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Wedding presidium: design ideas, decor choices and interesting ideas with photos

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Wedding presidium: design ideas, decor choices and interesting ideas with photos
Wedding presidium: design ideas, decor choices and interesting ideas with photos

The center of attention at the wedding celebration is the bride and groom. This can be emphasized by placing tables at a banquet. Usually, the newlyweds are placed separately from the rest of the guests, and the table (presidium) is decorated in a special way. How to decorate the wedding presidium in an original way with your own hands?

Basic rules

The presidium of the wedding table can be round, rectangular or oval. The round table is only suitable for two, it looks very gentle and romantic. Rectangular is the most common option. At such a table, not only the newlyweds themselves are often placed, but also witnesses or parents. The oval table looks unusual. Witnesses can also be placed behind him.

wedding presidium

The place of the bride and groom should be in the central part of the hall so that all guests have a good view of the newlyweds. The design is better to make brighter. The wedding presidium should be different from other tables, but it is important to combine the decoration with the overall theme of the wedding.

It's good if the decor elementspresidium will resonate with small compositions on the tables of guests or other features of the decor of the hall. The chosen colors should be in harmony with the general style of the institution where the solemn banquet is held.

Classic style

At the heart of the classic design of the wedding presidium (from the photo you can see the differences in styles) is beige or white, the addition of discreet decorative elements and the perfect tablecloth. This is a universal decor method that will decorate a celebration in any style. The backdrop can be additionally illuminated with garlands, which will create a romantic atmosphere.

do-it-yourself wedding presidium

Decoration of the presidium with candles

To create a romantic atmosphere at the celebration, you can decorate the wedding presidium with candles. Such accessories can stand on the table without decor or in vases, candlesticks. Candles will come in handy for the ceremony of lighting the hearth. It is enough to correctly combine several decorations of different shapes, colors and formats to turn a simple room design into a festive one. It is important not to forget about fire safety. Do not leave lit candles unattended or allow the structure to tip over.

Romantic presidium

For a wedding in pastel colors (pale pink, blue, gold, lilac), a romantic presidium design style is suitable. You will need a tablecloth of a suitable shade, artificial or natural flowers in any quantity, ribbons and lace will look great. In order for the whole composition to look harmonious, you needdecorate the table with a flowing fabric in the main colors of the wedding.

wedding presidium decoration

Real or artificial flowers

In most cases, the decoration of the wedding presidium with flowers is used. There is nothing more beautiful than what is created by nature. Even an artificial composition can look realistic and will perfectly complement the table of young people. Most often, the following scheme is used in the design: a large bouquet is placed in the middle, and small copies of it are located at the edges. Miniature compositions should also be present on the tables of guests.

Fashion eclecticism

Mixing styles is a bold and original move. The light fabric on the table and the skirt of the presidium can be combined with unexpected interior items: boxes, feathers, suitcases, wooden details and so on. The option is suitable for an unusual wedding or organizing a photo shoot. To make the design of the wedding presidium complete and stylish, it is better to choose decorative elements from the same material or in the same color, place the same (only in smaller quantities) on the tables of guests or use to decorate the hall.

presidium of the wedding table

Fruit wedding

Hawaiian-style parties and wedding decorations with colorful fruits are becoming more and more popular. This option is quite simple to implement with your own hands. Lemons, cherries, oranges or even pumpkins can be placed directly on the table from glass vases or as part of compositions with additional decorative elements: candles, beads, bows, ribbons. In the samecolors, it is desirable to design the backdrop, so that unity is preserved.

Lace in presidium decor

Wedding presidium can be decorated with lace. It is enough to fasten a small strip or make a whole lace skirt for the table. This material is translucent, so you need to lay an opaque fabric under the decoration layer. It can be any textile of the corresponding color. If the wedding presidium is decorated with lace, then it is advisable to make the decor of the newlyweds' glasses and bottles in the same style. This design will add richness to the overall style of the holiday, make the atmosphere gentle and romantic.

wedding presidium decoration

Color design

For spouses who like to be the center of attention, a brightly colored wedding presidium is perfect. This way you can emphasize the general style of the celebration, but it is important to ensure that the backdrop and the colored tablecloth do not look overloaded. Blue or emerald shades, orange, chocolate or coffee color look good. Very bright tones are best balanced with accessories made in restrained colors.

Letters for decor

Recently, monograms are popular, which are placed on the wedding presidium or behind the newlyweds. Large inscriptions (these can be first names or a common surname) can be placed on the floor in front of the table of the young. Such letters can be made independently from polystyrene foam or ordered to be cut on plywood. The easiest option is to cut and glue cardboard pieces and then decorate.

weddingpresidium of the newlyweds

Paper compositions

Even plain paper can be used to decorate a wedding. This decor looks no worse than more expensive options. Large balls (pomons), fan circles, simple garlands, flowers, flags and banners are made from paper. Garlands of Japanese cranes, multi-colored or made in the same color scheme, look very minimalistic, but stylish.

Paper balls can be of different colors and sizes, fan circles can be placed behind the backs of the newlyweds, and garlands can be used to decorate the photo zone. A new trend in wedding decor is paper flowers, which are gorgeous in their own way. There are a lot of options for using these colors. They can become the main accent or complement the textile design.

wedding presidium photo

A few tips

For your own design of the wedding presidium, it is better to choose materials that are easy to work with. You can stop at a beautiful tablecloth and a few decorative elements, but you should refuse the abundance of fabrics and complex flower arrangements.

Combinations should be harmonious. One or two colors will be enough. You need to be guided in this matter by your own preferences, because the decor of the celebration should emphasize the individuality of the bride and groom. What will appeal to an active couple will not suit romantics at all.

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