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Why men don't want to get married, or the whole truth about men

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Why men don't want to get married, or the whole truth about men
Why men don't want to get married, or the whole truth about men

Millions of women try on hundreds of outfits, re-read tons of fashion magazines, change their hair and makeup every day - all in order to get married. Despite their best efforts, a marriage proposal does not follow. Why don't men want to get married? In the article you will find the answer to this question. You will also find out what men dream about and who they marry. We hope this helps you.

What do men dream about?
What do men dream about?

Why don't men want to get married?

1. Afraid of losing freedom

A free man can do whatever he wants: drink beer with friends, change women, go to discos. Marriage will bind, there will be certain obligations to your family.

2. No own housing

A real man does not want to stay with his parents and will try to do everything in order to live separately. There should be one master in the family, and young people should build their lives without outside interference.

3. Not enough money

Why men don't want to get married inyoung age? Yes, because they cannot even provide for themselves, especially their family. It will take years to become we althy.

Why men don't want to get married
Why men don't want to get married

4. Bachelor friendsIf a man is used to being in the company of friends who have not yet found their mate, and is afraid of becoming a black sheep or losing his former relationship with his friends, a woman can either wait or look for a replacement.

5. Fear of responsibilityA married man is responsible for his wife and children. Not everyone wants to shoulder it.

6. Fear of having childrenMen are afraid that a woman will devote herself completely to a child, will love him more and pay all attention only to the baby.

Who do men marry
Who do men marry

7. Fear of rejection

There are men who simply cannot bear even one rejection in life. And if this has already happened, then they will try to avoid a repetition.

8. Young age

Every young guy has certain plans for at least the next five years: rest, study, career. Marriage is not included.

9. Have a previous bad experience

Usually those people who have already been married are in no hurry to repeat past mistakes. Enough time must pass before a man wants to remarry.

10. Bad upbringing

Those men who obey their mothers in everything will not be able to take care of someone else. They are used to being constantly patronized, and they are the main persons.

11. Can't be with one woman

Men who need a new girlfriend every day will never make good husbands. They are attentive and gentle, but only for one evening, and then they simply evaporate, leaving bitter memories.

What do men dream of?

In their dreams, they want to find a beautiful, affectionate, soft, dependent and passive girl who will make them feel strong and omnipotent.

Who do men marry?

They marry girls who are very hard to get. With those who have spent a lot of nerves, emotions and money. Many people want a girl to look like their mother.

We hope you got the answer to the question of why men do not want to get married. You are required to draw a conclusion from what you read. Love yourself and everything will work out!

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