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Where do cats go after death: do cats have a soul, do animals go to heaven, opinions of priests and owners of cats
Where do cats go after death: do cats have a soul, do animals go to heaven, opinions of priests and owners of cats

Throughout a person's life, a very important question worries - is there life after death and where does our immortal soul end up after the end of earthly existence? And what is the soul? Is it given only to people, or do our beloved pets also have this gift? From the point of view of an atheist, the soul is the personality of a person, his consciousness, experience, emotions. For believers, this is a thin thread that connects earthly life and eternity. But is it inherent in animals?

A lot of cat lovers wonder if their furry companions have a soul? After all, in cats, as in no other domestic animals, you can see clear personality traits. They are independent and demanding, have self-esteem, understand the speech of the owners, have an individual character and experience vivid emotions. All this together points topresence of a soul. But where the soul of a cat goes after death remains a mystery. Is there a chance for us to meet our favorites in a better world? Consider different opinions, since neither scientists, nor religion, nor even psychics penetrating the secrets of being can give an unambiguous answer to this question.

Does a cat scientifically have a soul?

do cats go to heaven when they die

Many of us are firmly convinced that modern science rejects the thesis of the existence of the soul as such, even in humans, not to mention the lower forms of life. However, science recognizes the existence of a human psyche that reflects the surrounding reality and is a form of perception by the subject of the real world. But in ancient Greek the word "psyche" means "soul". In other words, having psychological features, the subject, logically, also has a soul. In such a mysterious domestic animal as a cat, zoologists unambiguously fix the presence of the psyche and its influence on the behavior of the animal. According to scientists, the soul of a cat, human or other living being is some kind of electromagnetic impulses, an energy clot, a special aura that does not disappear after the end of the earthly existence, but returns to the general energy field of planet Earth or even to the field of the Universe.

Scientists' opinion

So where do cats go when they die, according to scientists? This energy clot, in their opinion, after being released from the body of a dead cat, is transformed into a different energy form that feeds all life on earth. According to scientific minds, this newenergy is held in this world by a powerful electromagnetic field, therefore, the souls of cats do not move to another dimension, but remain close to us, already existing in a different capacity.

Where do cats go when they die. Orthodoxy

where do cats go when they die

In the religious canons, too, nothing directly answering the question could be found. The Orthodox Bible mentions many different animals and birds, but there are practically no mentions of a cat - only once it is mentioned in passing in Jeremiah 1:21. But this does not mean a negative attitude of the church towards this amazing animal. It's just that the Israelis were very annoyed by the cult of cats in Egypt and their servile worship of this animal. But, despite this, the church is very supportive of cats and considers them clean before God. They are treated with respect, they cannot be expelled from the church, they are even allowed to sleep on the altar.

However, theologians have not yet been able to come to a consensus about the possibility of the afterlife of animals, and it is still unclear where the soul of a cat goes after death. Paradise is prepared for them, or is this place only for human souls - this is still a fierce debate. On the one hand, Holy Scripture notifies that the souls of cats and people are two completely different matters and exist separately. A person with worthy behavior enters heaven, and the soul of an animal simply ceases to exist. Based on this statement, we can assume where cats go after death, ceasing to exist. Soulcats do not go anywhere, but dissolve in a common energy source to feed other souls living on earth.

But not everything is so simple here either. For although the Holy Scriptures speak of the absence of paradise for animals, however, many saints are depicted in the neighborhood with various animals and birds, even some descriptions of Heavenly Paradise contain a mention of animals. So they have a place in heaven. The priests do not clearly state this, but the clergy do not stop researching this issue.

Opinion of Nektarios of Optina

Where do cats go when they die? In the development of the discussion about the exclusivity of the position of cats, the words of Hieromonk Nektarios of Optina should be mentioned. He claimed that all cats go to heaven in gratitude for the merits of this animal during the Great Flood. According to legend, the mouse was going to gnaw through the bottom of Noah's ark, which could destroy all the living things left on earth, taken by Noah to the ark. But the timely intervention of the cat saved all the inhabitants of the ark from death, for which her descendants were honored with the eternal privilege of staying in Paradise. But this statement was neither confirmed nor refuted by the official church. At the moment, none of the church leaders has clearly answered the question of where cats go after death. Orthodoxy is unable to clarify this issue.

Perhaps other well-known religions will bring more clarity. Let's consider the points of view of the largest and most popular religious movements - Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam - and try to isolate the rational grain from very different positions.


Where does a cat's soul go after death?

What do Hindus think, where do the souls of cats go after death? According to their beliefs, the soul of a cat, like any other creature, goes either to heaven or to hell - there is no other way. But where exactly the soul will go depends entirely on its karma. If the karma is bright and positive, the soul settles in paradise as a reward for its good deeds, and the evil energy accumulated during life is punished by being placed in hell and eternal torment. In other words, there is only one heaven for man and cat, because Hindus consider the soul not to belong to man or animal. She can live in any of 8.5 million different incarnations, becoming a plant, a stone, an insect, an animal, a person, the smallest microorganism, and even an inanimate (according to Christian canons) object. The answer of Hinduism is clearer - there is heaven, the soul of a cat after being in heaven or hell returns to this world again, only in a different capacity.

In Buddhism

Where do the souls of cats go after death?

Buddhists don't care about where cats go when they die either, but for a completely different reason. A cat in Buddhism is also considered as just one of the incarnations, but not of the soul, since this religion completely denies its existence. According to Buddhism, instead of the soul, there is only a mighty stream of Consciousness, which takes on the most diverse forms of both living beings and inanimate objects. Particles of this Consciousness are placed in the mortal shell and stay there until the time when the shell physically comes toworthless.

For cats and other creatures, heaven or hell is a kind of psychological state that everyone creates for himself, choosing his life path. When asked where cats go after death, Buddhism answers that they are reborn and end up in one of the worlds - the world of hell, animals, hungry ghosts, people, lower asura deities, higher deva deities. And the place of their future incarnation also depends on the purity of karma.

In Islam

Where do cats go when they die? Islam has its own interesting interpretation. In general, Islam is very loyal to animals in general and teaches its followers justice, tolerance and mercy towards the animal world. The cat itself is very revered in the Muslim world, because the great prophet Muhammad himself allowed her to sit on his lap when he read his sermons, and also drank water from the same dish with her and even cut off his sleeve when the cat fell asleep on him - he did not want her disturb.

However, according to the Qur'an, cats are not supposed to have heaven, even though they have a soul, because this is a divine reward for thinking righteous people who choose the right path in life. Since the cat has no choice, it is not responsible for its actions and does not need Allah's forgiveness. Their soul is mortal, and when the earthly path is completed, it turns to dust along with the body shell.

Beautiful myth

There is a beautiful myth that cat owners will love. It is believed that he came from Scandinavia, but no one knows for sure, although this touching legend was translated into many languages ​​\u200b\u200bof the world and enjoyed constant success.Loving owners of animals dear to them who have left this world want to believe in a happy life for their pets in another reality, so they firmly believe in it and hope to meet their pet after their death. The essence of the legend is as follows.

where do cats go when they die

If an animal dies that was very loved by someone in earth life, it is moved to the Rainbow Bridge. This magical place has beautiful natural views, endless fields and meadows, hills and mountains. There, cats and other animals frolic in the open without problems with food, water, sunlight. They are warm and comfortable there. Sick and old animals become young and energetic. Time does not matter to them, and they do not notice it if they are remembered here and continue to love. And one day your pet will leave his comrades, seeing his master on the Rainbow Bridge, and you will joyfully meet and finally reunite, never to part again. This is very comforting to the grieving owners of deceased animals and gives them hope for a happy afterlife.

Do cats have a soul and where does it go after death? Psychic Opinions

Today more and more people began to trust people with special abilities - psychics, who often act as a connecting thread between the world of the living and the dead. Few people doubt that these people are endowed with special knowledge and superpowers, so they are approached on various dark issues related to otherworldly forces. You can treat the words of psychics differently. After all, very often our gullibility in such ticklishquestions are used by various impostors and charlatans, but it is imperative to take into account their opinion in finding out the answer to the question of where the soul of a cat ends up after death. Psychics believe that a cat is a special animal that can easily move from one world to another.

It is no coincidence that in chilling stories about witches and their transformation into black cats, information has been passed down from ancestors to descendants for centuries. And although these stories are greatly embellished by the narrators, there is still some rational grain in them. Clairvoyants believe that life after physical death is inherent not only to human beings, but also to various animals. Their opinion will help us better understand where cats go when they die. Psychics are sure that these amazing animals, leaving earthly life, can make reverse transitions to our world and help their owners or pursue them, depending on their attitude towards the cat during their life together.

Feeling cats at the moment of transition

Clairvoyants, communicating with cats that have completed their earthly journey, describe their feelings at the moment of transition. According to them, it is like rolling down a steep hill, and they did not experience any discomfort at that moment. Psychics assure that death is just a transition from one dimension to another, these dimensions exist mostly in parallel, but sometimes they can intersect, and then the dead souls can be next to us. Of course, we cannot see them, because our vision is not adapted to seeing energy bodies, but they can be felt, sometimes even stroked withfull sense of reality.

Advice of psychics. Preparing for the transition to another world

if the cat has a soul

If you believe in the existence of parallel worlds, it becomes clear where cats go after death. Psychics are not only sure of this, but also advise preparing their smaller brothers - pets - for the transition from our dimension to the neighboring one. They claim that cats understand human speech well, but they don’t know how to answer. If your pet is on the verge of death, tell him what awaits him in a parallel life. About how good and fun it will be for him there, which of the departed relatives he will meet there and how joyful their meeting will be. Mention what you love and will remember and that when your hour strikes you will meet in a better life. It will be easier for them to leave, and this will brighten up their expectation of a meeting.

The opinion of cat owners about where their pets go after death

Because human beings have a desire to believe in the best, avid cat lovers who love their pets, of course, tend to believe in life after death and in the opportunity to meet their cat in another, more perfect life. Since no one has yet been able to give an intelligible answer to the questions of whether cats have a soul and where does it go after their death, the opinion of the owners on this issue echoes the ideas of the religion they profess. In any case, the choice is theirs, but each of them is convinced that they can still walk in the Gardens of Eden with their beloved cat, otherwise what's the pointin all our earthly attachments?


where do cats go when they die

Which of the options to accept and whether to believe the word of religious figures or psychics - it is up to each of us to decide for ourselves. But the bitterness of loss is always easier to experience when you are sure that your dear being has not dissolved in the depths of the universal energy, but has remained an individuality, and even if it is not here, it exists in another world where you will meet sooner or later.

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