the son of the commander, Alexander, who was later awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation. Among the paratroopers, there is talk that the father was ready to shoot himself if the descent of the BMD on the parachute-rocket system would have been unsuccessful. And the "winged infantry" is also grateful to Vasily Filippovich for their attributes - a vest and blue berets.


About berets

Today, on Airborne Forces Day, people around will recognize the representatives of the "uncle's troopsVasya" thanks to the uniform that was introduced in the 60s. It was first presented at the 1967 parade. This happened on Red Square during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the revolution. Few people know, but then the paratroopers wore crimson berets.

Already two years later, an order was issued by the USSR Ministry of Defense, which stipulated the rules for wearing uniforms. For the first time, a beret was officially introduced for the landing troops, but in blue. There is a version that the author of the idea is a veteran of the "winged infantry" Ivan Lisov, lieutenant general, deputy Margelov V. F. The personnel of the landing troops perceive this shade as the color of the sky.

Airborne Forces Day celebration
Airborne Forces Day celebration

Nobody but us

No one but us can handle this.

Airborne assault on the very edge.

No one but us - we're falling into the sky.

Carry the domes to victory in battle.

(O. Gazmanov).

These are lines from a song in honor of the "winged infantry". They are listed in the article because on the Day of the Airborne Forces they can be seen on the flags of the paratroopers, with whom they take to the streets of cities.

But the appearance of the motto is not associated with Gazmanov's song, but with the words of V. Margelov, spoken in 1970 on the eve of very important exercises. Addressing the personnel, at the end of his speech he paternally called them "brothers" and proudly declared that "no one but them" would have coped with the most difficult task set during the maneuvers. The exercises went well.

How to celebrate Airborne Forces Day
How to celebrate Airborne Forces Day

Alreadythe next day, an article with a similar headline appeared in Krasnaya Zvezda, turning into a real motto for the paratroopers. V. Putin, congratulating the "winged infantry" on the holiday, always cites these words as quite official. Colonel D. Glushenkov (106th Guards Airborne Division) presented him with a dagger with the engraving "No one but us!".

Celebration traditions

There are professional holidays that are celebrated exclusively on weekends. Therefore, questions often arise whether the celebration depends on which day - Airborne Forces Day. It doesn't matter if August 2 falls on a Saturday or Monday. All events will be scheduled on this date.

The patron of the "winged infantry" is the prophet Elijah. August 2 is the day of his memory. Therefore, in many regions, religious processions, solemn services, and spiritual chants are arranged. In Moscow, the Divine Liturgy gathers the army elite on the territory of the Temple of Elijah the Prophet.

paratroopers at the Eternal Flame
paratroopers at the Eternal Flame

And on this day they commemorate the paratroopers who gave their lives for their Motherland. It is traditional to lay flowers at the monuments of soldiers-internationalists, their burial places. In the capital, people gather on Poklonnaya Hill. Here, on Suvorovskaya Square, there is a monument to paratroopers.

Traditions also include demonstration performances of soldiers, paratrooper jumps, demonstrations of equipment in service with the Airborne Forces. On this day, veterans are honored, charity events are organized, and concerts and festivities are organized.

Mostlarge-scale events are held in Ryazan, the recognized capital of the Airborne Forces, because the city is home to the RVVDKU.

Special word about fountains

There is another tradition associated with Airborne Forces Day. You can forget the date of its celebration, but the paratroopers themselves will definitely remind you of it. The army fraternity starts meetings early in the morning, and by noon, demobilized soldiers are sure to climb into the fountains, no matter what the weather is on August 2.

It all started with the war in Afghanistan (1979-1989), where the paratroopers experienced a constant lack of water. Upon returning from a hot mountainous country, someone was the first to jump into the pool for joy, and then it was shown on TV.

Birthday of the Airborne Forces, traditions
Birthday of the Airborne Forces, traditions

So the tradition was born, which was soon turned into an obligatory ritual. To help the guys quench their thirst, watermelon sellers began to give them part of the goods for free. True, over the years the situation has changed, and the new generation of merchants is no longer ready to give away their profits, conflicts began to arise.

In Moscow, the holiday takes place in Gorky Park, and the city administration is trying to find sponsors to centrally solve this problem.

Famous paratroopers

Day of the Airborne Forces is a holiday for many Russians, whose activities today are far from military. Among the most famous former paratroopers:

  • Sergey Mironov, leader of A Just Russia.
  • Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, head of Ingushetia, Hero of the Russian Federation.
  • Dmitry Kozak, Deputy Prime Minister since 2008.
  • Ivan Demidov, TV presenter.
  • Valery Leontiev,singer.
  • Fyodor Dobronravov, actor.
  • Maxim Drozd, actor.
Winged Infantry, Airborne Forces Day
Winged Infantry, Airborne Forces Day

The harsh school of the Airborne Forces taught them discipline, gave them physical hardening and added respect for others. In the ranks of the landing brotherhood are those who are no longer among us. These are Boris Vasiliev, writer, Grigory Chukhrai, director, and others. There will be a whole company of real fighters.

Congratulations on Airborne Forces Day

Currently, more than 40 thousand people serve in special units: airborne, mountain and air assault. Of these, 24,000 are contract soldiers and know exactly what day the day of the Airborne Forces is. Their current commander is Colonel-General A. N. Serdyukov.


But the holiday gathers the entire army brotherhood of the "winged infantry", including those who have already completed military service, hot spots, as well as their relatives and friends.

The paratroopers have a universally recognized anthem written by Sergei Ilyev, an Afghan veteran. This is the song "Blue". It was born in 1971, and since then it has always been played at the main holiday of the elite troops. By the way, flash mobs and the joint performance of a song by professional artists and veterans of the Airborne Forces have been increasingly practiced lately.

How can you congratulate a paratrooper on the upcoming holiday? It could be:

  • presentation based on one of the favorite songs of the "winged infantry";
  • poetry;
  • congratulations in the form of a postcard.
Congratulations on the Day of the Airborne Forces in verse
Congratulations on the Day of the Airborne Forces in verse

The article offers a video, which presents a comic congratulations. Here are some more options for friends and family.

I'm sure there aren't many like you.

There are no more courageous and stronger friends.

Becoming a paratrooper from God from birth, You made our army stronger.

I am proud and wish you on this day:

He alth, happiness, peace on Earth.

What else to say? I guess I know:

"Walk, brother! Glory to the Airborne Forces!".

Father! Today I can say again, I'm so proud of you.

And on this holiday to wish, I'm in a hurry:

You kept both honor and rank, Reach all the heights

Be an example for us men

"Paratroopers, forward!".

Comic congratulations

In conclusion, I would like to offer comic ditties for girls:

Conquered me, poor thing, Striped vest.

"Under which," he said,"

Passion is a whole arsenal!".

I will attach a bow to my hair, Brooch pinned on blouse.

I liked the paratrooper, I love paratroopers!

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