Shoe cream "Salamander": composition, types, reviews

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Shoe cream "Salamander": composition, types, reviews
Shoe cream "Salamander": composition, types, reviews

Video: Shoe cream "Salamander": composition, types, reviews

Video: Shoe cream "Salamander": composition, types, reviews
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In order for leather shoes to serve for a long time and retain their original appearance, it is important to take care of them using special products. Shoe cream "Salamander" has a unique composition and has a beneficial effect on chemically treated skin.

Features of Salamander products

This is a high quality natural leather shoe care product. Salamander products effectively moisturize the skin, restore shine and provide protection against dirt and moisture. Thanks to the presence of color pigments, Salamander Shoe Cream enhances color intensity.

Cosmetics are created using a special formula. It contains complexes of nutrients that penetrate deep into the skin, leaving shoes looking flawless.

Salamander products allow you to keep shoes for a long time. They give the skin softness and elasticity.

The Salamander shoe care line consists of creams, aerosols, liquid products, lotions. For express shoe cleaning, the manufacturer produces reusable sponges saturated with pigment.

Most popular among buyersuses Salamander shoe polish. Its soft texture glides on easily and evenly on the skin.

salamander shoe polish
salamander shoe polish

Types of creams

The manufacturer produces several shoe creams with different properties and composition:

  1. Multicolor Cream. This is a highly effective cleaner and moisturizer for smooth, patent and combination leather shoes. The cream contains wax and silicone oil. These components nourish the skin and refresh its color.
  2. Fashion Cream is a regenerating cream for all types of smooth and rough skin. The product deeply nourishes the skin and gives it an effective shine. After application, a protective film forms on the shoes.
  3. Lack Cream - designed to care for shoes made of natural and artificial patent leather. The cream is applied in a thin layer and rubbed in thoroughly. The product contains silicone oil, which allows you to give your shoes a beautiful shine and extend the life of your shoes.
  4. Cream paint for shoes "Salamander" Wetter Schutz - cream for all types of smooth leather. The action of the product is nutrition, color renewal, moisture protection, softening and shine. The cream is ideal for daily use.

All products are available in a wide range of colors.

shoe polish salamander color palette
shoe polish salamander color palette


Salamander creams contain silicone, beeswax, paraffin wax, dyes, oils, water, fragrance, emulsifier, stearic acid, fluorocarboxylic resins, preservatives, thickener, aliphatic hydrocarbons. Products do not contain harsh chemicals and solvents.

Due to the presence of silicone cream creates a thin uniform film. It performs a water-repellent function and at the same time does not interfere with natural air exchange. Fluorocarbon resins effectively protect natural suede shoes from moisture.

Salamander Shoe Cream can mask scuffs, scratches, bruised socks and quickly restore weather-damaged areas. Ingredients included in the composition rid the skin of any defects and prevent the appearance of spots.

salamander shoe polish
salamander shoe polish

Color range of creams

One of the main advantages that Salamander shoe cream has is a palette of colors. The manufacturer produces coloring products for shoes in 55 different shades. The color card of Salamander products consists of the most common colors: black, white, red, ruby, lilac, azure, pink, red, bright blue, turquoise, gold, mustard, silver, burgundy. Most of the palette is made up of brown tones.

For shoes of other shades, the manufacturer produces a colorless cream. It does not contain dyes and pigments. The clear cream can be used on any skin color.

The most popular are brown, black and colorless Salamander shoe polish. The color palette is shown below.

salamander shoe cream reviews
salamander shoe cream reviews

How to use the cream correctly

Genuine leather shoes are recommended to be cared for in the following order:

  1. Clean shoes from dust and dirt.
  2. Wipe the skin with a dry soft cloth and leave to dry completely.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Salamander shoe polish. To do this, you can use a special applicator or sponge.
  4. Leave the shoes until the cream is completely absorbed. The composition of the funds includes wax and silicone, for the effective action of which it takes 8-9 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to apply the cream on the skin in the evening.
  5. Finish shoes.
  6. To maintain the appearance of shoes and prolong their life, use the cream regularly.

It is recommended to apply the cream in a well ventilated area. It is better to carry out all activities in the open air.

shoe paint salamander cream
shoe paint salamander cream


It turns out that most people buy Salamander shoe polish. Reviews about the means of this manufacturer are only positive. Buyers highly appreciated the effectiveness and composition of creams. According to them, one tube is enough for a long time. Convenient packaging allows economical use of the product.

Positive feedback refers to the absence of a strong odor. After application, the cream leaves a barely noticeable pleasant aroma.

The main advantages of Salamander products are high quality, fast action and protective properties. Immediately after application, the shoes become shiny and look like new. Many argue that Salamander shoe cream is able to hide minor defects. The cream lasts for a long time, forming a resistant protective film.

Buyers notedhigh cost of creams. Most consider the price justified. One tube can replace several cheap analogues.