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Constructor "Lego": characters of magical worlds

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Constructor "Lego": characters of magical worlds
Constructor "Lego": characters of magical worlds

Every child dreams of having superpowers, so heroes who save the universe from destruction will never go out of style. Even adults enjoy playing with the legendary Lego characters, rediscovering this delightful world and reliving wonderful childhood memories.

Super Heroes Series

This is an educational series that will interest the curious child and completely capture his attention. Watching cartoons on TV is exciting, but it is much more interesting to assemble your favorite characters from the details and play battle scenes with them. All Lego Marvel characters are available: Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Wonder Woman and more. In a series of constructors you can find cars, motorcycles, planes, bathyscaphes, the contents of mysterious caves, the atmosphere of city streets. With the help of figures, the child will be able to plunge headlong into the dangerous and mysterious Universe of Marvel comics.

Lego, series "Super Heroes"

Disney Princess Series

Girls love constructors, so the creators of "Lego"released a delightful series of princess figurines from all the Disney cartoons. Detailed instructions are attached to each kit, and the most impatient fidgets can watch a training video on the official website that will help you assemble the parts into a coherent composition.

Beautiful and bright Lego sets with characters from your favorite fairy tales will allow you to collect princesses and the world around them: Elsa's ice castle, Rapunzel's bedroom, Moana's lost island, Ariel's royal ship and much more. Girls will have a lot of fun playing with their favorite heroines and heroes, they will be able to survive their ups and downs, develop their imagination and spatial thinking. Every modern girl will be proud of the magical world created by her own hands.

Rasalochka Ariel from Lego

Star Wars series

For almost two decades, the Lego series of educational building blocks has been pleasing fans of the Star Wars saga. Sets in this series are not only a set of favorite characters, but also a great opportunity to create your own fantasy worlds and stories of your favorite Jedi. The series was first created in 1999 and will be released until 2022.

Lego Star Wars

Since the first issue, the collection has been replenished with new military bases, advanced starships, tanks of unusual designs. The advantage of the series is the ability to open and close hatches, shoot weapons, launch equipment. The main and most anticipated novelty was the Death Star, which must be assembled frommore than 4000 parts.

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