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Wedding for two abroad: features, interesting ideas and reviews
Wedding for two abroad: features, interesting ideas and reviews

What girl has not dreamed of a chic and unusual wedding since childhood. It is possible to make a childhood dream come true. A wedding for two abroad – a fairy tale that came true. Ancient castles, mesmerizing views, romance will help you relax and immerse yourself in a special wedding atmosphere.

Wedding abroad: pros and cons

Traditional weddings in our country are usually celebrated with a huge number of invited guests and relatives. However, tables full of snacks and alcohol, typical toastmaster contests are not to everyone's taste.

Many modern couples are trying to break the stereotype of celebrating a wedding. A romantic trip abroad is a holiday for two that you can organize yourself. At the same time, do not take on pre-wedding chores and worries.

Main Benefits of a Special Celebration:

  • no the usual pre-wedding fuss and hassle;
  • opportunity to relax, gain positive emotions;
  • do not take responsibility for preparing the wedding;
  • choosecustom transport for honeymooners;
  • take the most beautiful photos and videos from the wedding.

The main advantage of a wedding abroad is the combination of a marriage ceremony with an unrealistically romantic honeymoon. At the same time, the geography of the globe allows you to choose any heavenly place to celebrate a special day in the life of every person.

The main disadvantage of such a celebration is the inability to invite friends and relatives. Theoretically, this is possible. However, not every couple can afford to pay for the trip for all their guests.

How to organize a wedding abroad?

You need to start preparing for a wedding celebration in another country 3-4 months before the big day. It is with good preparation that a wedding abroad for two can take place. The organization includes the following important components:

  • preparation of a package of documents;
  • hotel selection;
  • buying air tickets;
  • getting acquainted with the rules of holding a wedding in another country.

Of course, all these details need to be carefully considered. You can take all the trouble on yourself. However, there is another option: contact a professional agent. Its range of services includes:

  1. Selecting a country and venue for a wedding celebration abroad.
  2. Preparation of necessary documents.
  3. Choosing a comfortable hotel for honeymooners.
  4. Organization of the ceremony and celebration.
  5. Selection of photographers and videographer to make your wedding abroad memorable for a lifetime.

Basicprofessional agent recommendations:

  1. Choose a country for marriage based on personal desires and the legislation of this country.
  2. Be sure to decide on the wedding option:
  • wedding;
  • symbolic wedding ceremony;
  • official wedding.

A wedding for two abroad is a special romantic choice for newlyweds. Many mistakenly believe that there will be no holiday feeling. They are greatly mistaken. Being alone with each other, the newlyweds are freed from any conventions, hassle and enjoy their special day.

Purely "nominally"

A symbolic wedding abroad for two allows you to make your childhood dreams come true. You can organize an original stylized celebration. Moreover, the appearance of the newlyweds can be anything: from a classic wedding dress to bathing suits. It all depends on the chosen theme of the wedding.

Budget weddings abroad can be:

  • classic celebration by the sea or ocean;
  • marriage ceremony at the top of the mountain;
  • among the architectural archaeological complex;
  • like a boat trip on the ocean;
  • Thai style wedding;
  • underwater wedding;
  • European wedding in a villa or hotel.

If you are planning a budget wedding, then you can consider relaxing in your native resorts. For example, the Black Sea, Crimea, the Caucasian coast, Sochi … The ideal time for a wedding celebration in these places is summer. Prebuy your tickets and reserve a hotel room. Be sure to surf the internet and find a good local photographer and videographer. Treat yourself to a true heavenly wedding experience.

Wedding abroad for two: cost

The price is more than affordable and justified. However, many consider it "transcendental". Some people spend a lot more money on a typical vacation abroad than a wedding abroad for two would cost them. The cost directly depends on the place chosen by the newlyweds.

Relatively low-budget wedding ceremonies take place on:

  • Cyprus;
  • in the Czech Republic;
  • Crete;
  • in Prague;
  • in Bali.

A lot of money is always spent on makeup and hair for the bride. You can save on this by booking such services directly upon arrival at the hotel, and not through a wedding agent.

Factors affecting the total amount:

  • season;
  • official (if the marriage certificate must be legal in the home country, then this will require an additional cost);
  • number of guests (if the wedding is only for two (bride and groom), then it will cost less;
  • flight (it is he who requires significant waste).

The most expensive wedding destinations abroad are the outlying islands.

Interesting and budget - where is this?

According to statistics, almost every third Moscow couple gets married abroad. And this choice is fully justified. "Foreign" wedding is sometimes much cheaper than the usual celebrationin the home state.

Before you go to another country, be sure to study its culture and customs.

1. In Prague

Old Town Hall, Libensky castle or church - there are many places for official marriage in this country. Moreover, their cost is quite democratic. A couple with an average income can afford to sign here.

Many travel agencies offer a ready-made package of services, in which all the necessary procedures are already prepared in advance: from the wedding ceremony to the entertainment program. Moreover, the cost of celebrating a wedding in Prague will also allow you to invite your closest relatives.

The downside of the idea of ​​celebrating a wedding in Prague is that there are no beaches here. However, this "flaw" is compensated by the unusual beauty of the amazing historic city.

budget weddings abroad

The average price of a wedding tour, including the wedding ceremony, visas and insurance, is 2500 euros.

2. In Cyprus

Wedding abroad for two in Cyprus is an interesting idea that includes a short flight, picturesque views, and a simplified visa regime. Another plus: you can bring your closest relatives and friends with you.

Just imagine: a solemn wedding ceremony on a luxurious sandy beach, a vacation in a luxury villa, a trip on a yacht… Unforgettable emotions and experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.

symbolic wedding abroad reviews

Approximate budget for a wedding fairy tale in Cyprus -2600 euros. This price also includes a week's hotel stay and flights.

The best time to celebrate a wedding in Cyprus is from mid-March to November. It is at this time that the island is very warm and sunny.

3. In the Maldives

Wedding for two abroad in paradise… The traditional wedding celebration in the Maldives involves national attire, flower garlands, romance, festive breakfasts. The very action of the marriage takes place at an impromptu altar, which is located on a picturesque luxurious secluded beach. Usually newlyweds are sprinkled with flower petals and rice.

wedding abroad for two cost price

After the couple officially became husband and wife, they set off on a journey around the island. Upon their return, the couple will have a sumptuous dinner.

The cost of this luxurious wedding in paradise on earth starts at 700 euros. But this price does not include flights and accommodation. If a couple book a full package of services, which includes spa treatments, additional privileges, then the cost without flights can reach up to 3500 euros.

4. In Paris

The capital of romance and love… Paris is an amazing city that newlyweds often choose to get engaged in. Travel agencies offer to make a romantic fairy tale come true in Paris.

wedding abroad pros and cons

Wedding Paris tour includes bridal hotel room, wedding ceremony, romantic outings and dinners.

5. In the Czech Republic

A wedding for two abroad in the Czech Republic is the most unique beautiful castles, Prague cakes and reasonable prices.

A 7-day wedding tour includes accommodation in a good hotel, and a flight will cost a couple from 1750 euros.

wedding abroad for two organizing a wedding abroad main recommendations

At the same time, the wedding tour package includes the following services:

  • legal documents;
  • marriage registration;
  • Prague cake;
  • champagne;
  • car.

In advance, you need to negotiate with a travel agent the provision of photography, makeup, hair, dresses for the bride and a suit for the groom. Many couples get married in the Czech Republic because of the photo shoot.

Many already married couples celebrate the extraordinary beauty of the European state and reasonable affordable prices.

6. In Greece

Marine theme and the charm of Greek culture literally drives both the bride and the groom crazy. A flight to an amazing country, accommodation in a good hotel and a legal marriage will cost a couple an average of about 3,000 euros.

The cost is affected by the location of the ceremony. For example, in Santorini (part of Greece) you can play a budget wedding. Price – 1100 euros.

wedding abroad for two cyprus wedding abroad for two cost

But a luxurious wedding for two abroad (in Greece) includes hair, makeup, photographer and videographer services, scenery, but it will cost a tidy sum. However, this isworth it!

If the couple wants to bring guests with them. Then each guest will have to pay 600 euros on average. This price includes a flight to Greece, accommodation and a festive table.

Painting in Greece is best planned on an island, by the sea… Otherwise, the process of painting in the country's mayor's office is no different from the usual domestic registry office.

7. Paradise at the end of the earth - Mauritius

Exotic place on our planet. For young people, a wedding tour to this special fairy tale will cost about 3,800 euros. Amount includes:

  • official registration;
  • flight;
  • 8-day hotel stay;
  • dinner;
  • wedding dress;
  • wine.

If the wedding is symbolic, then you can count on the amount of 650 euros.

For each invited guest you will have to pay 800-900 euros. The price includes airfare, hotel accommodation and gala dinner.

symbolic wedding abroad for two

You can change your status of "bachelor" to "spouses" in Florence, Venice, Rome, the Dominican Republic, Italy … These are colorful countries where you can realize your special fabulous idea of ​​holding a wedding celebration.


Many advise you to choose a restaurant and a place of marriage, having already flown directly to another country. Many registry offices have translators. Therefore, there will be no language barrier.

Some couples recommend not to go to travel agencies for a wedding tour. best to goagree on the spot. Since almost all major hotels organize weddings. You can sign in your homeland, and only after that you can expect a symbolic wedding abroad. The reviews of the newlyweds are almost all positive. Palm trees, white sand, everything is decorated with fresh flowers, the process of painting in English, incredibly beautiful photos - everything is like in the best Hollywood films.

On the forums, newlyweds often write about how to find out in advance the validity of documents in your country. It happens that on some exotic island under the palm trees they played a wedding, the guests were taken, and upon arrival home it turns out that the marriage in their native country is invalid. And the newlyweds remained newlyweds.

Couples who got married in the Czech Republic are warned in advance that by law there must be witnesses.

Before you go on a wedding tour to another country, consider the season of the year, the theme of the wedding celebration. Don't forget to think through all the nuances in advance: documents, dress, costume, makeup, hairstyle, boutonniere, bridal bouquet, photographer and videographer services.

Wedding abroad is not a whim of modern newlyweds. This is a smart investment in a happy family life. Otherwise, as you call the ship, so it will float. A beautiful beginning of a life together is the key to a strong family. The most important thing is not even the place of painting and the chosen style of the wedding, but how sincere the feelings of the newlyweds for each other.

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