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Action plan for the Day of the Elderly on October 1

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Action plan for the Day of the Elderly on October 1
Action plan for the Day of the Elderly on October 1

When was the last time you took grandma across the road? Do you help older people use modern devices in public places? Do you give up your seat on public transport? The younger generation often forgets about cultural norms and respect for older comrades. But it was they who did a lot to ensure that our life became what it is now.

Fortunately, the state remembers these people! Every year on October 1, they celebrate their "professional" holiday. In all cities, local leaders are creating an action plan for the day of the elderly.

What should this event be like?

Organization of holidays is a very delicate and creative process. Creating an action plan for the day of the elderly is not easy. The Fall Main Event must meet the following criteria:

action plan for the day of the elderly
  • Sincerity. Retirees are old people. Their "Stalinist hardening" will quickly allowreveal lies and falsehood. Promises about increasing pensions and lowering payments for utilities should not be said.
  • Soulfulness. The plan of events dedicated to the International Day of Older Persons should be thought out by the closest people. Our grandparents raised children, grandchildren, did not sleep at night, combining work with household and family life. For all these efforts, they received a lonely old age. Simple communication among close friends is what they need on any holiday.
  • Entertainment program. How many pensioners allow themselves to go to a large-scale event? For most of them, their interests are reduced to going to a clinic, a store or an entrance to a bench. The task of active organizers is to create maximum leisure time that meets the interests of the elderly.

What is a holiday? This is the moment that people have been waiting for for several days and even months. Will a person have a good mood if he is disappointed? To prevent this from happening, the event plan for the day of the elderly must be thought out thoroughly!

Preparing for this event

An action plan dedicated to the day of the elderly is being developed in all schools. The main goal of the training is to instill in children respect for the older generation, to form spirituality and patriotic feelings in them.

action plan for international day of older persons

High school students draw up wall newspapers with the best wishes for the elderly. They learn poetry, dance performances and songs. Theirthey demonstrate their creative abilities at concerts in local cultural centers.

Primary students have difficulty understanding the meaning of this event. Preliminary, class hours are organized for them, at which they, together with teachers, talk about what good deeds should be done for their grandparents.

At labor lessons, children are actively preparing souvenirs for their loved ones.

Scenario of the holiday concert

By the first autumn day, the organizers of entertainment establishments should already have a clear plan for holding an event for the day of the elderly. As soon as the heroes of the occasion entered the hall and sat down in their seats, the host should enter the stage and say a congratulatory speech.

action plan for the day of the elderly

"Have a wonderful time of day. On this day, we honor people with great life experience and immense baggage of wisdom. All of you have achieved success: you have a good work experience, families, a house, an apartment, a land plot. In general, they did a great job! Today we want you to relax in this cozy room. We hope you enjoy our holiday program!”.

After this speech, the celebratory concert should begin. By default, it is divided into several parts.

  • Musical moment. The best creative teams of different ages perform on stage. It is recommended to select a repertoire of compositions that was relevant during the youth of pensioners. Many of them have a negative attitude towards modern music or do not understand it.
  • Information minute. It is recommended to give the audience a short presentation. It should contain slides with data on the history of the creation of this holiday, the main goals and traditions. It is advisable to use semantic pictures, tables and graphs, they are better perceived.
  • Congratulatory speech. Schoolchildren and students congratulate those to whom this day is dedicated in verse or prose.
  • Slight pause. The middle of the concert is the time when the audience needs to be cheered up. You can come up with simple riddles and tasks.
  • Dance part. Creative groups perform on stage with their productions.

Each separate component of the plan for the international day of the elderly should not last more than 20 minutes. Otherwise, the evening will be tiring. You can diversify it with performances of the original genre: shows with fire, soap bubbles, gymnastic tricks and other unusual projects.

Out of your comfort zone

event plan for the day of the elderly

Why is a person sent to retire? This period is given to him for a good rest! He has the opportunity to relax, sleep, realize a dream that did not have the opportunity to come true because of work or raising children. But Soviet-style people are not used to leaving their comfort zone. They spend all their free time watching their favorite TV series, small talk on benches near the house and gardening.

Do you recognize your close relative from this description? Means,it's time for you to think over an interesting plan of events dedicated to the day of the elderly. Buy tickets to the theater, cinema, take them to a cafe, restaurant, give a certificate for mastering new courses. If finances allow, then you can give a ticket to a trip to Russia or to any other country.

Organizing a holiday at home

action plan for the international day of the elderly

Each relative should think over the plan of events for the day of the elderly person. In the morning, do not be lazy, get up a few hours earlier and pamper the pensioner with a hearty and he althy breakfast. Let him have a good rest on this day, taking on all the obligations around the house. The evening is recommended to be spent in a quiet family atmosphere. Older people love it when the whole family gathers at the same table.

Perhaps somewhere: in a neighboring apartment, entrance, house, a lonely old man lives. Do not be lazy, knock on his door that day and offer your help.


action plan for the international day of the elderly

An action plan for the day of the elderly should not consist of festive marathons and large-scale events. It is necessary to fill it with love, tenderness and kindness as much as possible. Seniors are like children. They need some attention. To be remembered!

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