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Ghost mask is a great solution for costume events

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Ghost mask is a great solution for costume events
Ghost mask is a great solution for costume events

Ghost mask is a ghost mask. The English word "ghost" translated into Russian means - "spirit", "ghost". She gained immense popularity among young people thanks to computer games and movies. Her stunning, unusual, frightening appearance made her in demand at all kinds of costume parties. The Ghost mask is widely used on All Saints' Day - Halloween. In addition, scary masks have been used before to play a trick on friends, scare a little, drive adrenaline through the blood. It has always made parties or other youth get-togethers more varied and interesting.

where to buy ghost mask

Where to buy a Ghost mask?

You can buy it not only in the usual trading network, but also on the Internet. Online stores offer a wide range of such masks made from different materials. You will be surprised by the huge variety of design solutions, images embodied in such a product. The Ghost mask can be made from paper, cloth, rubber, and other materials. The pattern is applied either with paints, or created using multi-colored threads or glued onto the surface of the product. Anything can be used, the main thing is that in the end it produces the desired effect and is convenientwas located on the head of a person.

How to make a Ghost mask?

For those who do not have free funds to purchase such a product, we will give step-by-step instructions for creating it with your own hands.


To make a mask we need:

how to make a ghost mask

- several packs of plasticine;

- large size plastic bottle;

- white paper and newspapers;

- PVA (glue);

- piece of gauze - 30x30cm;

- acrylic primer - white;

- paints;

- brushes.


Determining the shape and design of the mask. You can come up with your own or take an idea from any source. Making a drawing or printing a picture.

Cut off the top of the previously prepared five-liter bottle and put the pattern on its wall. Using its display on the outside of the bottle, we sculpt the basis of the future mask from plasticine.

Form a papier-mâché mask. Plasticine base can be removed or left on the bottle.

Tear the newspaper into narrow strips. Wet gauze with water and put on a plasticine base. We level. We wet pieces of newspaper and put on cheesecloth.

We glue several layers of newspapers, 3-4 will be enough. We make the top one from white paper, which we smear with glue on top. Dry for a few days.

Try on the dried mask to the face and remove the excess. Cover the edges with white paper. Dry.

Primed with acrylic. We dry. Coloring. The Ghost mask is ready.

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