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Prostatitis and pregnancy: causes of the disease, possible consequences, methods of treatment, chances of conception
Prostatitis and pregnancy: causes of the disease, possible consequences, methods of treatment, chances of conception

Previously, problems with the prostate gland occurred in middle-aged and elderly people, but every year prostatitis is gradually getting younger, so it is increasingly being diagnosed in an increasing number of young people. Therefore, for many couples planning to have a child, the question arises as to whether pregnancy is possible with prostatitis. According to medical statistics, approximately 75 percent of men suffering from this disease maintain reproductive functions. However, in the absence of timely and proper treatment, the inflammatory process will continue to progress, resulting in infertility.

General information

inflammation of the prostate

Many people are convinced that prostatitis and pregnancy are in no way connected, but in fact this is far from the case. Even if the representatives of the stronger sex are doing well with an erection, then there is no guarantee that the spermatozoa are suitable for fertilizing the egg.

This can happen as a result of the following:

  • complications caused by the disease itself. With a long-term inflammatory process occurring in an acute form, irreversible changes occur in the soft tissues of the internal organ, due to which it ceases to function normally;
  • consequences after prostatitis treatment. Some medications have a depressing effect on spermatozoa, significantly shortening their life cycle. As a result, they die before they can reach the egg.

Given all of the above, planning for pregnancy with prostatitis in a partner must take into account many factors. The most important thing is to give up trying to conceive a child if the man is currently actively inflamed, since intercourse will create an excessive load on the reproductive system, which will only aggravate the situation, as well as increase the risk of infection for the woman. During sexual intercourse, infectious agents enter the body of a woman, causing various diseases. Despite prolonged abstinence from sex, the sperm will retain its properties and will be suitable for fertilization.

But with a long absence of therapy, the seminal canals spike, so sperm simply cannot pass through them with chronic prostatitis in a man. Pregnancy partner in this case is unlikely. In this situation, drug therapy is ineffective, and the only way out is surgery.

Can prostatitis lead to erectile dysfunction?

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Let's dwell on this morein detail. Each person is interested in whether pregnancy is possible with prostatitis, if he was diagnosed with this. At the same time, most immediately fall into real despondency, which is simply in vain, because with timely access to the hospital and the start of proper treatment, the man can be completely cured and he still has every chance of becoming a father. But here it is important to understand that not everything can go smoothly. Inflammatory damage to the prostate very often does not go away without consequences, therefore, there is a high risk of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage in the third trimester of gestation.

If a man and a woman undergo a complete examination and complex therapy, then the chances that pregnancy after prostatitis treatment will be successful and without any complications increase significantly. In addition, after the end of treatment and compliance with all doctor's prescriptions, a man is recommended to give up unprotected sexual intercourse for at least one year. If after this the long-awaited fertilization does not occur, then it is necessary to undergo an additional consultation with a specialized specialist.

How does a male disease affect a woman?

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Prostatitis is an inflammatory disease caused by pathogenic microorganisms. During sexual intercourse, they can penetrate the female body, having a negative impact on the microflora, as well as the functioning of internal organs and the reproductive system. As a rule, the acidity of the secret is disturbed, as a result of which it thickens andsperm activity decreases.

It is undesirable to combine prostatitis and pregnancy, as this can be fraught with the following negative consequences for women:

  • inflammation of the bladder and urethra;
  • damage to the uterine mucosa;
  • the formation of film seals that prevent the advancement of the egg;
  • general intoxication of the body;
  • inflammatory diseases of the vagina.

In addition, the infection can affect the fetus itself, which creates a greater likelihood of miscarriage or its abnormal development. At the same time, it is important to understand that pathogenic microorganisms can be transmitted from one partner to another not only with a bacterial, but also with a non-infectious disease. Therefore, if a man has prostatitis, his partner's pregnancy should proceed under the constant supervision of a doctor who, if necessary, will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Is it possible to conceive a child with inflammation of the prostate in men?

man and woman looking at the test

So, it was discussed above how the presence of prostatitis in a man affects the pregnancy of his partner, but is there still a chance for a married couple to have a child if the head of the family has been diagnosed with this disease? Although the chances are reduced, nevertheless they remain. However, it is important to understand: the longer the inflammation will remain without treatment, the less they will be. Therefore, it is critical to get to the hospital as soon as possible for qualified medical care.

In the initial stages, cure prostatitisvery simple, but as it progresses, an irreversible transformation of soft tissues occurs. Against this background, men can develop a prostate cyst, which significantly reduces the quality of sperm.

Acute inflammation of the prostate

A disease that occurs in an acute form affects not only the functioning of the prostate gland, but also the entire body as a whole. If left untreated, over time, a man begins to experience severe burning and pain during urination, and over time, his potency worsens, which, in turn, can result in complete impotence.

Scientists have found that acute inflammation of the prostate has the following effects on reproductive function:

  • pathogenic microorganisms infect male cells that produce sperm;
  • during the inflammatory process, pus can form, which reduces the chances of conceiving a child by about 20 percent;
  • bacteria secrete toxic substances that inhibit the activity of spermatozoa and kill them;
  • some microorganisms can cause various pathologies, ending in complete infertility, not amenable to any treatment;
  • Some bacteria cause the ducts to stick together, making it difficult to ejaculate.

What else is dangerous acute or chronic prostatitis (pregnancy of a partner in this condition in a man, as we have already found out, is undesirable)? In both forms of the disease, the normal blood circulation of the pelvic organs is disrupted and the development ofprostate dysfunction, which is also one of the factors in the loss of the ability to reproduce sexually.

Infectious prostatitis

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What is it? The disease caused by harmful bacteria can be acute or chronic. In this case, a man is a carrier of infection and infects a woman during intercourse. Microorganisms in this case penetrate the partner's reproductive system through the urethra or through the bloodstream.

Chronic bacterial prostatitis and pregnancy is an undesirable situation, since both partners suffer from the disease in almost 100 percent of cases. At the same time, the chances of having a child remain, but they are negligible. The big problem with infectious inflammation is that there are no pronounced symptoms of pathology, so people are often not even aware of it.

In modern medicine, there are effective treatments for this disease, but they are not able to increase the chances of getting pregnant. But if both partners go to the hospital in time and undergo a course of therapy, then the chances of a full recovery and the subsequent conception of a baby are at a very high level.

Chronic prostatitis

How dangerous is he? This form of the disease is one of the most common. Despite the popular belief that it is impossible to have a child with her, nevertheless, chronic prostatitis and pregnancy are compatible.

However, when planning conception, it must be borne in mind that the following may occurcomplications:

  • baby can be born with congenital abnormalities;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • cessation of fetal development;
  • miscarriage.

It is also worth noting that the expectant mother in this situation very often develops missed pregnancy (partner's prostatitis is the cause of such a pathology), which creates a great danger to her he alth and life. In medical practice, there are many cases when childbirth ended in death. Therefore, it is very important to undergo a course of treatment during which unprotected intercourse is prohibited.

If a married couple went to the doctor at an early stage of an inflammatory lesion of the prostate gland, then the probability of successful fertilization remains at the level of 70 percent. But here it all depends on the form of the disease.

Classification of prostatitis is as follows:

  • congestive. With it, patients are diagnosed with circulatory disorders of the internal organs of the small pelvis. It is very difficult to treat, because it is not enough just to stop the inflammatory process. It is also necessary to eliminate the causes that caused the development of the disease;
  • stagnant. Another complex type of prostatitis that requires complex therapy. In addition to taking medications, patients are usually prescribed a set of therapeutic physical exercises and massage;
  • culpable. The most terrible form, since stones are formed in the genital canals that prevent the movement of spermatozoa. At an early stage, the disease can still be defeated with the help of drugs.drugs, but if a man went to the hospital late, then the only way out is surgery;
  • focal fibrosis. The combination of this prostatitis and pregnancy is very dangerous, because it causes irreversible mutations in the soft tissues of the gland. Due to the fact that it increases in size, the likelihood of conceiving a child is significantly reduced. Focal fibrosis is dangerous because it is almost never completely cured, so very often a couple fails to have a baby.

Each type of prostatitis has its own characteristics and requires complex treatment, which does not always bring the expected result.

At what stage can I start preparing for conception?

A woman should plan pregnancy after prostatitis in her partner only after he has completed a full course of therapy. It is based on taking antibiotics, which negatively affect the microflora, so it will be useful to take probiotics. It takes at least one month to fully restore the body, but it all depends on the individual characteristics of each person, as well as at what stage of the course of the disease the person went to the hospital.

To minimize the chance of death or miscarriage, it is recommended to consult with a specialized specialist first. He will perform an examination of both sexual partners, prescribe all the necessary tests and, based on the clinical picture of the patients, will give appropriate recommendations. As practice shows, afterit will be possible to try to get pregnant for about a month and a half.

What lab tests will need to be done?

If a man has had prostatitis, a woman's pregnancy requires careful planning. To make sure that there are no complications for the mother and her baby, after a full recovery, sexual partners should undergo a full examination.

Men are prescribed the following tests:

  • spermogram;
  • general analysis of urine and blood;
  • examination of prostate secretion;
  • Ultrasound.

Ultrasound examination is mandatory, as it allows to detect calcification and various pathologies of the genitourinary system. As for women, they will have to suffer more than men, because even in the absence of any diseases, they are always prescribed a huge number of tests, and in the case of prostatitis in a partner, their list expands significantly.

Basic Therapies

pill in hand

So, we have already answered in detail the question of whether prostatitis affects pregnancy, and also talked about what tests you need to take in order to conceive a child, bear a fetus and give birth normally. But what treatments are used for inflammation of the prostate?

In the early stages of the therapy program, the sequence is:

  • pain relief;
  • elimination of the inflammatory process;
  • eliminate the causes that led to the development of the disease;
  • restoration of reproductiveabilities.

Treatment proceeds with the use of antibiotics and adrenergic blockers, and therapeutic massage is prescribed to increase efficiency. If there are no noticeable improvements over a long period, then in this case, doctors have to go for radical methods, namely, surgical intervention. But fortunately, such measures are extremely rare, and everything ends with taking pills.

Possible Complications

This issue should be given special attention. If a man suffers from prostatitis, then there is still a chance that a woman can become pregnant from him. But it is highly undesirable to allow this, since in this case there is a high probability of developing many dangerous complications, among which the most dangerous are ectopic pregnancy and fetal growth arrest. In addition, there is a threat of miscarriage in the later stages of gestation.

Man and woman

The situation can be aggravated if a woman, in addition to infectious prostatitis acquired from a man, has any fungal diseases. This is due to the fact that after fertilization of the egg and its fixation on the wall of the uterus, immunity decreases so that the fetus is not rejected, so the body simply does not have the strength to fight diseases. Therefore, if it so happened that you became pregnant from a person suffering from inflammation of the prostate, then you should immediately contact a qualified doctor. Despite the possible risks, with timely medical care, there is a good chance that the child willnormally bred and born. Always take care of your he alth and future baby! Get ready for pregnancy in advance!

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