How to draw Anna and Elsa - great characters from Frozen

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How to draw Anna and Elsa - great characters from Frozen
How to draw Anna and Elsa - great characters from Frozen

Video: How to draw Anna and Elsa - great characters from Frozen

Video: How to draw Anna and Elsa - great characters from Frozen
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Many of you watched the wonderful cartoon "Frozen". Elsa is a "cold" princess, a beautiful girl, an older sister. Anna is the complete opposite. But together they can do a lot. Only together they form a whole.

How to draw Elsa and Anna from Frozen cartoon step by step?

Seeing each of the beauties, you definitely want to take a pencil and draw them. And in this article we will figure out how to draw Anna and Elsa - the main characters of this cartoon. These cartoon characters came out really memorable. Analyzing step by step how to draw "Frozen" - Elsa, Anna, we will use a simple technique. So let's get started.

how to draw anna and elsa
how to draw anna and elsa

How to draw Anna?

Before us is the big question "How to draw Anna and Elsa?". Now we will find the answer to the first part of this question - how to draw Anna.

First, let's draw a circle, which will later help draw the head. On this circle we will draw two guides - a horizontal line and a vertical one, which will helpdefine the line of the nose and the line of the eyes.

Then, with one vertical line under the circle, define the neck and draw a small arch - the shoulders.

The next step is to sketch Anna's face: it should go beyond the circle, define the cheeks and jaw line. Let's draw one ear and start drawing the hair to designate the hairstyle later.

Let's get back to the helper lines on our circle. On the horizontal line we sketch out the eyes, and on the vertical line - Anna's beautiful and neat nose. Also, do not forget to draw a line of lips.

Now let's circle the eyes brighter, draw the pupils inside them. Draw the mouth, the inner line of the ear, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Just a little left! Let's work on the hair now. Let's draw two pigtails for Anna and add some hair direction lines to them.

To make the drawing look complete, draw the shoulders, collar and the central part of the clothes.

Thus, we have answered the first part of our question (“How to draw Anna and Elsa?”) Regarding the first sister. Now it remains to remove unnecessary lines and mistakes, color our beautiful Anna - and you can safely show the work to your relatives and friends! Your imagination will make this drawing even more beautiful and delight others.

How to draw Elsa?

Now let's move on to the second part of our question. We already know how to draw Anna. And we draw Elsa in a similar technique, but in full growth!

how to draw elsa and anna
how to draw elsa and anna

In order to draw Elsa, we will use a similar technique and steps.

First, let's drawcircle and lines of eyes and nose.

Then draw the face more precisely: cheeks, chin, eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth.

Now let's get to the hair. Let's mark the borders of the bangs and add a braid to our cold beauty. To indicate its texture, draw the lines of the direction of the hair.

Determine Elsa's height. Then draw the shoulders, schematically sketching out the arms and the outline of the dress.

how to draw frozen elsa anna
how to draw frozen elsa anna

Now let's draw the whole outfit of the princess, hands, remove extra lines and mistakes.

Now we have learned how to draw two beautiful heroines of the wonderful cartoon "Frozen", Anna and Elsa. At first glance, it seems that they are very difficult to draw. But with a little thought, you can be sure that everything is not so difficult. Your imagination and creativity will help transform your drawing and surprise others. Create, draw, surprise! Everything is in your hands!