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Why do you want meat during pregnancy? What is missing in the body?

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Why do you want meat during pregnancy? What is missing in the body?
Why do you want meat during pregnancy? What is missing in the body?

Every woman has certain needs during pregnancy. And the husbands of such wives know firsthand what it's like to run around in the cold winter in search of fresh strawberries, juicy watermelons or peaches. Some ladies dream of smelling gasoline or paint. It turns out that craving for a certain product means only one thing - a lack of vitamins or trace elements.

why do you want meat

Eating habits of pregnant women

If a pregnant woman wants something special, no one is surprised. Some passionately desire to get immediately strawberries on a cold winter day, others want to eat herring with ketchup or milk, and some for some reason want raw meat. It's much easier to find certain foods now than it was 20 years ago. In January, you can easily find strawberries, and even herring is sold in any store, what can we say about a piece of meat.

But the unusual combination of foods that a pregnant woman dreams about sometimes just amazes people. Why do food oddities occur? Why do you wantmeat during pregnancy? And most importantly, what is the reason for such strong traction?

Causes of "pregnant" vagaries

Why do you always crave meat?

With the onset of pregnancy, the female body is rebuilt. At the very beginning, a pregnant woman suffers from a gag reflex and nausea, and scientists associate these manifestations with the emergence of food cravings.

Experts say that the female body intensifies its work for the benefit of the fetus. That is why it gives signals to the brain that indicate certain needs. Doctors note the special effect of progesterone, which is the initiator of the inclusion of a "search engine". Your attending physician will be able to answer the question why you constantly want meat.

Sometimes food oddity can harm the he alth of the unborn child and the mother herself.

Why meat?

As mentioned above, any preference for a pregnant woman is due to the action of a hormone called progesterone. Its amount increases significantly after fertilization, it works like an antivirus that reads information and sends signals about the need to the brain. Thus, progesterone helps the body get the missing trace element or vitamin.

Why do you crave meat during pregnancy?

No need to worry about the emergence of a certain need and find out, for example, why you want meat. Doctors say that this product is simply necessary for pregnant women, because it saturates the body with protein and calcium, which the child needs so much. Eacha woman in an interesting position should think about both herself and her future baby.

Benefits of protein foods

Now it is appropriate to explain what the benefits of meat are. It is worth considering each type of this product separately, highlighting its advantages.

Thanks to meat products, the work of taste buds, the stomach and pancreas is activated, and appetite also increases. Meat is a product that contains large amounts of B vitamins that prevent stress. These vitamins contribute to the normalization of the metabolic process, help break down fats in the liver, strengthen hair follicles, give hair shine and radiance.

Why do pregnant women crave meat?

In order for the pregnancy to be asymptomatic and easy, it is necessary to use this particular group of vitamins. In addition, meat is endowed with a large amount of phosphorus, calcium, sodium, sulfur, potassium, chloride and magnesium.

The influence of meat on the child and the expectant mother

If a pregnant woman wants meat, why not eat it? The most popular type is chicken meat. It contains the most protein, linoleic acid, and B vitamins. These microelements enhance immunity, normalize the functioning of the heart and stomach, and regulate blood cholesterol levels.

Duck meat and turkey are considered diet foods. They have a positive effect on the functioning of the brain, skin. These products contain a special acid that destroys cancer cells. The undoubted advantage is that when preparing suchmeat, you can not use s alt, because the sodium in the composition gives sourness.

why do you want raw meat

Why do you want pork meat? It's quite simple, because it contains a phenomenal amount of vitamin B, iron and protein, which the body requires. But it is worth noting that this product is absorbed longer than the others.

But lamb is easy to digest, which is rich in iodine, magnesium and iron. The body of a pregnant woman receives a double dose of these trace elements from one piece of lamb. In addition, lecithin lowers cholesterol levels, and lamb meat is rich in this substance. Why do pregnant women want lamb meat? The answer is simple: the body lacks iron.

How to cook?

Doctors and nutritionists agree that it is advisable to eat lean and fresh meat during pregnancy. You should not purchase and even more so cook a frozen product. Meat is best boiled, baked and stewed with vegetables.

It is worth noting that it is better to eat meat without broth, as the liquid absorbs harmful substances during cooking. It is also undesirable to eat fried meat, it can cause heartburn.

If you always want meat, why not just boil it. You can cook soup, but only when getting rid of the primary broth. It is enough to drain it after boiling. You also need to remember that meat can be infected, so proper heat treatment, exposure to high temperatures and long cooking are important. And this applies to any kind of product presented.

Why alltime for meat

Why do you crave raw meat?

The cravings of pregnant women can be very unusual. Why do you want raw meat at this time? Here everything is clear as daylight - there is not enough iron in the body. Iron deficiency anemia occurs. Quite often there are cases of lack of hemoglobin in pregnant women - every third woman suffers from anemia in the second trimester. Hemoglobin is needed for the normal development of the fetus, and if it is not enough, then the reserves are depleted, which are quickly depleted.

Anemia is the result of oxygen starvation, hormonal imbalance, which is typical for residents of large metropolitan areas with a long stay of a pregnant woman in a closed, unventilated room. Often doctors have to deal with situations when a woman in position dreams of chalk, coal, whitewash or raw dough - these are obvious causes of the same anemia. With a lack of iron, the body perverts taste preferences. That's why you crave meat so much. Even raw.

Even experts still cannot understand why pregnant women want raw meat, how there is an indomitable desire to taste a piece of raw pork or minced meat. They only claim that in this way the body is trying to make up for the lack of iron, which is rich in raw meat. This is a subconscious reaction of the brain.

And of course, you can not use this product in its raw form, especially when it comes to a pregnant woman. And the increased content of iron is not the reason for this action.

What if there is no meatwant

why you don't crave meat during pregnancy

Ladies in an "interesting position" need to eat the right and he althy food for the well-being and he alth of the baby. But what about vegetarians? Why don't you want meat during pregnancy? These women can't even stand the sight of him, let alone the taste.

Meat can be easily replaced with foods such as eggs, fish, cottage cheese and milk. It is enough to eat legumes, nuts, buckwheat and pomegranate juice daily to make up for the lack of iron and protein. For the fetus, a stressful situation is when his mother, being an avid vegetarian, begins to consume meat immensely, which she had not even touched before. And here you should not listen to the recommendations of your beloved relatives, who claim that meat is simply a necessary and indispensable product during pregnancy, that the he alth of the baby depends on it.

If you are a vegetarian and wonder why other pregnant women crave meat, tell your doctor this detail. A competent specialist will not threaten and intimidate you, he will only help you choose the diet that is right for you. And if you doubt the competence of a doctor, feel free to replace him with another one.

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