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Spray paint for fabric: how to bring old things back to life

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Spray paint for fabric: how to bring old things back to life
Spray paint for fabric: how to bring old things back to life

Over time, after long wear and washing, clothes become dull, unattractive. It is possible that stains have appeared on the fabric that cannot be washed off, but the thing is still good. In this case, we can bring it back to life using indelible fabric paint, repainting the item completely or applying some kind of pattern to certain areas. You just need to choose a quality tool and use your imagination.

Which fabric can be dyed

Synthetic clothing does not lend itself well to dyeing, so it is best to take it to a dry cleaner, where professionals will do it. Although, if you don’t mind, you can experiment at home. Polyester repels ink, the color is pale and washes off very quickly.

For nylon material, it is better to use chemical powder paint. The color will be bright and even. At home, using fabric spray paint, cotton, linen, silk, and wool are best dyed. The texture is supple, it absorbs coloring pigments well. But for PVC fabric, which is often used for outdoor advertising, they usespecial acrylic dyes and fixing varnish.

new design


In construction and hardware stores, you can easily find the right paint for the material. They are produced in several variants:

  • powder;
  • paste;
  • aerosol;
  • crystals.

Water-based paints and outline are also sold for professional artists. They can be used for wet and dry painting without boiling. The design, applied with a brush or spray, is fixed with a hot iron from the wrong side.

Spray paint for fabric in cans contains acrylic, which allows it to be applied evenly. This paint is non-toxic to humans.


Acrylic color for fabrics is considered one of the best materials. Drawings are durable, bright and are not washed off. Therefore, they can be used to decorate everyday wardrobe items such as jeans, T-shirts, bags and even shoes.

The structure of the material allows the pigments to be deeply absorbed into the fibers and firmly fixed inside. Permanent fabric dye will adhere better to natural fabrics.

paint application methods

Preparing clothes

Before dyeing, the fabric needs to be prepared:

  • The item of clothing that we want to update must be washed using only washing powder and rinsed well.
  • Dry and iron the fabric as needed.
  • Stretch the fabric onto a board or piece of cardboard. It preventdye getting on the other side of the clothes.
  • Straighten the area to be painted to avoid creases. You can stab it with a pin or a sewing needle.

Apply the pigment to the material according to the instructions on the label. This could be a brush, a bottle cap, or fabric spray paint.

brush painting


If you're not good at drawing, there are a few tricks you can use. First, draw the outline of the image on the material with a simple white or black pencil. The main thing is that these marks are not noticeable after staining. You can also use template blanks by applying them to clothes. We fill the inside of the pattern with paint, or we pigment the areas outside the future pattern with Marabu Textil Design aerosol.

In order to slightly smudge the transitions when using several colors, it is recommended to pre-moisten the canvas with water using a spray bottle. If the shades are very washed out, dry the surface of the clothes with a hairdryer. On the paint that has not yet dried, you can apply jewelry in the form of beads and rhinestones. We lay them out in the desired sequence and leave to dry, or glue the sparkles on a special glue.

paint in cans

Use of aerosols

Acrylic paints in cans are especially popular. The drawing lays down evenly, dries quickly and is not washed off if the fabric is washed at a temperature of 30 degrees. Before starting the staining process, shake the color well for several minutes. Spray paint for fabricsimplifies the drawing process, especially for those who are not good at it, since it can be applied at any angle: horizontally or vertically.

When applying a stencil to a T-shirt, it is desirable to stretch it a little, when worn, the pattern will look natural and not crack. To make the color saturated, apply it in three layers with fifteen-minute intervals. When using black spray paint for fabric, one coat is enough. The resulting image is left to dry for several hours.

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