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Mattresses "Ascona": customer reviews, features and types
Mattresses "Ascona": customer reviews, features and types

Mattresses for sleeping are made by many manufacturers, among which there are both domestic and foreign ones. All products differ in price category, filler, workmanship and appearance. There are many firms that are known to the Russian buyer and have long earned their trust. However, among the popular brands, Ascona mattresses clearly stand out.

Reviews about these products show that all samples deserve attention, are of high quality workmanship at a fairly reasonable price. To date, the company's product range includes about 800 different models of mattresses. Moreover, the variety amazes even the most fastidious buyer.

You can choose products made of latex, on an independent spring block, twisted into a tight roll, the usual spring and others. It is only necessary to figure out which sample is suitable in each case. To do this, it is worth analyzing the features of each type of mattress, studying their characteristics and getting opinions.users and professionals.

Variety of Ascona mattresses

If you analyze the company's products, you can combine all mattresses into separate groups according to the internal filler:

  • spring products with dependent Bonnel block;
  • with independent springs;
  • springless.

At the same time, all products are presented in different price categories. Ascona mattresses, reviews of this confirmation, are always of high quality regardless of their cost.

The line includes both the simplest models and the elite ones. At the same time, the service life of each of them is from 5 to 10 years, which is considered a fairly good indicator.

The manufacturer recommends to extend the life and maintain the consumer characteristics of the purchased mattress, turn it over at least once every six months and change the position of the head and legs.

Mattress "Ascona Norma"

Samples with Bonnel dependent spring block

The usual spring block, which is otherwise called "Bonnel" is completed from a large number of springs interconnected by a spiral. Ascona mattresses, reviews of which always indicate this, are very strong and have a springy effect. This is achieved due to the fact that steel is used in the manufacture of the block, but fastening occurs with the help of the thinnest wire.

Bonnel blocks are also different. Differences can be not only in the diameter of each spring, but also in the number of turns in it. A similar design is used in the production of budgetmodels. The manufacturer has a whole line of similar mattresses called Askona Balance. But even all samples within the same series have differences, which consist in the degree of rigidity:

  1. Balance Smart is the softest sample, characterized by a low degree of rigidity. It is based on polyurethane foam and spunbond.
  2. Balance Practice - medium hardness model. The company achieves a similar effect by using a felt pad.
  3. Balance Extra is the hardest mattress in the range. Its base is reinforced polyurethane foam.
  4. Balance Palma - a mattress also with a high level of rigidity, but differs in the presence of coconut fiber, which makes it possible to use it for medicinal purposes.

Any Ascona Balance mattress has a wide variety of reviews. But most buyers agree that for a fairly budget price, you can purchase a quality model that will meet the requirements and provide optimal support during sleep. Often this type of mattress is purchased for teenagers and children whose weight is still too small.

Mattress "Ascona Ballance Smart"

Models on an independent spring block

The main advantage of such samples is that each spring is completely isolated from the others and placed in an individual case. Therefore, each spring is able to work autonomously. This achieves the greatest elasticity of the bed at each point of contact with the human body. This provides the mostcorrect, from the point of view of orthopedics, the position of the body during sleep. The manufacturer recommends purchasing similar models for matrimonial beds, especially if the weight of the husband and wife is very different.

The Askona company offers the buyer a whole line of similar mattresses, which differ in the degree of rigidity and the configuration of the springs themselves.

Mattress "Ascona Cascade"

Types of mattresses on an independent spring block

Consider the mattress from Ascona Sleep Style. Reviews confirm that the model fully adapts to the curves of the body. After all, this is facilitated by the unique development of the company's engineers.

In the production of this sample, springs of a special shape are used, resembling an hourglass. They keep their shape well. After all, their compression occurs in stages. If the pressure is weak, then only the wide part is compressed, and with a stronger pressure, the narrow part.

It is worth noting that in this case the spring itself is securely fixed in its place and changes position. Therefore, consumers often indicate in their reviews that a mattress constantly feels different depending on how much gravity is pressing on it.

A lot of feedback about this model from heavy people. The mattress well maintains the strengthened loadings, at the same time without changing the form and characteristics. The service life is about 20 years, which is also its advantage.

Another model - Pocket spring. The main advantage of such mattresses is the original design of the springs. Each resembles a small barrel, and their locationcalculated using a computer program. In this way, the possible load of different parts of the body on the mattress is accurately calculated.

There is also a Compact model. The highlight of this product is the ability to roll it into a compact roll. In this case, the sample is removed in a vacuum package. This makes it possible to deliver the mattress even to remote cities. After unpacking, the model gradually restores its original shape.

Fitness sprint model is no less popular. The model belongs to the elite class. Its peculiarity is in the special support of the whole body during sleep and in providing a massage effect. Reviews of Ascona Fitness mattresses are often left by people who need special orthopedic support due to diseases of the spine, and who play hard sports when complete relaxation of tight muscles is necessary. The mattress is also recommended for people who experience sweating problems. The mattress cover is impregnated with a special composition, which contains silver ions. Thanks to this approach, the reproduction of fungi and mold is excluded.

And finally - Balance Lux products. Among the models on an independent spring block, there are also budget ones. This line is not expensive, but elasticity is ensured by the presence of springs in an individual case and a layer of polyurethane foam.

with independent spring block

Springless models

Ascona springless mattresses contribute to the harmonious redistribution of weight. Reviews note that due to the special design that excludes the use of metal parts, staticelectricity is not stored. All samples use only natural and environmentally friendly materials. Even the mattress covers are antibacterial.

All springless mattresses can be divided into single-layer and multi-layer. Moreover, they can be with varying degrees of rigidity. To achieve the stability of models and durability, materials of a homogeneous structure are used.

The level of comfort and convenience depends on the filler. In the manufacture of springless models, Askona uses the following natural and synthetic components:

  • Latex. It is the most durable, environmentally friendly and elastic filler. The material is very flexible and completely natural. It is obtained from the juice of the Brazilian Hevea.
  • Coconut fiber. Often chosen by the consumer and is considered the best in terms of its quality characteristics. Of course, the cost of such models is quite high, but the service life is also increased.
  • Struttofiber. Mattresses made on the basis of modern filler are moisture resistant and keep natural heat well.
  • Polyurethane foam. Synthetic filler, which is widely used in many areas. Based on it, high-quality mattresses are produced.

Memory Mattresses

A variety of Ascona mattresses are very popular. Customer reviews help other consumers to make a choice and understand the features of each model. Memory foam mattresses are very popular, but not everyone understands them.nuances.

The Ergo line is made on the basis of Memorix thermosensitive material. It is very elastic, but at the same time viscous. The component fully adapts to any body curves and, as it were, remembers the load. At the same time, the weight is redistributed evenly, and the mattress does not sag in places where it is not needed. Once the material fully conforms to the body, it begins to support it.

Overview of the most popular models

More and more consumers choose Ascona mattresses. Customer reviews show that a well-chosen mattress can provide good sleep, improve he alth and provide energy for the whole day. Among all the samples of the company there are recognized leaders who are distinguished by their special convenience, quality characteristics and optimal cost.

Mattress "Fortune" from "Ascona"

Reviews indicate that the model meets hygienic requirements and is safe even for allergy sufferers. The sample is double-sided, equipped with a three-zone block of springs. If desired, you can constantly change the degree of rigidity. To do this, you just need to turn the mattress upside down.

Each side is made of different kinds of fillers. One of them is made of flexible Flexfoam and reinforced with cotton felt. User reviews indicate that it is very comfortable and warm to sleep in in winter.

The other side is made with coconut fibre. In this case, a more rigid coating comes out, which is designed for heavy people. The mattress topper is made ofjacquard fabric to keep you cool in summer.

A large number of consumers choose the Fortuna Ascona mattress. Consumer reviews characterize it as the most comfortable, meeting all orthopedic requirements and as warm as possible.

Mattress "Ascona Fortuna"

Serta line

Serta is an American company that manufactures luxury products for the consumer and the best hotels around the world. The official representative of the brand in Russia is Askona. Thanks to her experience and the quality of her products, she has obtained the right to manufacture American brand products in her own production facilities.

Many consumers have already appreciated the Serta (Ascona) mattress. Reviews confirm that Russian models are produced on the basis of an independent spring block. At the same time, the number of springs is not so large, but the highlight is the covers. They are fully breathable and have increased wear resistance.

The Serta line of mattresses is also striking. You can choose a model with natural and synthetic filler. At the same time, all materials used have European certification and are patented.

Reviews often point out the build quality. Mattresses do not sag and fully support the weight of a person lying down. On double models, the movement of the other partner is not felt, so a comfortable sleep is guaranteed.

However, there are some drawbacks. Mattresses Askona ("Ascona"), customer reviews notice this, have an increased level of rigidity. because ofsynthetic filler are often ventilated for a long time. Also, some people think they are a little overpriced.

"Ascona Astoria" from the Serta line

Ascona Astoria mattress was created using a unique technology. Reviews about him are extremely positive. The product is fully ventilated, so there is no risk of allergic reactions and the appearance of insects. To maintain the required level of rigidity, the Support System spring complex is used.

The mattress retains its own body heat very well thanks to the use of white felt. The mattress perimeter is supported by the Total Edge system, which is considered the best of its kind.

Mattress "Setra Astoria"

Comfort Plus Model

Those who are looking for an inexpensive model with a block of independent springs often choose the Comfort Plus ("Ascona") mattress. Reviews show that sleeping on a similar model helps to fully relax. The spine is in the correct position thanks to the excellent support.

Many people like Ascona Comfort mattress. Reviews confirm that the model can withstand sufficient loads, but does not lose its consumer properties. The necessary rigidity of the product is given by a felt pad. Anatomical properties are given by a layer of foam, which is able to adapt to the curves of the sleeping body. According to its quality characteristics and price category, the mattress stands out strongly, therefore it is very popular with consumers.

Anatomical models Family

Mattress "Ascona Family" reviews deserved onlypositive. The Native model is very popular. The product is often chosen by couples who lead an active lifestyle. In this case, a 7-zone spring block is used, while titanium springs are installed in it. Reviews often mention that the surface perfectly supports the sleeper's body, while the movements of the other partner are dampened.

Consumers who are constantly on the move or have back problems are advised by doctors to use the Ascona orthopedic mattress. Reviews confirm that the Femeli line fully meets all the requirements of environmental friendliness and hygiene. The upholstery made of cotton felt quilted with foam contributes to thermoregulation.

Which model to choose

Many consumers have chosen Ascona mattress for their bed. Which is better? Reviews and characteristics depend on the category and filler.

In the price category up to 10,000 rubles there are models with a dependent spring block. Their advantage is the special strength of the structure, low price and excellent ventilation. It is worth paying attention to the Askona Smart series. It has a soft base and a polyurethane finish.

Children's mattress "Ascona"

Price category up to 20,000 rubles is characterized by a high level of comfort, which provides a set of independent springs. Among the pluses, the possibility of arranging two people of different builds and weights is also noted. In this case, all movements of the partner are successfully extinguished. In this price segment, the Fiesta and Family models stand out.

If you are concerned about back pain, osteochondrosis and other problems with the spine, then you need products that adapt to the contours of the body as much as possible. You should consider the Ascona latex mattress. Reviews and price are crucial when choosing. Latex is an expensive component, so models cannot cost less than 20,000 rubles. The most popular models are Basic High and Twist.

Orthopedic foam mattresses are recommended for children under 3 years of age. The best examples are Berry Kids and Tusty kids. For older children and adolescents, it is important that soft back support is provided and that the spine develops correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase products with a block of independent springs.

Which is better?

Often buyers ask which mattresses are better than "Ormatek" or "Ascona". Reviews indicate that both companies produce high-quality sleeping products, which include many different models. To understand which manufacturer to prefer, you need to consider the main key parameters of their products.

All materials used are identical. However, Ascona cannot offer horsehair mattresses.

Ascona has some models that are equipped with Hour Glass springs. In shape, they resemble an hourglass and shrink gradually during operation. With a weak load, the upper and lower parts are compressed, with a stronger load - the middle one. On their basis, mattresses with the NEXT GENERATION block are made, which have no analogues in the world anymore.

Each spring has its own individual case. Regardless of the pressing force and the direction of movement, they are compressed only in a vertical position. Interestingly, hourglass-shaped springs are also found in other companies. However, the "fitted" case is the highlight of Ascona.

Ormatek also boasts its patented spring block. The springs are made by a Russian manufacturer and consist of reinforced wire. The material is very resilient and has a long service life.

Both companies use voluntary certification. Foam mattresses always carry the CertiPUR badge, which confirms absolute he alth safety.

Ascona is absolutely confident in the quality of its products. Most models come with a 20 year warranty. If the sample has a proprietary base, then the warranty period increases to 25 years.

Ormatek is not so generous. The company gives a guarantee for 10 years. However, the company undertakes to eliminate the problems that have arisen during operation within only two years after the purchase.

In terms of value, both companies are approximately at the same level. Therefore, if you need a product that will meet all the specifications and at the same time have a long warranty, then you should choose mattresses from Askona.


Ascona is the leading manufacturer of sleeping mattresses. Products fully comply with all quality standards, meet the requirements for hygiene and orthopedic properties. Among the many examplesyou can choose the best one. If the budget is limited, then a product with a Bonnel spring block is quite suitable. It withstands quite high loads and provides the necessary rigidity and support for the spine.

For more demanding customers we offer fully springless mattresses with memory effect. They adapt to the contours of the body and provide maximum comfort during sleep.

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