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The most effective colic remedies for newborns

The most effective colic remedies for newborns
The most effective colic remedies for newborns

Colic in newborns is becoming a real nightmare for new parents. The baby cries, worries, does not sleep at night, may even refuse to eat. Of course, every mom and every dad will try to find a drug that helps newborns with colic and stops their torment. And often you have to try all the medicines to determine which one is right for the baby.

colic remedies for newborns

Newborn Colic Remedies: Dill Water

This remedy can be purchased at any pharmacy or prepared by yourself at home. By the way, you will need not dill seeds, but fennel seeds - its anti-colic effect is much stronger. To prepare such water, pour 1 tsp. raw materials with boiling water and sweat in a water bath for about 20 minutes. Leave the decoction for an hour. Strain the remedy. Give the baby dill water three times a day before meals. Volume - 1 tsp Can be added to breast milk or formula bottle. If we talk about a drug that is sold in pharmacy chains, then it costs about 50rubles.

Remedies for colic for newborns: the drug "Bobotik"

This medicine comes in the form of drops with a pleasant fruity aroma and cream color. The active substance is simethicone. Please note that this drug can only be used from the 28th day of the baby's life, that is, when it is no longer actually considered a newborn. You can give the remedy to the child a maximum of 4 times a day. Dosage - 8 drops. The effect of the drug is usually noted after 20 minutes from the moment of administration. Remember to shake the bottle before use. The average cost of the drug "Bobotik" is 180 rubles (30 ml).

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Remedies for colic for newborns: the drug "Sub Simplex"

This medicine is also made on the basis of simethicone. Unlike the previous one, this drug can be given to an infant from birth. Dosage - 15 drops, which is 0.6 ml. The liquid can be mixed with formula or mother's milk. In this case, the remedy comes to the baby directly during feeding. It is also allowed to take the drug 3-5 minutes before meals. As a rule, the effect of the drug is observed only after a few hours. The price of the drug "Sub Simplex" averages 190 rubles (bottle 30 ml).

what can a newborn for colic

Remedies for colic for newborns: the drug "Espumizan"

Another medicine whose active ingredient is simethicone. It is distinguished from previous preparations by the fact that the main component is presentin it in a much lower concentration, therefore, much more is spent on one dose of the drug. From this we can conclude that this medication cannot be called economical. If we also take into account its considerable cost (about 300 rubles per 100 ml bottle), then it is worth considering the advisability of its use. However, there are parents who claim that their kids, except for the drug "Espumizan", did not help any remedy.

Now about its application. Complete with the medicine, there is always a measuring spoon in which 5 ml of the emulsion is placed. It is worth noting that it is possible to give a newborn from colic medication "Espumizan", because its use is allowed from the first days of a baby's life. Shake the vial thoroughly before measuring the required amount of medicine. Babies should be given 1 scoop, which is 5 ml, 3 to 5 times a day during or after feedings.

May your little ones be he althy!

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