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When to go to the doctor during pregnancy: timing, need for examination, paperwork and prevention of possible complications
When to go to the doctor during pregnancy: timing, need for examination, paperwork and prevention of possible complications

If a woman is pregnant for the first time, when should she go to the doctor? To which one. What documents need to be prepared? It is unlikely that all this can be known, because even those who give birth a second time are confused and forget something. In this article, we will provide all the answers to the most important questions. You will find out at what stage of pregnancy to go to the doctor, which specialists you will need to go through, why all this is needed. You can also see the list of documents for registration in the hospital, learn how to register without a residence permit, when to receive maternity leave.

Which doctor to go to when planning a pregnancy

which doctor to visit during pregnancy

First you need to go to the gynecologist or to the gynecologist-endocrinologist if there are problems with the menstrual cycle. The doctor will prescribe consultations with other specialists, as well as a complete examination in order to have an idea ofpregnancy opportunities and risks.

Next, the doctor will give recommendations on diet, lifestyle, help determine the ideal time for conception - ovulation.

Which doctor to go to during pregnancy

Every woman knows that at the first signs of pregnancy, you need to come to the gynecologist. The doctor will determine for sure whether there is a pregnancy at all, because tests are sometimes wrong. In addition, the gynecologist will set an approximate date, appoint an examination and register the future woman in labor.

At what stage of pregnancy should I go to the doctor? It is up to the woman herself to decide this, but it is advisable to contact the clinic in the first weeks of pregnancy, and not delay the visit to the doctor until the very birth. The specialist will need to read the woman's medical record to know about her chronic diseases and to have an idea of ​​the possible risks. Next, a swab will be taken to identify possible infections, so that if they are present, treatment can begin.

If you are wondering which week of pregnancy to go to the doctor for registration, then try to do it without postponing to a later date. The fact is that the doctor will take measurements of the abdomen, hips, and note the weight. All these parameters will be observed further, they can be used to notice deviations during pregnancy, if any.

Why register for pregnancy

pregnancy when to go to the doctor for the first time

If a woman registers, she will receive free medical care for all nine months. Future mother will be freeexamine and treat in a hospital if any abnormalities and problems occur.

For admission to the maternity hospital, a woman in labor will need special documents - a birth certificate and an exchange card, which represents the entire history of pregnancy. It indicates periodic measurements of height, weight, volumes, pressure, the condition of a woman. In the same card, the doctor notes all directions for tests and the results of them. That is, getting to the hospital, a woman provides the doctor with all the information about the course of her pregnancy.

It is worth noting that according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, every citizen can receive medical care, including pregnant women who are not registered. But, being observed by doctors, the expectant mother reduces the risks of any complications, all deviations in the initial stages are determined by examinations.

At work, a pregnant woman will have to be provided with easier and more comfortable working conditions. To transfer an employee to light work, an employer will need a certificate from a gynecologist. Also, documents from the antenatal clinic will be required to apply for maternity leave and receive cash benefits.

The answer to the question of when to go to the doctor during pregnancy is quite understandable - almost immediately after the woman found out about her interesting situation. An employer cannot force a pregnant employee to work on weekends and after hours. If you want the pregnancy to go smoothly, without deviations, then you will need to rest more, and at work, only a certificate confirming the pregnancy will give this opportunity.

Where to register

what week of pregnancy to go to the doctor

When to go to the doctor during pregnancy, only the expectant mother decides. The legislation states that a woman has the right to choose where to register. That is, everyone can choose the clinic where she will be more comfortable, whose doctors she trusts. You can be observed during pregnancy in the following institutions:

  1. Women's clinic is the standard facility for monitoring pregnancy.
  2. Perinatal center - additional opportunities are provided here: new equipment, additionally equipped wards. In such centers, women with a difficult course of pregnancy are observed. In some of these institutions, there are conditions not only for monitoring the expectant mother and the development of pregnancy, but also for delivering.
  3. Private clinic is a fully paid institution. You will have to pay for all planned tests, for treatment in a hospital. A private clinic does not issue important documents, including a birth certificate, you will need to register separately at the maternity hospital.
  4. Management of pregnancy at the maternity hospital. There are also such institutions. Benefits: prenatal and postnatal care by one institution.

Documents for registration

first examination during pregnancy

To register at the clinic, you will need the following documents:

  • Passport.
  • SNILS.
  • CMI policy.

Please bring the following items to your doctor's appointment:

  • Diaper - for examination on the chair (some medical facilities provide disposable diapers).
  • Shoe covers - so as not to take off your shoes at the entrance to the sterile room.
  • It is advisable to have a notebook and a pen to write down the doctor's recommendations (in the same notebook write down all the recommendations during pregnancy, this will come in handy).
  • Some clinics require you to bring a gynecological kit, including a diaper, sterile gloves, a disposable mirror, a smear brush.

The clinic is compiling two name cards:

  1. Personal sheet of the woman in labor, where the doctor will record all measurements and changes during the examination.
  2. An exchange card is the most important document that will need to be provided at the maternity hospital.

The card and sheet are kept by the gynecologist. The exchange card will be handed over to the pregnant woman at 21 weeks.

Is it possible to register for pregnancy without a residence permit

how early in pregnancy should i go to the doctor

Being in another city without a residence permit, you can register there for pregnancy. The main thing is to have a compulsory medical insurance policy, according to which all citizens anywhere in the country can receive free medical care.

Without changing the place of residence, you can change the medical center once. If you are moving, you can change the center according to the number of moves.

If you live in a small town where you are not satisfied with medical care, you can register in any city of your choice without having a residence permit.

Whatquestions are asked by the doctor at the first appointment

When to go to the doctor during pregnancy for the first time, we figured it out. It is also clear which specialist you need to make an appointment with. The doctor will ask you some questions. He will be interested in the following information:

  • Questions regarding your period: frequency, irregularities, pain, etc., last cycle date.
  • Have you had other pregnancies, abortions, premature births, miscarriages.
  • Planned pregnancy.
  • Bad habits.
  • Number of sexual partners.
  • Blood type and Rh of the father of the child, his state of he alth, bad habits.
  • Married or not.
  • he alth of parents, grandparents of the future mother and future father: the presence of mental disorders, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and so on.

You need to answer honestly, because the answers largely determine what additional tests the doctor can prescribe, what measures he will take so that this pregnancy of yours ends safely.

What other specialists will need to pass

which doctor to go to when planning a pregnancy

To find out if a woman can bear a child without he alth problems and give birth naturally, the gynecologist will routinely send the patient to undergo several more specialists:

  • Endocrinologist.
  • Oculist.
  • LARA.
  • Therapist at the antenatal clinic.
  • Dentist.

What tests to take

firstpregnancy when to go to the doctor

You will also need to pass a series of tests:

  • Smear for cytology.
  • Blood to determine the Rh factor.
  • Urine for protein and bacteria.
  • Test for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B.
  • Analysis for the detection of antibodies in the blood - this study is especially important for women with a negative Rh in the first blood group.

The father of the future baby will also have to take a general blood test. Further, he, and everyone who will often communicate with the baby, will need to undergo a fluorography. The results are entered into the exchange card of the future woman in labor.

First examination

at what stage of pregnancy to go to the doctor

When to go to the doctor during pregnancy? The terms are not marked by legislation, but experts recommend registering before the eleventh week so that a more accurate first examination can be carried out - screening. It will be necessary to undergo an ultrasound scan, pass tests for biochemistry.

The first screening is a mandatory examination that helps to identify pathologies of pregnancy, pathologies in the development of the baby in the early stages.

Repeated tests will be prescribed by the doctor for certain dates. Additional studies will be ordered if various pathologies were identified during the first screening.

How to get maternity leave

A certificate of incapacity for work for the employer will be issued by the doctor who sees the patient:

  1. If the pregnancy proceeds normally, then the certificate is given from 30 weeks to 140 days.
  2. With a complex or multiple pregnancy, a woman will go tovacation from week 28 to 180 days.
  3. If complications occur during childbirth, then 16 more days will be added to the main leave.

We told you when to go to the doctor during pregnancy. The article also contains all the necessary information that will help expectant mothers avoid difficulties both when registering and when applying for maternity leave.

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