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The smallest cat in the world (photo)

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The smallest cat in the world (photo)
The smallest cat in the world (photo)

Many cat owners would like their mustachioed pet to remain a tiny funny kitten forever. However, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, this is impossible, and kittens, like children, tend to grow and mature. But miniature domestic cats exist, as do small wild animals from the same family. Moreover, even dwarf breeds of domestic cats have been bred, the adults of which fit in the palm of a person.

The smallest cats from the Guinness Book of Records

The title "The smallest cat in the world" is assigned and registered in the well-known Guinness Book of Records. After submitting an application for a record, the editors come with clearly stated instructions on what and how to do. Then, by regular mail, in no case electronic, the requested evidence is sent to the Guinness office. So who is she and what is the smallest cat in the world?


That was the name of a tiny Himalayan-Persian cat from Illinois (USA). This baby belonged to a couple from the town of Taylorville Katrina and Scott Forbes. The height of the cat was 7 cm, and its body length was only 19 cm (the length of the tail was not taken into account). With these dimensions, the weight of the cat was 681 grams.

Tinker Toy

At the time of entering the Guinness Book of Records, he was 2.5 years old, and he was recognized as the smallest cat in the world. Tinker Toy died in 1997 at the age of six. No studies have been conducted to determine the causes of cat dwarfism.

Mr. Peebles

This cat is also from Illinois, but from the small city of Beijing. The first owner of the cat, Robin Svendson, named him after the ventriloquist doll from the American TV series Seinfeld.

Mr. Peebles

Mr. Peebles lives in the animal clinic as the pet of all the staff. He was brought there by veterinarian Donna Sussman from the farm she went to to vaccinate the dog. It would be difficult for a miniature cat to survive in those conditions, and the farmer gave it to a female veterinarian.

At the clinic, the animal was examined, after which it turned out that it was not a kitten, as everyone first thought, but an adult two-year-old cat of dwarf size due to genetic abnormalities.

In 2004, at the request of the clinic, Mr. Peebles is recognized as the smallest cat in the world, and his name is entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest cat in the world. With a weight of 1.3 kg, the body length of the baby, excluding the tail, was only 15 cm.unfortunately, it is currently unknown if this famous cat is still alive.

Fizz Gel

This San Diego, California Munchkin became the world's smallest cat on July 23, 2010, when her record was posted. At the time of registration in the Book of Records, Fizz Gel reached the age of two, her height was 15.24 cm (height is measured from floor to withers) and weighs just under 2 kg.

Fizz gel

The owner of the cat is a certain Tiffany Kjeldergaad, who claimed that Fizz is an absolutely he althy, cheerful baby, and her small height even for a short-legged Munchkin breed does not prevent her from climbing furniture and window sills.

Cat breeds with small sizes

So, descriptions and photos of the smallest cats in the world were presented. And now we will talk about dwarf breeds of domestic Mus and Murzikov.

The smallest cat breed in the world is without a doubt the Scythian Tai Don. These cats remain mischievous kittens for the rest of their lives. And not only because of its diminutiveness, but also because of the playfulness and playfulness of the character inherent in the breed. The color of these cats resembles Siamese.

The smallest cats are Scythian-Tai-Don

With a dark mask on the muzzle, dark ears, paws and a tail that, by the way, looks more like a short bunny pom-pom. The weight of cats of the Scythian-Tai-Don breed varies from 800 to 1500 grams.

Next on the list is the Kinkalow breed, which was bred from the Munchkin and the American Curl. These miniature cats inherited fromancestral short legs and small ears with curved tips. The weight of adult kinkalows is from 2 to 3 kg.

kinkalow breed

Minskin is a breed resulting from crossing Munchkins and Sphynxes. These strange hairless cats are also called hobbits for their fluffy tufts of fur on the tips of their short paws. Minskins are surprisingly quick-witted, and their character is distinguished by friendliness and complaisance. Weight, like kinkalow, 2-3 kg.

minskin breed

Singapore cat represents the East. These babies are graceful, their hair is amazingly iridescent and has an almost mystical shining effect, and their eyes are huge, almond-shaped and bewitching. At one time, a certain American Tommy Middow was subdued by these cats. He brought several individuals to America. The weight of adult animals is 2.5-3 kg.

singapore cat

And, of course, the Munchkin is a well-known short-legged cat with a long, dachshund-like body. Their short-leggedness went to these kids by nature. Representatives of the breed are restless and dexterous. However, if the cat climbed onto the closet, and she is quite able to do this, despite the short paws, then the owner will have to rescue her from there. Munchkins weigh 2-3.5 kg.

munchkin breed

Another interesting breed of the smallest cat in the world (the photo of its representative in the article is the main thing) is Napoleon, named after the famous Frenchman Napoleon Bonaparte, who was terribly afraid of cats. Again a selection from the Munchkins, but this time with a Persian Longhair cat. Representativesbreeds - short-legged and long-haired charmers with flattened muzzles of Persians and huge saucer eyes. Here the weight is already a little more: from 2.5 to 4 kg, as well as the cost of kittens. Napoleons are one of the most expensive cats in the world.

Little wild cats

Not only among domestic, but also among wild felines, there is the smallest wild cat in the world. The people called her "rusty", although the Latin name is more euphonious: Prionailurus rubiginosus. However, in 90% of cases, the color of these animals is gray. The remaining 10% have brown or red hair. Red spots are located on the back, legs and sides of the predator.

Rusty wild cat

The body length of a rusty cat with a tail is 50-80 cm and weighs 1.5, less often 2 kg. She has a thin long tail, short legs, a rounded head, with compact ears and honey-red or gray expressive large eyes. The cat's coat is short and soft, and there are often white stripes on the muzzle. Her voice sounds unexpectedly soft.

Habitat - Sri Lanka and South India with tropical forests and highlands. The rusty cat feeds on insects, birds, lizards, as well as frogs and small rodents.

The world's smallest wild cat is an endangered species due to changing conditions in its habitat.

Advantages and disadvantages of small cats

Photos of the smallest cats in the world touch and touch. The small size of the animals is convenient for keeping in apartments and traveling. But along withbenefits, you need to remember some features and care of the content.

Small cats require regular visits to the vet to rule out or treat injuries in a timely manner. They often have problems with their paws. They should not be allowed to walk alone, as their small size is an excuse for other animals to offend a small cat.

Otherwise, small pets are ordinary cats that will bring many pleasant moments to their owners.

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