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Highlander cats. Introduction to the breed

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Highlander cats. Introduction to the breed
Highlander cats. Introduction to the breed

Today, there are a huge number of cat breeds, and often pet lovers face a difficult choice, but what kind of pet to get? This article will describe the British Highlander cat.

Historical background

English lovers of fluffy beauties have decided to develop a new breed that will have similar characteristics with wild lynxes. It is interesting that the crossing was done exactly pure, without the use of hybrids. To get cats with the necessary exterior, people chose the basis among pets that had the desired coat color. Actually, a lynx or another representative of the wild world did not take part in this work.

highlander cats

Initially, the new animals were called highland lynx, which can be translated as "mountain lynx". The name was chosen due to the external features of cats.

Appearance description

You can distinguish a Highlander cat by the following special characteristics:

  • the tips of the ears are bent;
  • trunk well developed, with clearly visible muscles;
  • head is medium in size and rounded;
  • coat can be either long or short;
  • most often there are representatives with a wild lynx color.

For completeness, look at the photo of the Highlander cat.

Character traits

As pets, this breed is an excellent choice. Cats have a friendly and peaceful nature. If there are guests in the house, the pet will not hide from strangers, but will gladly communicate with newcomers. British lynxes do not like to give voice, they try to express their opinion through gestures and touches. If there is already an animal in the house, then cats will share shelter with their neighbor without aggression. Due to the balanced nature of conflict situations are practically excluded. However, it is worth paying attention if there are rodents or birds in the apartment, nobody canceled the instincts, and therefore, in order to avoid tragedy, the owners need to look after the pets if they are in the same room.

Highlander cat breed

Subtleties of care

Highlander cats are easy to care for, the main thing is not to forget to comb the coat regularly and wash your pet periodically. Nutrition will be discussed a little later, while I want to remind you that, regardless of the chosen feeding, the animal needs vitamin and mineral complexes in the diet. Representatives of this breed have a good immune system, but this does not mean that the owner can forget about mandatory vaccinations.

british highlander cat

It is especially worth noting that the breed characteristics of English beauties suggest the presence of large territories for maintenance. Here, animals will be able to spend the accumulated energy, which they have more than enough, without harming themselves and surrounding objects. Future owners should pay attention to this feature before purchasing a cat of the described breed.

How to properly feed and maintain?

Those who decide to buy a British Highlander cat should not forget that the pet will become a family member who will need some attention. Before bringing a kitten into the house, you need to take care of the availability of places for feeding and a toilet. Bowls and a tray are best purchased in advance. Special requirements are put forward for the filler, it must be of high quality. It is recommended to give preference to wood fillers, which perfectly neutralize unpleasant odors and reliably retain moisture.

Highlander cat breed photo

Little kittens need toys and a sleeping place separately for a person. Often, accidents with young animals occur precisely through the fault of people. When putting a pet to sleep next to him, an adult can absolutely accidentally injure a kitten.

From an early age, it is recommended to raise a Highlander cat, otherwise the animal may imagine itself to be the most important in the house and stop paying attention to prohibitions. A kitten in a new home is introduced to the rules almost immediately. A fluffy baby must understand what can and cannot be done. WhatAs far as punishment is concerned, it should immediately follow the offense, otherwise the animal simply will not understand its guilt.

This breed is large and does not complain about appetite. In feeding the British, you must follow the developed norms, and do not let your pets overeat. Excess food leads to obesity, and as a result - to huge he alth problems.

highlander cats

When choosing dry food, preference should be given to super-premium brands, you can also diversify the menu with pies and canned food with the same label. If natural feeding is chosen, then it is necessary to remember about the addition of vitamin and mineral complexes and use meat products as the basis. The main rule that the owner of a Highlander cat must follow is not to mix feeding with natural products and dry mixes. If there is a need to change the diet, then it is done gradually. In addition to food, cats also need drinking water, which must be clean, fresh and available around the clock.

How not to make a mistake with the choice?

A potential buyer should know that this breed is very rare and not widespread today, and therefore if you want to buy an animal that meets all standards, it is recommended to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Purebred cats are purchased only from trusted breeders, and not from handwritten ads.
  2. When choosing a kitten, the closest attention is paid to behavioral features. Lethargic and lethargic kittens,most likely, they feel unwell, and aggressiveness in behavior indicates improper work with the pet. It is best to avoid such animals.
  3. It is recommended to view photos of Highlander cats exhibited by the owner.
  4. Purebred animals are sold with passports, veterinary certificates, documents confirming the pedigree. The latter is required for the pet to participate in exhibition events.

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