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Bearded collie: breed description, character. Features of care
Bearded collie: breed description, character. Features of care

The Bearded Collie is an adorable dog that looks a bit like a Bobtail. Although in reality the dog is a representative of the Scottish Sheepdogs. Such interesting dogs attract the attention of everyone who sees them.

If you want to know who the Bearded Collie is, a description of the breed will be presented in our article. We will also touch on the character traits and some aspects of caring for such a dog.


There are several opposite versions about the origin of the breed. Some researchers believe that the Bearded Collie was bred by crossing the Bobtail and the Rough Collie. There is another version of the origin of such dogs. Some cynologists believe that the bearded collie first appeared in the sixteenth century. The ancestors were lowland sheepdogs brought to Scotland by merchants.

bearded collie

Then they were crossed with local collies. Officially, the history of the breed began in 1891. "Bearded" won a lot of fans. In 1912 the Society of Breed Lovers was formed in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, the war interrupted his work. Then there were fewer representatives of the breed, it was on the verge of extinction. After she was reborn. ATEngland in 1955 the first breed club was created. The process of its emergence was supported by the club of London. “Bearded men” were recently brought to Russia - in the early nineties.

What is a breed? Bearded Collie: Description

Behavior in dogs is quite calm. But dogs need a lot of physical activity, otherwise the behavior will change. They behave restlessly, they can start digging the ground or gnaw at everything. Therefore, long walks are necessary for representatives of this breed.

bearded collie breed

What else is good about a bearded collie? This dog has a wonderful personality. The dog is ideal for family life. He will become everyone's favorite. A representative of the breed can be an excellent companion dog. True, such a dog constantly needs to communicate with people, he cannot stand loneliness. If you can not devote much time to your pet, then you should give up such a dog. After all, he needs the love of others 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Communication with a pet brings a lot of pleasure to the owners. Such a dog is quick-witted, it is easy to train, it learns quickly. Suitable breed for people who lead an active lifestyle. Walking with her representatives is a pleasure. These dogs are always ready to frolic and run. You can practice agility or frisbee with the bearded men.

bearded collie puppies

From such activities, a shaggy friend will be delighted. In this dog, children will find a wonderful nanny as well as a good play companion. Such a dog will never snap back, and even more sobite the child. On the street, dogs are active, and in a homely atmosphere they are well-mannered and calm. The dog will just lie without disturbing the owners. Such dogs are not timid, not aggressive. Therefore, they get along well with relatives and other animals.

Breed Varieties

The current "bearded men" are divided into three types. The old-types have a longer head and torso than others. At the same time, the coat is coarser, but not very long. The eyes are dark. The “bearded men” of this species look more spectacular than others. There is also such a type as Potterdale. The head of such “bearded men” is expressive, the hair is long. A third type is also known, which is preferred by most people. The view is considered the golden mean, since it combines the positive features of the second and first types. The weight of the representatives of the breed ranges from eighteen to 27 kilograms, and the height at the withers is from fifty to 56 cm.

Choosing a puppy. How not to make a mistake? What to look out for?

Bearded Collie puppies are very charming and cute. If you like them, then you should know some features of the choice. It is necessary to take into account the age of the puppy, since development and growth are uneven in him.

bearded collie kennels

Sometimes a nine-month-old bearded giant can grow into an average dog. It is best to buy a collie at six weeks old, as this is the age at which you can see what will grow out of a puppy. When choosing a pet, give preference to babies with a flat, wide skull and a short muzzle. Body length should be slightly shorter than in adults. However, not shorter than the heightbaby. If the puppy has adult proportions, then in the future such a dog will have a stretched shape. The coat should be harsh and straight, despite being childishly plush. Softness and curliness are unacceptable. Another feature of the breed is an intense color that changes with age. Babies are born, as a rule, darker. Then they gradually lighten up. The final color of the coat is established by three, and maybe even by five years. Until four weeks old, it is almost impossible to determine whether a puppy will grow up to be gray or black.

bearded collie character

Note that brown and red colors remain in an adult dog, only the tone becomes a little lighter. It is also surprising that not only the color changes, but also the color of the eyes. It can be both almost yellow (in youth) and amber, copper (in maturity).

Features of keeping a dog

Due to the fact that nature has awarded the “bearded men” with a luxurious fur coat, they are not afraid of any vagaries of nature. Their body is protected from cold and damp, insulated from heat. In order for such a dog to get wet, a whole bath of water is required, because representatives of the breed have a double coat, and also have a soft undercoat. Thanks to this, moisture is absorbed for a long time.

Features of care and he alth of representatives of the breed

Such a dog needs careful grooming. First of all, it must be combed. Moreover, it is necessary to accustom to such a procedure from early childhood. Puppies can be scratched twice a week. Adult representatives of the breed will be enough once. This process should take abouttwenty minutes. It is necessary to ensure that the pet does not form tangles. If you notice this, then be sure to unravel with your fingers, starting from the tips, moving towards the body. Wash your pet once a month. If the coat is clean, then you can not do this.

bearded collie breed description

Before the show, you need to prepare a pet. It should be combed and washed using a special shampoo. By the way, many owners use combed pet hair for their own purposes. What are they doing to her? Skilful hosts knit socks, mittens, sweaters. Such things are not only warm, but also have healing properties.

Note that you need to take care not only of the hair on the body, but also of the beard. If she gets dirty after eating, then, of course, she should be combed and rinsed. Of course, the eyes and ears of the dog require care. They need to be cleaned as they get dirty, using cotton swabs, sticks, special products. Note that the hair around the eyes should not be too long. If you want, you can stab the bangs with a soft rubber band or braid them into a pigtail. In general, the "bearded men" are he althy, they do not have any hereditary diseases. Therefore, they often live to the age of sixteen, while maintaining their efficiency and mobility.

Features of mating representatives of the breed

This breed has one more feature. It has to do with color. It lies in the fact that it is impossible to predict when mating what color the puppies will be in the litter.

bearded collie breed description behavior

For example, two black representatives of the breed can have babies of four colors. This feature distinguishes the bearded collie breed in breeding.

Kurnels and clubs

There are clubs all over Canada, Europe, Australia, USA, Scandinavia and even South Africa. In Russia, in 2005, the National Breed Club was created. In St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg and in some other cities there are kennels that breed such dogs. It is better to purchase puppies from professional breeders.

Small conclusion

From our article you learned what the bearded collie breed is. We described the appearance of dogs, their behavior, character. We hope that now you can decide for yourself whether you need such a dog.

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