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How to find out the date of conception: features, calculation rules and recommendations
How to find out the date of conception: features, calculation rules and recommendations

It is very easy to find out the date of birth by the date of conception if there are no hormonal disruptions in the woman's body, and the fetus is he althy. Also, by this date, you can almost certainly find out the gender of the expected child. Scientists have not figured out how this table works, but ninety percent of the time it tells the truth. How to find out the date of conception? Every woman should know and be able to do this, because it is extremely important. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the methods that will help establish the truth.

how to find the date of conception

Date of conception: what is it?

This is the day when the fusion of male (sperm) and female (ovum) germ cells took place. This is possible at the time of ovulation, when the female cell enters the abdominal cavity from the ovary, but the duration of this period is extremely short, it lasts only two days. Pregnancy can occur precisely in these two days or 2-3 days before, but after that it is already impossible. The fact is that spermatozoa can survive in the female body for up to three days, and the likelihood that one of them will wait in the wings is extremely high.

find out the sex of the child by the date of conception

Why do you need to know the date?

This is extremely important to know, as you can find out the gestational age. According to the date of conception, doctors can set a more accurate date of birth, and future mothers, using the plate, which we will present in the future content, will determine the sex of the baby in advance. You need to know the date in order to undergo the necessary examinations, which are done on certain weeks. In addition, in the first weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is very vulnerable, and during this period it is necessary to adhere to proper nutrition and a he althy lifestyle.

How to find out the date of conception, any girl should understand. Pregnancy is not always planned, and situations arise when a woman decides to terminate it. It is important to have the procedure done up to seven weeks after conception to reduce the risk of complications and side effects.

Since the calculation of the day of conception directly depends on the day of ovulation, the calculation rules will be useful to those women who plan to have a baby. Using the calculator, you can definitely find out the most suitable day for intimacy to get pregnant or, on the contrary, avoid it.

Finally, knowing the date is important when paternity disputes arise. Of course, you can take DNA tests, but this is an expensive procedure, and both the baby and the father are needed for it, and the second may not always be present.

find out gestational age by date of conception

How do you know if you're pregnant?

If you don't have your period (you're late), it could be a sign that you've conceived. Before the delay, you cantake a blood test that will show the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin - a hormone that increases sharply in the presence of pregnancy.

If there are no periods, then a test is purchased. The presence of a negative answer does not guarantee the absence of a fetus, it’s just that the test may be defective, or your term is still too short, and the hormone has not had time to develop in the right amount.

If the tests consistently show a negative result, contact the antenatal clinic to see a gynecologist, you may have a hormonal failure.

Calculate the day of fertilization according to the menstrual cycle

You can find out the date of conception by menstruation, but it will not be the most accurate, since the calculation of the term is from the first day (beginning) of the last menstruation. Not the fact that it was then that you could get pregnant. Fertilization could occur before (and this happens, but rarely) or after the last menstruation. So, if you judge by menstruation, as doctors do, then the period is counted from the first, but not the final day of the last menstruation. Subtract three months from this date, add seven days, so you can find out the expected day of birth. It will also not be accurate, since everyone has different cycles, and the date of conception is still in question.

how to find out the exact date of conception

Planning a pregnancy

Every girl should keep a calendar of the menstrual cycle, regardless of the presence of sexual intercourse in life. The calendar will help track delays, which may indicate not only the presence of pregnancy, but also hormonal disruptions.

Calendarcan help calculate the optimal periods for conceiving a child. As a rule, ovulation always occurs in the middle of the MC, which is calculated from the first day (beginning) of the last menstruation to the first day of the upcoming one and ranges from 28 to 30 days. Accordingly, we choose the middle for conception - three days, two of which will definitely be the dates of ovulation. The rest of the days before and after it are considered "useless", but still there were many cases when pregnancy occurred precisely in those periods, so using the calendar for "safety" is not recommended.

Calendar will help plan the baby's gender. As a rule, girls are born after intimacy, which occurred a couple of days before ovulation. Male cells during this period are already less active and remain the most hardy and strong, which guarantees the female sex. If sexual intercourse occurred on the days of ovulation, then there will be a boy, because the egg will be fertilized not by the most hardy, but by the most active.

find out due date of conception


How to find out the exact date of conception if you have an irregular cycle and you are at a loss? A convenient, relatively new development will help - an electronic test. How to find out the date of conception of a child using this device? Using it is extremely simple, just like a regular test, which indicates only stripes. The electronic test will indicate an approximate, but still quite truthful period, just subtract the number of days, and a more accurate conception date will be determined. Look at the cycle in your calendar, "try on" itdate calculated using the test and adjust the calculation by shifting the number to the day of ovulation.

find the date of conception by menstruation


It is rather difficult to find out the date of conception by ultrasound, since this procedure is only necessary to confirm the obstetric "verdict". You still don't care that the day of conception will be set to the day your last period started.

It's easy to find out the due date by the date of conception. Setting the date of birth is much more difficult, it is calculated based on many factors. This is an obstetric assumption of the day of conception, forty weeks are counted from it. The baby can be born on the 37th, and on the 42nd, and on the 28th week. An ultrasound will also not indicate the reliable timing of childbirth, only the period in which the baby is supposed to be born. The weight of the fetus, the first movement and many other factors are also taken into account.

Can I find out the date of conception by the date of birth?

When the baby has already been born, you can find out, again, the estimated date of conception. Why is it necessary? Many people want to know this just for the sake of curiosity, but for some it helps in determining paternity.

So, remove a week from the date of birth, add three months. Add two weeks to the result. This will be the estimated date of conception, and you will be able to verify the correctness of your belief about the father or refute it.

So, we got acquainted with the methods of how to find out the date of conception. Is it possible to determine the gender of the unborn baby from it? How to plan for the birth of a son ordaughters, focusing on the days of ovulation?

how to find out the date of conception of a child

How to find out the gender?

On the Internet, on the advice of friends and relatives, many couples want to know the sex of the child. By the date of conception, by blood type, by the postures used - there are no methods! To trust them or not is a purely personal matter, but you can still try. It is easier to find out the sex of the child by the date of conception; for this, tables were created by the sages of the East. Some of them, such as the Chinese one, are more than seven centuries old and are kept in museums. You don't need to go to Beijing to look at this sign, we bring it to your attention in this publication.

How to find out the sex of a child by the date of conception: a table from China

This plate will help you plan your baby's gender or determine it before an ultrasound. The top numbers - the month of conception, going from top to bottom - the age of the expectant mother. Letters at the intersection - the value of the floor. To use the table correctly, you need to add nine months to your age, because the Chinese consider it not from birth, but from the month of conception.

table to find out the sex of the child by the date of conception

How to find out the date of conception, we already wrote, it is not a specific day that is important here, but the month in which ovulation took place and fertilization occurred. Accordingly, in order to know in advance who will be born, to plan it, this table will help, because you can never be one hundred percent sure that conception has occurred or will occur on a specific day.

Possible table errors

Many couples plan everything and pregnancy is notis an exception. It is important for parents that the baby is born in summer or winter, and therefore they choose the date of his conception themselves. It doesn’t matter to many whether it will be a son or a daughter, but still there are people who intend to give birth to a baby of a certain gender. This may be due to the fact that there are already three sons, and I want to finally braid my daughter's pigtails and buy her elegant dresses. You cannot trust the table one hundred percent, and now we will tell you why.

It's easy to find out gender by date of conception with a table if your ovulation occurs in the middle of the month or at the end. If it happens in the first days of the month, then there can be a huge difference. As we already wrote, male reproductive cells are able to live in the female uterus for up to several days. If sexual intercourse occurred in the last days of the month, and not in the first, then there is a high probability that fertilization will occur in the next month.

More accurate information about the sex of the baby, parents can find out by the results of ultrasound, but this study can sometimes give incorrect information.

find the date of conception by date of birth

Grandma's gender recognition method

People of the older generation can determine the sex of an unborn baby just by looking at the mother. They say that girls take beauty away, and boys add it! If you have pimples, the contours of your face are blurred, then most likely you will give birth to a daughter. If the skin has become he althier in appearance, acne has disappeared, the contours of the face have become clearer, then wait for your son!

You can also look at the tummy. In stretched forward, evenboys live in their bellies. If you look at the expectant mother from the back, then the pregnancy will be invisible, as the whole belly leaned forward. Girls distribute the tummy on the sides, it does not protrude much forward, but spreads well on the sides!

You can still follow your desires. Boys are less whimsical, and you will not want to taste fresh watermelon in the middle of winter, and even at night. This is for an example. If you notice that there is a need to eat something that you usually did not eat, you can assume that you are expecting a daughter.

We hope that this publication will not only be interesting, but also useful. We wish you and your little ones great he alth, and this is more important than gender!

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