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The smallest cat in the world. Description of dwarf cat breeds

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The smallest cat in the world. Description of dwarf cat breeds
The smallest cat in the world. Description of dwarf cat breeds

Today, there are many varieties of cats in the world. All of them differ from each other in temperament, head structure, physique, coat length, color and, of course, size. In this publication, we will consider the main characteristics of representatives of the smallest breeds of cats.


This is one of the youngest breeds, the development of which began in 1998 under the guidance of the owner of the Boston kennel Paul McSorley. Among the ancestors of Minskins are Sphynxes, Munchkins, Burmese and Devon Rex. The result of systematic selection selection was the appearance of one of the smallest cat breeds with short legs.

Minskin is a miniature animal whose mass does not exceed three kilograms. On a broad rounded head with a short muzzle and a well-developed chin, there are large ears, beautiful huge eyes and a small nose with a slight bend near the tip. Under the miniature body are two pairs of short limbs. As for the color, the fur coat of the smallest cats can be absolutely anyshade. Depending on the length of the hair, Minskins are conditionally divided into three groups. They can be completely naked, woolen and half-woolen. Another feature of the representatives of this breed is the presence of mild folds inherited from sphinxes.

Besides attractive appearance, Minskins are endowed with a wonderful character. These are very gentle and sweet creatures, strongly attached to their master and do not tolerate prolonged loneliness. They are incredibly playful, active and get along well with other pets.


This, one of the smallest cat breeds in the world, whose name many of you hear for the first time, was bred in America. LaPerms and Munchkins took part in its creation.

the smallest cat

Skookum is a very young and rare breed that is still in its infancy. The main distinguishing feature of these animals are short legs and a curly collar. On a rounded, slightly oblong head with a narrow nose and relatively high cheekbones, there are neat ears with a sharp edge and not very large eyes, the shape of which resembles walnuts.

Skookum is one of the smallest cats with a charming appearance and a soft, affectionate character. These animals quickly become attached to their owners and their family members. They are very brave, sociable, playful and loving. However, they can be considered quiet, as they rarely show their emotions out loud.


Cat breed with such an unusual namewas bred in Russia. The first owner of these miniature animals was Elena Krasnichenko, who was professionally breeding Kurilian bobtails. It was in her house that unusual babies were born, whose mother was a short-tailed cat, and whose father was a representative of the Thai breed. One cub from this litter differed from the rest in its miniature size and it was he who became the ancestor of the new breed.

smallest cat breed

Skiff-tai-don is one of the smallest cats. On a rounded wedge-shaped head with smooth transitions, there are wide-set ears and almond-shaped eyes. Under the miniature body are strong, not too long limbs, and the front ones are slightly shorter than the hind ones. The entire body of a typical representative of this breed is covered with beautiful hair with a thick undercoat. As for the color, only the so-called seal point is allowed by the standard. Because of this, Scythian Ty Dons are often confused with Siamese.


This is a very young breed with only a few decades of history. Its first representative was born in 1997 as a result of crossing the American Curl and Munchkin.

Kinkalow is a cat whose weight does not exceed three kilograms. Its distinctive feature is a long tail and unusual, curved ears. Despite their miniature size, these animals have a strong skeleton and well-developed muscles. The whole body of the kinkalow is covered with soft, shiny hair of various shades.

cat breed scythian tai don

Theselittle cats are endowed with a cheerful disposition. They remain playful and inquisitive pranksters until old age. They get along well with other pets and do not require special care. Kinkalows need regular walks to maintain muscle tone. In order not to lose your pet before leaving the house, you need to put on a harness with a leash attached to it.


A dwarf cat bred as a result of targeted breeding activities by a basset hound breeder named Joe Smith. It was obtained by crossing Munchkins and Persians.

Napoleon is a miniature undersized cat, whose weight does not exceed two kilograms. Despite its dwarf size, it has a proportionally folded body with strong bones. On a round, full head with plump cheeks and a short muzzle, there are wide-set ears and large eyes, the shade of which corresponds to the color of the coat. Under the elongated body with a flat back, there are well-developed, muscular limbs.

kinkalow cat

These luxurious miniature cats are endowed not only with a pretty appearance, but also with an angelic character. They are very smart, patient, affectionate and trusting. Napoleons are extremely obedient and silent animals that will never bother the owner if they see that he is busy with something. They are completely non-aggressive and easily get along in the same territory with other pets.


This is a relatively new hybrid cat breed originating in the USA. She wasobtained by purposefully crossing the Munchkin and the Selkirk Rex. To date, it is at the stage of formation and does not yet have an official standard.

Lamkin is a small cat. Its weight does not exceed four kilograms. On a disproportionately large wedge-shaped head, there are large ears with pointed tips and beautiful round eyes. Strong short legs are located under the compact, muscular body of the animal. The entire body of the lamkin is covered with thick curly hair of a predominantly light color. Under it lies a dense undercoat.

dwarf cat napoleon

Representatives of this breed are endowed with a perky, cheerful disposition. They are very cheerful, active, affectionate and sociable. Lamkins get along well with children and easily get along the same territory with other pets. They are extremely loyal to their owners and need extra attention.


The modern history of representatives of this breed began in 1983. It was then that an American named Sandra Hotchenedel picked up a black and white pregnant short-legged cat on the street. After a short time, a new pet, named Blackberry, gave birth to offspring. One of these grown kittens became the ancestor of this breed.

lamkin cat

Munchkin is one of the smallest cats. Its weight does not exceed four kilograms. The wedge-shaped head with a round muzzle, flat forehead and high cheekbones has small ears and expressive almond-shaped eyes.

Munchkins –good-natured, sociable and self-confident animals. They are very clean and rarely speak. They communicate with the owner through a quiet purr.

Singapore cat

The birthplace of these beautiful miniature animals is Southeast Asia. Singapuras are very graceful, graceful creatures, whose weight does not exceed three kilograms. The slender, slightly elongated body of these cats is covered with short, thin fur of a light gray hue with a pinkish tint. A pale cream color with golden brown markings is also allowed as standard.

name of the smallest cat breed in the world

Singapore cats are endowed with an independent, very domineering character. They are incredibly independent and do not immediately become attached to their owners. First, they look closely at the person living nearby, and only then begin to trust him.

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