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What to take to the hospital for mom and baby: a list
What to take to the hospital for mom and baby: a list

Sooner or later, every pregnant woman begins to pack bags for the maternity hospital. Thanks to this, the expectant mother will have everything at hand, during contractions there will be no need to rush back and forth in search of the necessary things. But what to take to the hospital? What things will come in handy and what to leave at home? How to get ready for childbirth? When to do it? All these questions and more will be answered below. If you understand them in advance, the birth of a child will not make you fuss in fights once again.

Fees to the maternity hospital

To collect or not to collect?

Childbirth is a process that can overtake a future mother at any moment. Doctors put PDR during pregnancy. This is the estimated due date. They are guided by her, preparing for hospitalization.

However, labor pains can start early. For example, due to hereditary predisposition or for other (sometimes incomprehensible) reasons. In addition, there is the concept of preterm labor, which is often applied to the process of having a baby at the 25th week of an interesting position.

In general, childbirth can take you by surprise at the most unexpected moment. And that is why the expectant mother should thinkwhat to take to the hospital.

Bags collected in advance will not make you fuss in fights. If the expectant mother decides not to collect them (which is extremely rare, in isolated cases), everything you need should be put at hand. So that you can quickly get ready for childbirth.

When to start preparing

What to take to the hospital for childbirth? A list of everything you need will be presented to your attention later. First, a few words about when is the best time to start preparing for childbirth.

Ideally, women form bags for the maternity hospital from the 30th week of pregnancy, after going on maternity leave. By 35-36 weeks, a woman should be ready to travel to a medical facility.

Some women in labor prefer to go to birth even at 25 weeks. In any case, it is better to prepare for the appearance of the baby in advance. The sooner this happens, the less hassle there will be in fights. If by the 30th week of pregnancy the girl no longer has a question about what to take to the hospital, fine.

Things for the baby

Ambiguous lists

There is one more nuance. The thing is that the bags for childbirth are collected individually. Each mother decides for herself what is useful to her in the birth and postpartum period. Therefore, we will consider the most necessary things.

Also, the list of what to take to the maternity hospital for mom and baby varies depending on the particular maternity hospital. Somewhere you need to take your own bed linen, and someone provides it. In some medical institutions, food can be brought into the delivery room, but somewhere it is prohibited. Therefore, more accurate information about permitted thingsit is better to find out in a specific maternity hospital.

Today you can often see the difference (insignificant) between what is allowed to take with you "free" and "payers". Usually in the second case, more freedom is provided. In particular, if a woman "bought" herself a paid ward.

How to pack bags

What to take to the hospital for mom and baby? Thinking about this question, every woman should remember how to pack bags correctly.

The thing is that maternity hospitals have their own rules regarding this topic. Not all bags can be brought into the maternity ward.

Packages that are going to the hospital must be sterile. You need to pack things in transparent plastic bags. It is advisable to form packages by category ("for delivery", "for postpartum mother", "baby", "for discharge", "documents"), and then put them into one large common bag.

Ready-made bag for the hospital

Quick fix for moms

What to take to the hospital for childbirth and for the postpartum period? There is a quick solution for advanced women. It will greatly speed up the preparation for an important event.

It's about buying a ready-made bag for the hospital. In such products there is already a minimum set of items that will be useful to a newly-made mom. Usually these are things from the category of "hygiene" and "body care".

Don't forget about documents

What to take with you to the hospital? A list of everything you need in general terms will be presented to your attention below.Let's start with the most important - with documents. Without them, a woman may (although this is illegal) not be accepted into the maternity hospital. Or the expectant mother will give birth in observation, with sick or unexamined women in labor. It's not very pleasant.

The following documents will definitely come in handy for a woman in labor:

  • exchange card;
  • passport;
  • medical policy;
  • birth certificate.

If a woman entered into a contract for the provision of paid services, you will have to take this paper with you. Without it, increased comfort will be denied. You will have to give birth with free patients.

Lack of a birth certificate is not a cause for concern. Sometimes the appropriate paper has already been ordered from the LCD, but the woman in labor did not have time to pick it up. In this case, it is recommended to ask loved ones to bring a certificate after giving birth.

Did you even order documentation? Under such circumstances, the maternity hospital will independently issue a certificate of the established form. This is a free procedure.

But the lack of a compulsory medical insurance policy or an exchange card is a good reason for concern. That is why it is better for mom to immediately prepare documents for the hospital. They are usually packed in a separate bag.

For partner births

What to take to the hospital for mom? Today in Russia partner childbirth is popular. They are available both for a fee and under the CHI policy. But the partner will also have to prepare.

Ideally, by the time of delivery, you need to form a separate bag for the attendant. You need to put in it:

  • passport;
  • proof of relationship (if any, preferably);
  • fluorography;
  • blood tests for infections.

Don't forget about things for your partner. The accompanying person must have a change of shoes and clothes with him. Otherwise, the partner will simply not be allowed into the maternity ward.

Packing a bag for the hospital

Baby bag

What to take to the hospital for childbirth? The list of necessary things varies depending on the specific medical facility and the preferences of the expectant mother.

Ideally take with you for childbirth:

  • water in transparent bottles (1 liter or more);
  • loose T-shirt/shirt/nightgown;
  • towel and liquid soap;
  • toilet seat (optional);
  • clean socks;
  • phone with charger;
  • books.

Some girls bring cameras and cameras into the maternity ward. This usually happens if a partner birth is planned.

Sometimes contractions and stay in the labor ward drag on for many hours. Therefore, it is better to take something to eat with you. Namely:

  • cookies;
  • crackers;
  • waffles;
  • croutons;
  • sandwiches.

Important: in some maternity hospitals it is forbidden to take food with you to the maternity ward. And someone does not allow expectant mothers to eat during contractions, even if they are long. Therefore, issues related to food in the maternity ward are best de alt with on an individual basis.

For the baby at birth

What to take a child to the hospital? List of everything you neednot that big. Modern maternity hospitals in the delivery room require a minimum of things.

Mom is going to the hospital

Sometimes, except for a diaper (or better than a few), nothing is required from the mother. If you thoroughly approach the collection of a package for the baby to the hospital, you can take with you:

  • diapers;
  • bonnet;
  • scratches;
  • vest or bodysuit/sandbag.

This list ends. In the maternity ward, mother and baby will not stay long. They will be transferred to the postpartum ward shortly.

For mom after childbirth

And by this moment a woman should prepare thoroughly. The postpartum period lasts from 3 to 5 days. Sometimes you have to stay longer in the hospital, depending on the he alth of the mother and the newborn.

What to take to the hospital? The following things will come in handy for mom after childbirth:

  • water;
  • any light food allowed for breastfeeding women;
  • robe;
  • nightgown;
  • slippers;
  • towel;
  • cutlery/cup;
  • soap;
  • anti-crack cream ("Bepanthen", "Panthenol");
  • bath accessories;
  • postpartum pads (sterile, preferably 2-3 packs);
  • disposable postpartum briefs (1-2 packs);
  • phone with charger;
  • books;
  • nursing bra;
  • notebook;
  • pen;
  • glycerine suppositories;
  • comb;
  • mirror;
  • toilet paper;
  • garbage bags;
  • vitamins for lactating and pregnant women;
  • toothpaste + brush;
  • manicure set.

Now you can bring everything that is useful at your leisure to the hospital. For example, any gadget. In the case of a paid chamber, there will be no problems with fees. Devices can be easily taken to the postpartum ward. And some things (shirts, toilet paper) are provided by a medical institution.

What is needed for childbirth

To the baby's room

What to take a child to the hospital? In the postpartum period, the baby will not need as many things as it seems. But even they should not be forgotten.

Baby room bag usually includes:

  • diapers (several small packs);
  • clothes (caps, bodysuits, vests, sandals);
  • scratches;
  • diapers (usually provided at the maternity hospital);
  • nipples;
  • diaper cream;
  • cotton pads;
  • cotton buds with restraints;
  • towel (preferably soft);
  • wet wipes;
  • disposable handkerchiefs;
  • baby soap (liquid).

That will be enough. As a rule, you need to stock up on diapers. In some cases, two small packs of diapers will not be enough.

Extract (for mom)

What to take to the hospital for mom? Special attention is paid to the extract. Usually this event is accompanied by a holiday. And the expectant mother should prepare for it.

You need to put in your mom's discharge bag:

  • cosmetic bag;
  • clothes byseason;
  • shoes for the season;
  • foundation.

Sometimes girls bring hair dryers and styling supplies to the hospital. Such situations are most often found among paid patients. Women who give birth free of charge are generally not allowed to bring loudly noisy items. And hair dryers including.

For discharged baby

The list of what to take to the hospital for mom is over. The newborn needs to be prepared for discharge as well.

As a rule, there are no problems with this task. After all, it is enough for mom to put in a bag for the baby:

  • satin ribbon and bow;
  • envelope for statement;
  • seasonal discharge kit.

Corresponding kits can be purchased at baby stores for newborns. Therefore, preparing for discharge is a minimum of hassle.

Mom's supplies


What to take to the hospital? Now the answer to this question will no longer cause any problems. Every woman can prepare in advance for the trip to the maternity hospital.

Getting into it with an abundance of modern stores for children and expectant mothers is not difficult. The bulk of the items that will be useful during and after childbirth can be bought in the form of ready-made bags for the maternity hospital. Such products are in great demand.

For more accurate information about what to take to the hospital for mother and newborn, it is better to find out in a specific organization. Otherwise, when the baby is born, it may turn out that some things important for the mother will not be allowed to be carried to the department.

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