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The riddle about spring as a way to comprehensively develop the baby

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The riddle about spring as a way to comprehensively develop the baby
The riddle about spring as a way to comprehensively develop the baby

Spring miracles happen in nature. Everything around is changing. The sky becomes clearer and brighter. The sun shines warmer. The grass begins to grow and the first flowers appear. Buds swell and leaves grow. Riddles are invented about all this.

Children need to learn to notice all the changes that are happening around them. This helps develop their attention. And so that this process does not become a lesson, it is better to turn it into a fun game of question and answer. In addition to the fact that the baby will replenish vocabulary, he will learn to analyze and listen. His memory will be strengthened.

Any riddle about spring can be guessed not only on the street, but also at home. In the second case, it is good to supplement it with coloring pictures or draw the answer yourself. This will also contribute to the creative development of the child.

And for the active formation of children's ability to express their thoughts, you can invite them to compose their own riddle. So the baby's speech will be filled with new turns and phrases. In addition, his imagination will be actively involved.

Poems with the same answer

This collection contains riddles aboutspring with answers that just call this time of year.

  • Beautiful girl

    Walks and smiles.

    And where she leads with her hand, Everything will come to life and blossom.

  • The snow begins to melt, The brook has added a run.

    The bear is waking up, Time for the birds to arrive.

  • Under the warm sunbeam

    flowers bloomed, Our snowman was sad, and buds swelled.

Another first person riddle about spring:

  • I dress the trees in greenery, I water the crops with warm rain, I call all the birds with warmth homeAnd, like a carpet, I lay the grass.

riddle about spring
riddle about spring

Poems about the spring months

Spring riddle for kids may contain questions about months. This will help the kids remember their names.

First about March:

  • The sun is shining more cheerfully.

    The sparrow chirped.

    He is very happy with the weather, On the threshold of the month… (March)

spring puzzle for kids
spring puzzle for kids

Second about April:

  • Slush on the road everywhere.

    The bear got out of the den.

    I can hear the lark trilling. Rules in the yard… (April)

And finally, the last month - May:

  • All apple and cherry trees are in bloom.

    The Nightingale can be heard somewhere.

    The garden looks like a wondrous land. Everyone understands - this is … (May)

Poems-questions about spring flowers

It's impossible to imagine riddles about spring without them. Short and concise, they are easy to remember and easy to guess. The first is about the snowdrop, and the second is aboutlily of the valley.

  • The snow is melting with thawed patches, And he is already meeting spring.

  • Hanging pearls on a branch. There are more than a dozen on one.
spring riddles with answers
spring riddles with answers

And two more riddles about wonderful snowdrops.

  • He broke through the snowball

    A fragile little sprout.

    It opened into the most tender, The most quivering flower.

  • Grows the very first

    Right by the snowdrift.

    He is not afraid of blizzardsAnd frost malice.

At this time of the year, other plants delight with their flowers. Therefore, the riddle about spring necessarily goes hand in hand with rhymes-questions about flowers. The first one is about the tiny coltsfoot:

  • Yellow small flower

    On a shaggy leg in the field.

    Everything around is gray-gray, And it is already blooming in the wild.

Another spring flower - mimosa. About her and the riddle:

  • In March, the tree blooms

    Yellow peas.

    The branches are all strewn withFluffy lumps.

Next tulip puzzle:

  • A light bloomed in the flowerbed, A lush velvet flower.

    He is now the most important one there, Bold, bold and courageous.

This daffodil riddle:

  • This little flower

    In the prince's fairy crown.

    A leaf like garlic. You can't go wrong.

The next spring riddle for children is about the plant that completes this season and opens the door to summer - about lilac:

  • Her flowers are fragrant, And beckon the petals to guess.

    And the cinquefoils pluck,To make a wish.

Riddles about natural phenomena

There are those natural phenomena that happen only in spring. For example, drops or ice drift. And the first spring thunderstorm always fascinates. Each riddle about spring is beautiful in its own way:

  • The long icicle will cry

    In the bright heat of the sun.

    A trill rushes from all sides.

    Drip-drip, drip-drip sounds… (drip)

  • Along the river every year

    Ice floes float on a hike.

  • The rain is pouring like a bucket, Thunder rumbles, flashes flash.

    So it goes for an hour and two. Babies are hiding in the house.

Riddles about birds and their houses

Those birds that flew away to warmer climes in autumn are now returning and making new nests for themselves. The first riddle about them:

  • A house is built on a branch of a tree, There are no windows or doors in it.

    He will warm the chicks with warmthAway from bad animals.

short riddles about spring
short riddles about spring

Wonderful singer - starling. He arrives in the spring and gives people his magical songs.

  • He proudly performs -

    Spring's young messenger.

    He flies to his houseGrey… (starling)

And this puzzle about the house is a birdhouse:

  • The wooden house is waiting for residents again. On the perch of the starling window.

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