British cat pregnancy: duration, signs and features
British cat pregnancy: duration, signs and features

Video: British cat pregnancy: duration, signs and features

Video: British cat pregnancy: duration, signs and features
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British cats at home in Russia today are kept by many animal lovers. This breed is one of the most popular in our country. The he alth of British cats, since this variety is very common and not subject to inbreeding, is known to be quite good. However, you need to take care of such animals, of course, correctly. In particular, British cats during pregnancy require increased attention, of course.

When maturity comes

Bringing a British cat with a cat ahead of time, of course, is impossible in any case. Many pet lovers are well aware that this can have an extremely negative impact on the he alth of the animal. The first estrus in British cats occurs at 5-7 months. However, at this time, the animal's body is still being formed. If you want to get purebred he althy offspring, experienced breeders recommend looking for your favorite cavalier no earlier than at the age of 10 months. Usually the owners of British cats before mating miss at least the first two heats.

About the same way with the British, the situation is withcats. Males of this breed mature by the age of about 7-8 months. But for the first mating, cats are allowed only no earlier than 10 months.

What is fraught with too early mating

If the owners of a British cat do not show patience and introduce her to a cat too soon, the following problems may develop in the future:

  • developmental delay;

  • birth of weak offspring;
  • difficult delivery.

In some cases, mating too early can even lead to such unpleasant consequences as abortion and subsequent infertility.

How to knit correctly

How long a pregnancy in a British breed cat lasts with proper care - we'll talk about this a little later. First, let's figure out how to properly breed such an animal with a cat.

Actually, the mating of British women is usually carried out on the territory of her gentleman. In any case, the male will feel more confident at home, which means that the chances of success of his enterprise will increase significantly. Of course, a cat is sent for mating only when she is in heat. The owners of the animal can determine this period simply by its changed behavior.

British cat in heat
British cat in heat

During estrus, the cat becomes more affectionate and requires increased attention. In addition, the animal periodically arches its back and takes its tail to the side. At night, a British woman may also meow loudly in front of a door or window.

Usually mated Britishspend on the second day of estrus in a cat. At the same time, the animal is preliminarily put in order. The cat's nails are trimmed, deworming is carried out (14 days before mating), drops from ticks and fleas are instilled into the ears.

On the first day, a British woman most often refuses a cat chosen for her by her owners. However, in the subsequent cat in most cases agrees to proximity. During the day, up to 15 contacts can occur between animals.

How to tell if you're pregnant

After mating, the cat usually becomes much more calm. The animal stops screaming at night and arching its back. In the event of pregnancy, after three weeks, the British cat loses its appetite. The animal begins to periodically feel sick.

British cat with a kitten
British cat with a kitten

After a while, the British woman's appetite is restored. At the same time, the cat begins to eat even more than before. During this period, the pregnant animal almost always sleeps. Starting from the 21st day, the cat's nipples increase in size. At the same time, they change color from pink to dark red. After a while, the big belly of the British becomes noticeable.

What other signs can you find out about the onset of pregnancy

Sometimes even a pregnant British cat can go into heat. However, the animal bearing cubs at this time does not pay any attention to cats. Also, the pregnancy of a British woman can be determined by her changed behavior. The cat not only constantly sleeps, but also becomes very affectionate. The animal rubs at the feet of the owners, asks forhands, purring loudly, etc.

Determining pregnancy in a British cat is relatively easy. However, to be absolutely sure of this, the owners of the animal should still visit a veterinarian. After examination, the doctor will be able to say for sure whether the cat bears cubs or not.

British cat at the vet
British cat at the vet

Second half of pregnancy

Over time, the appetite of a cat waiting for replenishment increases more and more. After 3 weeks after mating, the animal can already feel the embryos in the abdomen. At the end of the 6th week, the cat's uterus fills with fluid. Since that time, the embryos are practically not palpable, and therefore it is almost impossible to determine the number of kittens during this period.

At the 7th week, the kittens in the stomach of the British are already actively moving. The cat becomes very fat, walks slowly, becomes affectionate and begins to follow the owners literally on the heels.

At this time, that is, when the British cat's gestation period is already coming to an end, for a pet, you need, among other things, to prepare a comfortable nest. Such pets usually begin to select a place for childbirth on their own about 2 weeks before lambing. For example, for childbirth, a British woman may choose a drawer, closet compartment, bedside table or something like that.

british cat nest
british cat nest

Having chosen a place for itself, the cat begins to throw out everything that, in her opinion, can prevent her from raising future offspring. From the closet, for example, shoes and clothes can be thrown out, and frombedside tables - magazines and books. At this moment, the animal needs to be offered some more suitable box, house or box. Owners should show a little patience and perseverance. In the end, the cat herself will understand that she is being offered a fairly comfortable and safe nest.

British false pregnancy

In straight and lop-eared British cats, pregnancy usually occurs after the first mating. But sometimes conception, unfortunately, does not occur in such pets. In some cases, British women may also experience a false pregnancy. In this condition, the cat has all the external signs of bearing kittens. In this case, the animal sleeps a lot, eats, its nipples swell, it becomes affectionate. However, the embryos in the uterus of the British do not develop.

This condition occurs in cats much less frequently than, for example, in the same dogs. But still, sometimes owners of British women face a false pregnancy.

The causes of this condition of the cat are most often hormonal failure and stress. Also, false pregnancy is relatively common in animals that are hereditarily predisposed to this or are overweight.

It will be quite difficult for a not very experienced cat owner to distinguish a false pregnancy from a real one. That is why, at the onset of the first signs of bearing cubs, it is advisable to show the British veterinarian.

How long does a British cat get pregnant

Animals of this breed do not bear cubs for too long. Pregnancy in British cats usually lasts 9weeks. During this time, a pet can bear 5-6 cubs.

Eggs after mating in a cat are formed during the first 23-30 hours. On average, there are usually about 6 of them. That is why cats, including British ones, usually give birth to many kittens.

pregnant cat
pregnant cat

An unusual feature of the body: what owners should know about

As already mentioned, during pregnancy in British cats, among other things, estrus can occur. At this moment, the animal does not ask for a cat. However, mating in this case can still occur. In such a situation, a British woman with existing embryos may form additional embryos.

In this case, the cat will subsequently give birth to all cubs at the same time. However, some of them, for obvious reasons, will be born prematurely, and the chances of their survival will be reduced to zero. Therefore, experienced breeders strongly advise against keeping a pregnant British woman in the same room with a cat.

The diet of a pregnant cat

During the bearing of young, the body of a British woman requires a large amount of nutrients. Therefore, at this time, the cat's diet should be sufficiently high in calories. Also, during this period, veterinarians advise offering food to the animal as varied as possible. In addition, the menu of a pregnant British cat should be designed in such a way that she receives all the vitamins and minerals she and the embryos need.

British cat feeding
British cat feeding

To those British women who are kept on purchasedfeed, you should choose a product designed specifically for pregnant animals. Also, some experienced cat owners are advised to include pillows intended for small kittens in the menu of their pet. This food contains many components useful for embryos.

Those cats that were raised on natural food should definitely include foods such as:

  • meat;
  • fish;
  • carrot;
  • milk (especially good at the end of pregnancy);
  • boiled cartilage (rich in vitamin D);
  • vitamins A and B.

During pregnancy, British cats, as already mentioned, eat more than usual. However, experienced veterinarians still do not advise overfeeding the animal. This can lead to obesity and difficult childbirth. In the first time after mating, the amount of food fed to the animal is usually increased to 10%. Further, this figure is gradually brought to 40-50%.

Under and overwear

How long pregnancy in British cats should last under favorable circumstances and proper care, we found out. Animals of this breed of cubs bear 9 weeks. But sometimes the term of birth for various reasons in such pets can be shifted. Young cats, for example, often give birth prematurely. The owners of the animal should not see this as some kind of deviation. In this case, early birth is explained primarily by the fact that the cat's body is just adjusting to its role asmoms.

Sometimes British women can also overwear kittens. In any case, veterinarians believe that the optimal delivery time for cats of this breed is 63-66 weeks. If the pregnancy is too long, the pet should definitely be shown to the veterinarian. The clinic will provide the animal with all the help it needs.

How to avoid miscarriage

The answer to the question of how long the pregnancy lasts for a British cat is thus understandable. Cubs develop in the belly of such a fluffy mother for 9 weeks. But sometimes the pregnancy of British women is not only delayed or ends a little earlier, but is also interrupted at an early stage.

This problem is quite common in young cats of the British breed. Sometimes owners and mature pets also face this nuisance. The causes of miscarriage in cats of the British breed can be different. But most often it is some kind of severe stress, illness or rough mechanical impact.

British cat behavior
British cat behavior

In any case, the owners of a pregnant British cat, of course, need to know how to properly handle it so as not to cause a miscarriage. To take such a pet in your arms, for example, you need to be as careful as possible, trying not to put pressure on your stomach. Of course, you can not push an animal bearing kittens from a bed, armchair, chairs, etc., as well as scare him very much or make him move very actively.