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Wedding omens and superstitions. Signs for the bride and groom
Wedding omens and superstitions. Signs for the bride and groom

The fact that the groom should not see his bride's wedding dress is known to absolutely everyone, even small children. But the signs associated with the marriage ceremony, as well as various superstitions, do not end there.

In addition to the general, so to speak, world superstitions, there are also local signs. Each culture has its own, associated with the traditions of the ritual. For Catholics it is one thing, for Orthodox it is another. Moreover, the same "incident" is often interpreted differently. For example, in our country, a black cat running across the road is a bad omen that can stop a wedding procession. But if this happens in the UK, it will be interpreted as a good sign promising the newlyweds happiness and good luck.

Everything related to rings

In ancient times, when the institution of marriage itself was still in its infancy, the insignia, whose function is now performed by wedding rings, had a deep sacred meaning. Their significance was not only in outwardly highlighting the status of a person, but also in the energy protection of the family and in many other ways. Of course,a lot of superstitions have developed around such an object, and the largest number of existing signs are associated with rings.

For example, everyone knows that wedding rings should not be given into the hands of other people without a protective tray or box, and that strangers should not be tried on. But this is not a complete list.

According to the signs, there should not be stones on the rings
According to the signs, there should not be stones on the rings

All over the world, regardless of traditions and religion, it is believed that the rings should be smooth, without patterns and notches, stones on the outside. The meaning of this sign is deep enough, it is not only that the life of the newlyweds goes smoothly and evenly. The main meaning of the absence of unevenness is that all the malevolent intentions of other people slide off the young family.

Also widely known is the superstition associated with the fall of the ring before putting it on the finger. This is considered a bad sign. But this sign, unlike many others, has a scientific justification. Many psychologists are convinced that the excitement leading to the fall of the ring from the hands indicates a person’s lack of confidence in the fidelity of the action he is performing.

Bad wedding signs associated with rings include wearing other jewelry on the fingers on the wedding day. However, in the Catholic tradition, wearing an engagement ring is allowed.

But the worst sign of all is the loss of a ring before marriage. Even if the rings are simply forgotten at home, this is already bad. This superstition promises and separation, and family hardships, and in the modern world,where divorce has become the norm in society, the sign is also interpreted as its prerequisite.

What is related to the dress

Wedding dress signs collected different. For example, it is considered a bad sign if a snow-white outfit with a veil is worn by a woman who is not a virgin. The rest need to choose dresses of various shades - ivory, beige or any other.

You can not let your girlfriends try on the dress
You can not let your girlfriends try on the dress

The veil can only include an innocent girl's wedding attire. Non-virgins should limit themselves to hats, tiaras, flowers, or whatever.

The essence of this superstition is that family life begins with deceit. The sign itself is quite controversial. For example, how to be a girl who has lost her innocence with the very person with whom she goes to the altar? In Italy, this issue was resolved as follows - a virgin uses a cover, and a woman who has already tasted intimate relationships with her fiancé goes to the altar in a veil, but with an open face.

Wedding signs and superstitions forbid a woman to look in a mirror in full dress. You can look only in part of the outfit, for example, without a veil. It is believed that if you look in full image, the ceremony will not take place.

What a dress shouldn't be

In addition to the superstitions regarding the outfit worn by a woman, there are also signs related only to the thing itself.

The dress must not be open
The dress must not be open

For example, a dress should not consist of separate parts that are not sewn together, that is, a bodice and a skirt. If they are worn separately, then family life will bethe same, everyone has their own.

Wedding signs and superstitions require the dress and shoes to be as closed as possible. It is believed that open parts lead to "holes" in the budget of the future family. It is also believed that an open low-cut dress "opens" the bride to evil eyes.

What not to do to the bride

Under no circumstances should a future wife cross the road on her wedding day. There is also a sign instructing a woman to marry in worn shoes. Therefore, many brides wear new shoes the day before, at home. It is impossible for the future wife to adjust the fully worn dress until the end of the ceremony.

Such wedding signs for the bride only at first glance seem to be nonsense. In fact, they are dictated by banal everyday experience.

Shoes must be closed
Shoes must be closed

For example, a girl runs across the road for something and finds herself under the hooves of a galloping horse, which turned out of the corner. In modern life - under the wheels of a car. Or slips and injures his face or ankle - all the troubles that can happen when crossing the road, do not list. Therefore, it is easier not to really cross it.

With regard to shoes, the meaning is the same. New shoes can wear out your feet, be uncomfortable after a while. And by first spreading them, such problems can be avoided.

As for pulling the dress, girls are always nervous. And endlessly tugging at their outfit, which is actually flawless, they can just ruin something. For example, loosen the fastening of the veil. ATas a result, an embarrassing situation may occur.

Should I follow signs

Absolutely all wedding signs and superstitions have a basis, even those that at first glance seem absurd. An example of this would be the prohibitions for the bride outlined above.

Therefore, even if the meaning of superstition is not clear, you should not dismiss it. Signs are essentially a summary of statistical data processed and collected for centuries. It is necessary to treat traditions with respect and listen to them.

What is associated with glasses

If a wedding glass breaks, the signs associated with this incident vary. For example, a glass that broke before the wedding indicates disappointment in the future life of the one whose dishes fell. If the bride accidentally touches and breaks the groom's glass, it is generally accepted that this is an omen that the young wife will prevent her husband from achieving success and fulfilling his dreams. Accordingly, it is also possible vice versa, when the groom breaks the bride's glass, nothing good in the future life will wait for her.

Wedding glasses
Wedding glasses

However, wedding glasses are broken on purpose. Although this ritual cannot be called a full-fledged omen, rather, it is a fortune-telling. The bottom line is that the fragments determine who will be the couple's firstborn - a boy or a girl.

It is considered a very bad omen that a glass that has not been deliberately thrown is considered a very bad omen. Wedding signs and superstitions interpret it like this:

  • only the bride's glass did not break, which means that the groom's children will be on the side;
  • remained intacta wine glass of a young husband - the wife “works up” the descendants;
  • both unharmed - left alone.

Given that at modern weddings, glasses are thrown on the street, glass that did not break from hitting the asph alt is nonsense, speaking rather not about what and from whom the children will be, but about the fact that the glasses are made of plastic.

What is connected with the bouquet

According to tradition, until the end of the ceremony, a woman should not let go of the wedding bouquet. Signs say that a bouquet set aside or given to someone means personal happiness given away or pushed aside.

In the old days, in Europe, a special ribbon was attached to bouquets, allowing a woman to simply wear it on her wrist, similar to a bracelet or bag.

All superstitions associated with flowers, including the well-known sign that whoever catches a bouquet will soon get married, came from Western Europe. Flowers were not used in Orthodox ceremonies.

What is connected with the loaf

After the ceremony of registration of relations and before the start of the solemn celebration of the newlyweds, the wedding loaf invariably meets. The signs associated with him are also widely known.

The wedding loaf symbolizes the home of a young family
The wedding loaf symbolizes the home of a young family

The most important of them concerns the headship in the future family. Whoever bites off a larger piece will become the leader, as they said in the villages. Now this word is mentioned only by the toastmaster during the ceremony in the Slavic style. At the same time, many guests begin to look at the host with displeasure, believing that the toastmaster said something abusive. Although the meaning of this old verb is to drive the top.

And it is precisely with this, that is, with the question of who will become the head of the house, and signs are associated with the loaf.

If the bread seems too s alty, it will be difficult for those who have bitten off more in a new house. And if it’s insipid, then the one who “bit off” leadership will become bored.

If the loaf cracked before the arrival of the young - this is a sign of trouble. The sign was interpreted both as a symbol of imminent discord in the family and as a sign that someone jinxed the bride and groom at the ceremony.

In general, all the signs in which the loaf appears relate to the home and life of a young family.

Signs for the groom

Wedding signs for the groom are much less varied and numerous than those for the bride.

It is believed that the number of buttons on a man's wedding attire should be even, unlike the number of guests. There must be an odd number of guests at the wedding.

At the ceremony, the groom must put on the ring in one motion and all the way. It is believed that how many obstacles a man overcomes by putting a ring on a woman, so many difficulties he will meet in life together with her.

The light color of the groom's outfit is considered a bad omen. This promises his coldness in intimate life with his future wife.

The blue flower in the buttonhole cannot be worn by either the groom or his best men. We have a witness. The blue color of the plant means future adultery.

To attract we alth to the future house, a coin should have been placed in the groom's sock, under the heel. The money was supposed to be copper andtouch bare skin. This superstition originated in Eastern Europe where it was taken very seriously.

What is related to photographs

Such a tradition as wedding photography, signs also did not pass by. Unfortunately, they are most often not taken seriously, regarding them as prejudices, invented not so long ago and untested by time. In fact, this is not entirely true.

Of course, each wedding photographer has their own signs based on personal observations and experience. However, most of these superstitions have a long history. Signs associated with photography are nothing more than a transformation of superstitions regarding the first family image of the couple.

It is considered an unkind sign on the day of the celebration to capture the future spouses in one frame before the ceremony of registration of relations. Also, photos of the newlyweds taken apart after they were registered do not bode well.

In the old days, this sign looked different - a bad sign was the appearance in the house of young portraits with their images alone before the picture in which they are drawn together.

Are there any good omens

Knowing and noticing good wedding omens is very important. The point is not even what meaning they carry in themselves and what exactly they promise the newlyweds, but that with their help a joyful happy festive mood is created both for the bride and groom, and for all the guests present.

This is the most important good omen - a cheerful joyful wedding. A celebration full of happiness and smiles,according to superstition, promises an easy and joyful life.

It is considered a good sign if the bride goes up to the church or to the registry office without holding the dress with her fingers. This is an omen that she will not have to make efforts in married life. This nuance needs to be taken into account and ask the tailor to sew the hem so that the front is a little shorter than the back.

A good sign is the simultaneous arrival at the registration of the newlyweds, traveling to the ceremony site separately. It is believed that the one who arrives earlier and waits a long time for the second one will do this all his life.

If on the day of the celebration a cloud or a cloud appears in the clear sky, from which a little rain will fall, then this phenomenon is considered to be a very good omen. Water washes away all sorrows and worries, while refreshing and giving strength. Such rain is the best thing that can happen on a wedding day, according to superstition.

It is also a good omen that newlyweds hold hands all day and are, in principle, close to each other. It is believed that this is an omen of the closeness of people throughout later life.

Is it necessary to observe the traditions of the wedding

Like the omens associated with marriage, traditionally accepted rituals are not random and have an explanation, even if they seem not entirely necessary.

For example, many young couples tend to go on a trip right from the registry office to avoid a feast, circling around memorable places and everything else. Of course, if even the very thought of a traditional celebration is unpleasant, then it can beto avoid. However, there is nothing wrong with the usual celebration.

For example, the ritual of driving through various memorable places of the year. This tradition is more than one century old. Such a voyage is not done at all so that the newlyweds and guests can show themselves. The purpose of the detour is to throw off the trail of evil spirits, dispel the energy of the eyes of ill-wishers and get rid of other negativity before the start of the celebration.

The celebration begins with a loaf, symbolizing the home and life of a young family. Accordingly, the main point of traveling around the city is not to take bad energy and other negative energy into a new house.

Decoration of the motorcade with ribbons, balls, flowers and other decorative elements in the old days was also made to scare away evil spirits and human envy.

Long wedding feasts in the old days meant not only that the longer the party, the longer the family life, but also had a very prosaic explanation. At the wedding, the parents of the groom, however, and the bride, too, always called the local witch, or the healer, or one of the astute elderly relatives. Such guests kept a little aloof and watched the celebration.

The goal was not to reveal something bad in one of the young spouses, but to notice which of the guests was unfriendly. And having noticed, take appropriate measures, for example, whisper a quick slander to send the evil eye back. The longer the celebration lasted, the more difficult it was for the guests to hide their true feelings towards the young family.

Kate Middleton dress
Kate Middleton dress

Other traditions, rituals, superstitions and signsThere is also a clear and quite worldly explanation. Therefore, they should not be neglected for the sake of fashion trends or a momentary mood.

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