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Strange Familiar Objects: Stationery Knife

Strange Familiar Objects: Stationery Knife
Strange Familiar Objects: Stationery Knife

The stationery knife is a small cutting tool that is equipped with a metal replaceable blade. Initially, this item was intended mainly for cutting paper, from which it got its name. However, today the scope of this wonderful device has expanded so much that it can be called universal.

stationery knife
stationery knife

Who uses a utility knife?

After appreciating all the conveniences of this simple item, wide groups of consumers began to use it: employees of courier and postal services, office and warehouse workers. In production, a stationery metal knife is used by shoemakers, seamstresses, designers, fashion designers, artists, etc. It is difficult for him to find a replacement in construction and repair. Those who have had to use it when pasting wallpaper or baguettes are unlikely to want to work with an ordinary knife or scissors. What was the reason for such popularity?

What is good about a stationery knife?

Benefitsof this tool are visible to the naked eye, however, for the sake of order, we decided to compile a complete list of its advantages:

  1. Durable laser cut stainless steel blade. The most important detail that ensures the sharpness, durability and high functionality of this tool.
  2. The presence of a multi-section blade. A utility knife is always sharp. If the edge of the edge of the blade becomes dull over time, it is simply broken off along the desired notch line and work continues without any delay for additional sharpening.
  3. Easy and reliable stepped blade advance mechanism. This design feature allows the user, if necessary, to adjust the length of the working surface of the tip. Thanks to this, there is no fear for safety: with one simple movement, the blade can be completely hidden in the case.
  4. Metal rails. Gives the knife extra strength and extends its life.
  5. Excellent locking mechanism. Guarantees the stability of the point during work. The use of a retainer eliminates any risk of cuts due to the fact that the blade will accidentally fall out or, conversely, fall through.
  6. Removable cap with groove. Allows you to safely, easily and quickly upgrade your tool by replacing your used blade.
  7. stationery metal knife
    stationery metal knife

Which stationery knife is better, and what to look for when choosing

Note that manufacturers currently produce suchfittings of various sizes. If you need a truly versatile cutting tool, and not just a paper cutter, we recommend that you pay attention to the 18mm stationery knife.

stationery knife 18mm
stationery knife 18mm

In construction stores it is offered as a tool for cutting wallpaper, but its scope is not limited to this. With it, you can cut drywall sheets, cut polyurethane foam, which is used when installing windows and doors, cut linoleum, carpet, foam rubber, foam plastic, strip electrical wires and much more. A really good knife should have an optimal size and weight, as well as be comfortable in the hand due to the relief surface and comfortable anatomical shape.

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