How do guinea pigs sleep? What does a beginner need to know?

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How do guinea pigs sleep? What does a beginner need to know?
How do guinea pigs sleep? What does a beginner need to know?

Video: How do guinea pigs sleep? What does a beginner need to know?

Video: How do guinea pigs sleep? What does a beginner need to know?
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Speaking of the guinea pig, it is impossible not to touch on the topic of her sleep. Why sleep? And not food, for example, or the situation in the cage? And how to keep a pet, and how to feed it, will be discussed in the article. We will talk about sleep because of the very unusual forms of its manifestation. Experienced "pig breeders" know what it is. Beginners can get scared and confused. In order to avoid fears, we will touch on the topic of how guinea pigs sleep.

Pig is an overseas miracle

What kind of rodent is this? How do guinea pigs sleep, what do they eat, and most importantly, what do they look like? What you need to know about these cute animals? First things first.

The guinea pig is a species of rodent that actually has nothing to do with the sea. The name comes from the word "overseas", that is, foreign. The animal is very large, its body length reaches 35 cm, the weight of the male reaches 1500 g. Femalessmaller, their weight varies within 800 grams.

They have a friendly nature. The animal can be classified as sociable and trusting creatures that love to sit on the handles. Pets differ in that from an overabundance of feelings they begin to whistle and purr. It cannot be described, it must be heard.

When getting such a pet, it is worth remembering that they do not have a sense of height. That is, a rodent can easily take a step from a table or from a high sofa. And this will end for him with an injury, at least.

How do guinea pigs sleep? Oh, there are some peculiarities here. But don't be afraid of them. All this will be discussed below.

Overseas miracle
Overseas miracle

How to feed your pet?

The basis of the diet is special food for rodents and hay. More precisely, the food should be for guinea pigs, and not for other types of animals that do not move around the apartment. A pet needs about 3 tablespoons of dry food per day.

Supplements with the main types of food - fruits, herbs and vegetables. They should be given in small amounts to avoid overeating. Overseas pigs have no feeling of satiety at all.

Nuts are the favorite delicacy of these rodents. This is especially true for peanuts. But with it there is a danger of overfeeding. Therefore, treats should be given in minimal doses and no more than 2 times a week.

Mineral stone must be present in the cage. The fact is that the guinea pig has quite impressive front teeth. And they need to be sharpened. If this is not done, then the growing teeth will simply not allow the animal to closeonce mouth.

And most importantly, clean drinking water. These pets drink a lot and often. Water in the drinker must be poured daily and ensure that it is always there.

A little about the content

How to keep a fairly large rodent? First, the pig needs a large cage. Its minimum size in length is 100 cm. You should not take two-story cages, the pig does not need a second floor. She can't get in there. Equally, the wheel in the cage is not useful. A pet is not one of those who will be happy to wind circles in this very wheel.

The bottom of the cage is covered with filler so that it is completely covered with it. What filler is better to take? Corn, due to the fact that it can not be allergic. And it absorbs odors much better than other species. If the owner wants to provide the pet with a hammock, then it is suspended at a distance of 10-15 cm above the floor.

It is better to buy a wooden house. Now they produce houses specifically for guinea pigs, you don’t have to rack your brains with sizes. Do guinea pigs sleep? Of course, like all animals. Do you need soft material in the house? You can lay a soft cloth, but in any case, neither cotton wool nor rags. Piggy can eat them.

Feeder and drinker - the main part of the contents of the cage along with a wooden house.

Sanitary and hygiene measures in the guinea pig's dwelling are carried out twice a week. The old filler is removed, the cage is washed, wiped thoroughly and a portion of the new filler is poured into it.

As for walking outside the cage, is it possiblelet the rodent walk around the room? You can under the strict supervision of the owner.

Causes a feeling of relief
Causes a feeling of relief

Sleepy Kingdom

Do guinea pigs sleep at night, or do they live by the principle of daytime sleep and night activity? Oddly enough, they sleep. They are most active at sunset. The animal begins to move, eat and "talk" with the owner. Then he goes to bed and rests safely until the morning. Although sometimes he gets up at night to drink water and can rattle a drinker loudly.

And now briefly about the most interesting - how do guinea pigs sleep? On the back, with open eyes, curled up in a ball, stretched out on the stomach and putting the muzzle on the paws. The poses are varied.

Complete calm
Complete calm

I'm not sleeping, I'm watching

Sometimes the owner of a guinea pig, passing by her cage, can see that the pet is lying motionless with her eyes open. No need to be scared, she breathes, if you look closely. Animals are able to sleep in this way. That is, guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open. All you need to know is that if your pet prefers this sleeping position, they are stressed, scared, or sick.

Sleep with open eyes
Sleep with open eyes


How else do guinea pigs sleep? On the back, spreading the front paws. Funniest sleeping position ever. And the most calm for a rodent. If a pet sleeps like this, it indicates complete relaxation and trust in the owner.


In the article we looked at how marinepigs. The most frightening positions for beginners are described above. The rest are familiar, it is difficult to be afraid of them.