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If the baby arches its back, there is reason to worry

If the baby arches its back, there is reason to worry
If the baby arches its back, there is reason to worry

Young mothers and fathers are always kind to their baby. Any changes instill in them a sense of anxiety. After all, inexperienced parents know little about the behavior of newborns. It often happens that the baby arches its back. Is it dangerous? And what should be done in such situations?

Surely you should see your pediatrician as this can be a warning sign. Only a specialist can make a correct diagnosis.

What are the possible causes of back arching in newborns

If the child arches his back regularly, this may indicate increased intracranial pressure. It is a symptom of various types of diseases such as hydrocephalus, meningitis, encephalitis, brain tumor, abscess, trauma or metabolic disorders. In this case, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible.

chest arches back

Frequent "standing on the bridge" may mean that the child has hypertonicity of the back muscles. In this case, you should contact a neurologist. He will examine the child, give a direction for a relaxing massage and prescribe a special gel for rubbing into the cervical and spinal area. According to medical statistics, nine often babies suffer from impaired muscle tone. Timely treatment will completely correct the defect.

Sometimes a baby arches its back if it notices an interesting object next to it. For a more thorough study, he tries in various ways to examine it more carefully. In this case, you just need to turn the baby in the required direction.

newborn arches back

It also happens that arching his back, the child shows his stubbornness or whim. At the same time, the baby can get angry and growl, expressing his discontent and desire to achieve personal freedom. You should not worry, you just need to make sure that the baby is not injured. If the newborn arches his back and acts up, gently and persistently force him to stop such actions.

In the case when arching the back is accompanied by crying, tightening the legs, this is most likely intestinal colic. Try to ease your baby's pain with a gentle tummy massage. And watch his diet.

child arches back

Possible consequences

If in early childhood a child suffered from neuralgia (it's like the pelvis is the case when the baby arches its back due to hypertonicity), then by the age of 15-18 he may have he alth problems. A teenager may have: headaches, sleep disturbance, learning lag, lack of concentration, memory disorder, osteochondrosis, autonomic dystonia, behavioral disorder. In addition, pathologies such as flat feet, vascular disorders of the brain and convulsivesyndrome.

With increased intracranial pressure, with age, inharmonious development, headaches, inappropriate behavior, anxiety may appear.

As you can see, the consequences are quite serious. So if the baby arches its back, this is a rather unpleasant sign. Do not waste time, you should immediately consult a doctor. Timely medical care will allow your child to avoid he alth problems later.

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