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How to choose and where to buy a silicone expander, like Bubnovsky?

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How to choose and where to buy a silicone expander, like Bubnovsky?
How to choose and where to buy a silicone expander, like Bubnovsky?

The silicone expander is a universal small-sized simulator that replaces several different ones. Outwardly, it looks like a skipping rope. Only silicone expanders with nylon or rubberized handles and with a thicker tape that stretches.

What is a silicone expander for?

The price of expanders is different. It depends on what this simulator is purchased for. At its core, it is designed to train all muscle groups of the body, for postoperative rehabilitation, the formation of biceps, triceps, the treatment of diseases of the spine and general physical development.

Dr. Bubnovsky came up with this inventory. He suggested using one expander every day, and more trained people can train with two shells to increase the load on the body. Many people ask the question: "Where to buy a silicone expander, like Bubnovsky's?". The answer is simple: in any sports store or online store.

where to buy a silicone expander, like Bubnovsky
where to buy a silicone expander, like Bubnovsky

Types of expanders

There are many types of siliconeexpanders. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

1. Rubber tubular or spring. It is also called shock absorber. Equipped with special triangular handles for comfortable holding. Designed for training the pectoral muscles and muscles of the upper and lower extremities. If you have imagination, you can expand the exercises and train other parts of the body. Ideal for women and men.

silicone expander price
silicone expander price

2. Silicone expander. Completely made of silicone material. Most often used for rehabilitation after illness. But it is also used by women and children to train their arms, legs, chest and buttocks.

3. Round rubber. Used for stretching and strength exercises. It is not very comfortable because it does not have handles.

4. Expander in the form of a tape harness. The tape can be wide or narrow, long or short. It all depends on how trained the body is. After all, the thicker the tourniquet, the harder it is to do the exercise with it. It helps to lose extra pounds, tighten the stomach and back, and pump up the arms and legs. It is he who is used according to the Bubnovsky method in the exercises.

5. Shock absorbers with cuffs or an expander with a protective sleeve. Designed to train leg muscles. It must be stretched with effort.

6. Expanders "Eight" and "Butterfly". Used for strength training on the press, muscles of the legs, arms, inner thighs, buttocks, chest. It gives good results if you practice with it for at least 20 minutes a day.

silicone expanders withnylon handles
silicone expanders withnylon handles

7. Ski expander. It is mainly used for weight loss during strength exercises. Equipped with comfortable handles.

In any sports stores where you can buy a silicone expander, like Bubnovsky, it’s quite possible, you can find a variety of expanders designed for both arms and legs.

How to determine the level of load by the color of the expander tape?

Those who are going to buy a projectile should know the answers to two questions: "Where can I buy a silicone expander, like Bubnovsky's?" and “Which load expander to choose?”

The color of the expander tape will tell a lot.

For beginners who are just starting to train, you need a minimum level of load. And therefore it is better to choose an expander with a yellow or pink ribbon. For women, a green simulator is suitable. For men and women with good physical fitness, there are expanders with a red ribbon. Experienced athletes need a blue ribbon color, while black or purple color will be useful for sports professionals.

You need to choose sports equipment not by price, but by your strength capabilities, and then training and exercises will benefit.

How and where to buy a silicone expander, like Bubnovsky?

You can buy this type of simulator in sports stores, hypermarkets and online stores. In the latter, you can run into low-quality goods or scammers, so it’s better to come to the store yourself and try out the inventory there. In good institutions, they should give a guarantee for the expander. In which case it can be exchanged or refunded.

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