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In what month is it better to get married: folk signs and superstitions
In what month is it better to get married: folk signs and superstitions

Wedding is not only a joyful event and a beautiful holiday, but also a serious step for the newlyweds. They seem to cross a line beyond which it will no longer be possible to return. Therefore, it is extremely important that they save their marriage and live in love and harmony for many years. A successful union is the key to happiness in life.

When planning a wedding, even the most skeptical newlyweds are interested in what month is the best time to get married? In this case, not only weather and practical considerations are important, but also signs. Let's look at which month is better to get married and get married.

January wedding

wedding in january

When discussing which month is better to get married, let's start from the first - January. If you believe the popular belief, a woman who decides to unite herself by marriage may soon remain a widow. Astrologer Emma Litvinova claims that this is a good solution for those who like to start great things from scratch. But he warns that some uncertainty is possible in the life of the newlyweds. If you still decide to have a wedding in thismonth, it is better to do it in its last decade.

The fact is that the Advent fast ends in the first week of January, so noisy events are not recommended. Also this month, the church celebrates several more significant religious holidays.

Therefore, the most acceptable option is the last decade of the month. Be sure to pay attention to the weather. Young women are encouraged to go outside on the eve of the wedding and look at the night star. If the moon is hidden behind clouds, you will have to worry about the well-being of the family yourself, but if it shines brightly in the sky, Providence will protect your marriage.

On your wedding day, it is important to pay attention to the weather. If the sun shines brightly, and snowflakes fly in the air, this is to material well-being and happiness. If the snow turns into rain or into a real snowstorm, this is not good. In this case, the groom must make sure that his beloved does not get his shoulders wet, otherwise he risks losing her soon after the wedding.

February holiday

winter fairy tale

Sometimes signs are right: in what month you got married, this will be the marriage. February was popularly called the wedding day. This is because it is the most favorable for ceremonies. Why? Winter is coming to an end, frosts are intensifying, as is the fortress of family ties. Moreover, Great Lent will soon begin, during which weddings cannot be played. Which means we need to hurry up.

Many couples seek to unite themselves by marriage on Valentine's Day. However, in reality thisthe holiday is not Russian, it came to us from the West, therefore it does not at all guarantee happiness in personal life.

It is not recommended to play a wedding on Shrove Tuesday. Let's remember the ancient folk sign: "Marrying on Maslenitsa means intermarrying with misfortune."

Also, do not marry yourself on February 29th. People say that the happiness of the young will be as rare as this day. Also, you do not need to sign on February 15 (Meeting of the Lord), 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23.

It is important to pay attention to the weather on the wedding day. A clear and frosty day promises young people happiness in their personal lives and the strength of their relationship.

Wedding in March

celebration, wedding

It's the first month of spring. However, folk signs regarding March weddings are laconic. There is a belief that the newlyweds will have to live in a foreign land if they decide to tie the knot this month.

In Russia, weddings were not played mainly because of Lent, since the lion's share of March is occupied by it. During this period, they do not get married in the church, and various entertainment events are not recommended.

Over time, the sign has been transformed. Now they say that the marriage in March promises the newlyweds a change. It can be a job change, the birth of a child, a move.

Also note that the wedding day should be fine. But March is very capricious in this regard. Therefore, if you still decide to marry, follow the weather - it should be sunny and clear. "Allowed" alsoa downpour or snowfall, which promises prosperity to young people. But thunder and lightning over the heads of lovers do not promise anything good.

In general, due to the instability of weather conditions, the marriage of young people can be changeable and unstable. There is a risk of frequent disputes. Perhaps this is even a good thing, because it will not let the lovers get bored and help them avoid the routine.

In the month of April…

When discussing which months you can get married, attention should be paid to April. This is a time of flourishing nature and sincere feelings. However, April is a turbulent month, and therefore the marriage of the young is in danger of being the same. Their love will be interspersed with resentment and disagreement. So is it possible to get married in the month of April? On the one hand, instability is not a guarantee of a successful marriage, but on the other hand, a roller coaster will not let young people get bored.

April couples can also count on the justice of higher powers. If their marriage loses love, fate will give them financial well-being. If there are difficulties with money in marriage, their house will always be cozy and warm.

How does the church feel about marriage this month? Almost every year, part of April, and sometimes the entire month, falls entirely on Lent. On these special days, weddings are not held in churches, and the organization of secular celebrations is not welcomed by believers. Therefore, if you consider yourself an Orthodox Christian, then do not plan a marriage ceremony at this time.

If the young people still decide to get married in April, you should pay attention to the day when the marriage is especially welcome.Krasnaya Gorka is a holiday celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter. It often falls in April, although not every year. Our ancestors believed that those lucky ones who connected their destinies on the cherished day certainly lived in love, harmony and prosperity for a very long time.

Astrologers advise getting married on the 28th and 30th.

May wedding

wedding in March

Since ancient times, people are sure that you can not have a wedding in May. Few people believe that such a marriage will not end in divorce. But why not get married in the month of May? The people said that the whole life the spouses will toil. By the way, this is also said about those born this month. Is it so? Perhaps there is some truth in this superstition. However, pay attention to where this sign came from.

In Russia during this period there was a lot of work, so weddings were not played. Otherwise, the young did not know what to do first - to prepare for the holiday or go to the field. Here they toiled. That's why you can't get married in the month of May.

Statistics show that it is in May that the least number of marriages are registered. Although astrologers, when asked whether it is possible to get married in the month of May, confidently answer that it is no worse than the rest, and the second half of it is generally considered the most favorable for a wedding celebration.

June wedding

The first month of summer pleases with warmth and sunny weather. This is a great opportunity to arrange a beautiful wedding. But what do folk omens say? They promise the young a long and happy life. In Russia, June was called "honeymonth", so they believed that the marriage of lovers would be honey. This is the best month to get married!

If it rains, folk omens promise young people financial prosperity.

A windy wedding day is an occasion to think about the safety of your relationship so that the June winds do not dispel the love and happiness of the young.

It should be noted that at the turn of May and June, Muslims celebrate Ramadan, which lasts 29-30 days. Is it possible to get married in the month of Ramadan? Those who follow the commandments of the Qur'an are not allowed to marry.

July wedding

summer wedding

In Russia, weddings in July were played because there was a break in work and there was time for celebrations. A July wedding has many advantages: warmth, great weather, a variety of topics for marriage. In addition, many people go on vacation in July, so the cities are empty.

In Russia, people believed that the whole life of young people who got married in July would be sweet and sour. That is, the newlyweds will receive equally bitter events and happy ones. At the same time, you should sign in the afternoon, which promises young people a happy marriage. Before the wedding, the bride should have a good cry. Ancestors believed that in this way a girl could cry out all her tears so that they would have no place in their future married life.

Someone says that marriage can lead to regret and disappointment in a partner. However, astrologers say that the last sign should not be believed. They believe that the life of the young, on the contrary, will be filled with joyful events.

August Celebration

According to signs, in which month he got married, this will be married life. And if the month is favorable, then the marriage will be long and happy. August in many regions of our country is one of the most comfortable months for a wedding celebration. Folk signs testify that the marriage will be bright and happy. Our ancestors also loved August, believing it to be a good month for weddings. And they believed that the life of the young would be filled with working days and rich holidays. This is due to the fact that August is the month of harvest. That is the time to gather fruits and rejoice in the harvest.

Folk omens also advise weddings on odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7…).

However, the path to the church for the wedding will be closed to believers - from August 14 to 27, the Assumption Fast takes place. That is, it will be possible to play a wedding only at the beginning of the month.

September Celebration

Finding out which month is best to get married, let's move on to September. Marriages in this month used to be often concluded, as it is quite favorable. After all, in Russia the calendar year began with him. It symbolized favorable changes, renewal of nature and life.

The life of the young, married in September, promises to be measured, calm and happy.

September is not suitable for painting lovers of travel, happy holidays and public fame.

However, it is worth remembering that for a long time marriages were concluded only in the second half of the month, that is, after September 14th. This is due to the fact that on September 10 - Anna and Savva - it was impossible to marry, since marriagepromised a miserable life. Superstitious Christians preferred not to have weddings at the beginning of the month.

According to popular belief, it is a bad idea for pregnant girls to get married in September, since the beginning of a new life is laid before the official marriage.

October wedding

In what month of the year is it better to get married in order to attract we alth to the house? Of course, in October! Folk sages advise marriage to those couples who are ready to support each other and understand what a responsible step they are taking. Such couples will achieve a lot, as they will be at the same time. But girls who get married in October should be prepared for the fact that their men will require increased care.

Lovers who have not yet realized that life is not a continuous celebration should not get married in October. This move will be a big test for them.

Should we get married in November?

love in marriage

When answering the question of what months you can get married, November should be considered separately. In general, it is favorable for marriage and promises young people a strong and happy marriage. The couple will carry their love through the years and keep it even in their declining years.

Many couples try to go down the aisle on January 4th - the day of Our Lady of Kazan. And in Russia they tried to play a wedding on November 10 - on Paraskeva, who promises women happiness in marriage.

It is worth considering that the Advent fast begins on November 28 and lasts until January 6. It is forbidden to get married in a church during this period.


Marriage in December promises young people love to the grave. Such marriages are long-lasting and stable. Love and financial well-being will only grow over the years. Only the 14th and 22nd are unfavorable. Marriages concluded on these dates of the month are short-lived, as astrologers say. The remaining dates are neutral.

At the same time, a severe frost promises the spouses the imminent birth of a boy, and snowfall - to financial well-being. Unstable weather is a bad omen that promises a rollercoaster ride for young people.

Which days of the week are best for weddings?

Which days

In what month to marry, we discussed. It is also advisable to pay attention to the lunar calendar. You should not marry on a new moon or a waning moon. Experts recommend giving preference to the favorable period of the growing moon.

Among the most suitable days of the week are Friday and Sunday. The first is ruled by Venus, which promises young people love and harmony. And marriages made on Sunday are practically unbreakable, as they are protected by the energy of the Sun.


So, we have considered in what months you can not get married. Do you believe in omens? Do they have a place in your life? Even if you are not inclined to believe in superstitions, you still should not tempt fate and marry in the wrong months. After all, our happiness is so fragile.

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