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Why can't men celebrate 40? If you really want to, then how to celebrate 40 years for a man?

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Why can't men celebrate 40? If you really want to, then how to celebrate 40 years for a man?
Why can't men celebrate 40? If you really want to, then how to celebrate 40 years for a man?

We live in a wonderful world that is full of various traditions and superstitions. Some we like, others - on the contrary, we would like to forget about the third and never remember. Perhaps the most incomprehensible superstition, which many would be happy to refuse, is that it is impossible to celebrate the fortieth anniversary, in particular, representatives of the strong half of humanity. Almost every man who approaches this mark in his life is tormented by various fears and doubts. After all, no one knows what will happen next, what to expect and be afraid of, whether you should visit a doctor more often and monitor your he alth, or you can continue to lead the same way of life. So why shouldn't men be celebrating 40?

why men shouldn't celebrate 40


It is likely that this superstition is rooted in the distant past. If we recall the history course for the fifth or sixth grade, then an interesting fact pops up in memory that our distant ancestors were not particularly famous for theirlongevity. At the age of forty, a person was considered to have already reached old age. The body, and he alth in general, was no longer the same as before. Gradually, teeth began to fall out, hair turned gray. Immediately, various diseases appeared immediately, with which immunity alone could no longer cope. Since that ancient time, there has been a belief that the Guardian Angel leaves a person without protection precisely at the age of 40. Birthdays are celebrated only by those who are not afraid to "say hello" to approaching death.

is it possible to celebrate 40 years

Why this mysterious number

Really, why her? The question of whether it is possible to celebrate 40 years is of concern to a huge number of people, and especially the stronger sex. The most interesting thing is that no one even really knows where the ban on this wonderful anniversary came from. Most likely, the whole point is that the number is sacred in many cultures. It is mentioned in all the key moments associated with torment, trials, death. For example, the Great Flood lasted exactly forty days. Jesus spent the same number of days in the wilderness after his baptism. For forty years Moses wandered in the wilderness with his people.

There are also examples from ancient Slavic culture. In it, a lot of different rites related to life and death were associated with the number "forty".

There is a version that in Eastern magic associated with Tarot cards, the number "four" means death. And according to the laws of numerology, 4 and 40 are one and the same. In addition, in the Tarot cards "Death" has a letterthe designation "M", and this letter of the Hebrew alphabet corresponds to our cherished figure.

There is also a story that does not relate entirely to religion and mythology, but to our daily life. Most likely, many have heard the story of why men should not celebrate 40 years using the example of one astronaut who went into space the day after his anniversary. But, unfortunately, some problems arose during the launch, and the ship crashed.

do they celebrate 40 years


So why shouldn't men celebrate 40? It would seem that the moral is very simple, as in all children's horror stories about a little boy - everything ends in sudden death. Over time, a simple lethal outcome was not as fast as expected, and after that it was completely overgrown with various details. Like, if the birthday boy does not die in the near future, then some terrible disease will overtake him later, and he will definitely not see fifty. And then they began to slander the relatives at all that they would bear responsibility for him. Alas, the validity of these statements can be doubted, because there is no evidence. Although from various sources you can hear the horrors of a difficult life and colorful stories about those who celebrated their birthday and what happened to them.

What does the church think about it

With many disturbing questions, people turn to the Lord. It is not strange that not a single man came to church for advice on whether it is possible to celebrate 40 years, because they rarely go there anyway. The modern church considers this superstition, as do mostothers, complete nonsense and nonsense, heresy. Priests can only support the unwillingness of a person to celebrate the 33rd birthday, because that's exactly what Jesus had on the day of his crucifixion. In this case, at least there is a reason to refuse the holiday. And even then it is not a mandatory procedure. They strongly urge to cast aside all fears and doubts about the fact that a holiday on a birthday can invite serious trouble.

40th birthday is celebrated

Psychologists' opinion

Not many people are satisfied with information coming from only one source. Despite the opinion of the church, it was decided to find out the opinion of psychologists, do they celebrate 40 years or not? And also what advice do they give to their clients regarding this issue. On this account, they answer quite simply, they say, this is an individual matter. It all depends on the birthday person, because everyone has long known the truth that like attracts like, if you tune in a bad mood, you should not expect anything good.


Do men celebrate 40?

Agree, not every person can calmly survive the loss of one holiday a year. And anyway, this is why men can not celebrate 40 years? Who will forbid them? The soul demands a holiday, and the mind whispers, they say, think about it, do you need it, maybe it’s better to wait it out? For such situations, the natives of our people found the following loopholes:

  • To celebrate the holiday date of forty years and one day, which is in no way connected with the ill-fated anniversary.
  • Not to celebrate at all, but to commemorate the outgoing, thirty-ninth year, andhappy to move on in life.
  • Celebrate only at home, where, as they say, the walls help. And only in the family circle, when no one can wish anything bad to the hero of the day.
  • On the day of the celebration, call all relatives and friends, do not voice the occasion, because they already know what this date is. At the same time, arrange the atmosphere of a completely different holiday. The best option would be to make yourself another New Year: such an idea will undoubtedly please your guests and will be remembered for many years.

How to celebrate 40 years for a man

how to celebrate 40 years for a man

If the hero of the occasion does not believe in all sorts of signs, then the holiday can be safely celebrated. How to do this is the choice of each person personally, but still it would not be worth making a noisy and grandiose drinking party out of this anniversary. Still, not everyone is such an unbeliever, and no, no, but someone remembers this superstition, which will spoil the mood at best.

The best option for celebrating such an anniversary would be a feast with the closest friends and family, people who know each other and among whom there will be no conflict situations.

If the above arguments did not help answer the question of whether men celebrate 40 years, then it is better to do without the holiday. The main thing is to remember the basic rule that all superstitions work only if you strongly believe in them. After all, the power of thought and the gift of self-persuasion do incredible things.

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