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"Ikea" (mattresses): customer reviews and product discussion. Mattress IKEA
"Ikea" (mattresses): customer reviews and product discussion. Mattress IKEA

You are planning to buy a mattress for your family, but have not yet decided which company's product is better? Indeed, today there are models of many brands on the market. How not to make a mistake in choosing? We recommend paying attention to the products of the company from Scandinavia "Ikea". Mattresses, reviews of which are generally positive, are produced for people with different tastes and needs. You must first decide which type of product suits you best. Today, the company produces latex and polyurethane foam mattresses, as well as spring mattresses. You can choose products that differ in size, stiffness, filler. Let us consider in more detail each type of product manufactured by Ikea.

Orthopedic mattresses

These products are made to meet the needs of different people. Some combination and springless products have a system of 5 or 7 comfort zones. Thisthe feature allows you to change the resistance of the mattress on different parts of the body, which allows you to make the rest more comfortable. The independent active spring unit of the product supports the orthopedic product wearer's spine in the best possible way.

Ikea mattresses reviews
Ikea mattresses reviews

Some types of mattresses contain sheep wool as a filler, which ensures the evaporation of moisture in the product, helps to maintain an even temperature. But in the cold winter, such products provide additional heating. This important aspect is taken into account by Ikea. Children's mattresses produced under this brand will promote he althy sleep for babies.

What else can you say about IKEA products? Mattresses, which, as we see, have good reviews, have a removable cover that can be washed if necessary.

Latex mattresses

Progress does not stand still. In recent years, Ikea latex mattresses have become increasingly popular. User reviews indicate that such a product provides good sleep and relaxation. Latex is an elastic material that easily restores its shape and retains it for a long time. Such products repeat all the natural curves of the body, distributing the load evenly. Such products perfectly cushion, providing a he althy sleep without awakening. This will be facilitated by normalized blood circulation. The mattress provides active evaporation of moisture, which allows you to maintain an even temperature. The removable cover that comes with these models allows longerkeep the goods looking good.

Mattresses double Ikea
Mattresses double Ikea

Ikea latex mattresses are represented by four models:

  • "Sultan of Eidsvol".
  • "Sultan Engenes".
  • "Sultan Elsfjord".
  • "Sultan Edsele".

Let's take a closer look at them.

Sultan Eidsvol

This is the most budget model of the range presented. In this product, the filler is synthetic latex. This mattress is hard, its thickness is small - 10 cm. The presented economy option provides a fairly comfortable stay.

Sultan Elsfjord

This is the next mattress in the price range. Its thickness is 15 cm, it is rigid in elasticity. The product has a special soft element that takes into account the peculiarities of human anatomy. Synthetic latex is marked with "five comfort zones" to relieve stress on the hips and shoulders. A good choice for those who want a comfortable latex mattress at an affordable price.

Sultan Edsele and Sultan Engenes

These models offer maximum benefits and comfort. What surprises the company "Ikea"? Mattresses, reviews of which are impressive, have a soft element 18 cm thick, “five comfort zones”. The level of rigidity is medium. The filler is a mixture of synthetic and natural latex. All these components provide excellent relaxation, reduce muscle tension as much as possible.

Latex mattresses Ikea reviews
Latex mattresses Ikea reviews

CoveredMattresses are 100% cotton jersey. Between it and the soft element is a layer of sheep's wool. The natural ingredients that make up the product help to effectively evaporate moisture and maintain a comfortable temperature for sleeping.

Spring mattresses

The assortment of the Dutch brand also includes spring products that are popular today. What exactly does Ikea offer? Mattresses, reviews of which are very encouraging, are available in two types:

  • Models with Bonnel spring block.
  • Models with independent pocket springs.

Quality spring products have many advantages. Most of them were adopted by Ikea. Spring mattresses manufactured under this brand are manufactured using the latest technology.

Ikea latex mattresses
Ikea latex mattresses

Benefits of spring mattresses

  • Even distribution of a person's weight, as a result - there is no excess pressure in certain areas.
  • Good ventilation - the product is always fresh and clean.
  • Mattresses have two sides that can be changed by flipping your "sleep guardian". This contributes to even wear and long service life.
  • Large range of fillings for the top layer - you can choose any, according to the taste of the customer.

What is the "Bonnel" block. Its advantages and disadvantages

This is a spring block of dependent springs attached to two grids. It is almost the same size as the mattress. This design is strong and reliable, but there is one significant drawback: during the load, not only those springs on which pressure is applied, but also neighboring ones are compressed, since mutual fixation occurs here. Such a product cannot repeat the curves of the human body, there is strong pressure in the shoulders and hips.

Ikea orthopedic mattresses
Ikea orthopedic mattresses

Independent spring block. Its advantages and disadvantages

The mattress with orthopedic properties consists of pocket-type springs. They are placed in separate tissue departments; when compressed, adjacent elements are not involved.

This option is especially good for those who do not sleep alone. Mattresses double "Ikea" contribute to a good rest. Turning a neighbor over does not affect the area of \u200b\u200bthe product in any way and does not disturb the person sleeping next to him. These types of mattresses are called anatomical. However, it should be borne in mind that excellent performance characteristics affect the cost - the price of such a model is quite high.

Ikea has developed and produces many types of spring mattresses. The buyer can choose the product necessary for himself and his family, focusing on his taste and wallet. The range includes economy-class mattresses, medium-priced and expensive spring models of increased comfort.

Popular types of Ikea spring mattresses

  • Yomna mattress: thickness 16 cm, consists of Bonnel springs and polyurethane foam 25 kg/m3.
  • Mattress "Hafslo":thickness 18 cm, consists of a block of Bonnel springs and polyurethane foam 28 kg/m3.
  • Hamarvik mattress: 21 cm thick, consists of a Bonnel spring block and two layers of polyurethane foam 25/28 kg/m3.
  • Hovog Mattress: 24 cm thick, consists of pocket springs and two layers of polyurethane foam 25/28 kg/m3.
  • Hillestad Mattress: 27 cm thick, made up of pocket springs, one layer of polyurethane foam and one layer of Memory.
Ikea orthopedic mattresses
Ikea orthopedic mattresses

Economy class products include Jomna, Hafsloh, Hamarvik. Bonnel dependent springs are used in these models, and the top layer is made of soft polyurethane foam. The fabric of the mattress is made of cotton and polyester. The main difference lies in the level of rigidity of the top layer. The disadvantage of such models is a certain discomfort in the hips and shoulders, which may occur during operation.

Hillestad and Hovog belong to the middle price class. In their production, independent springs are used, as a result, the properties of these products are almost the same as those of expensive anatomical mattresses. The upper soft layer consists of polyester wadding and polyurethane foam. In the "Hillestad" model, a layer with a memory effect is also used as a filler - "Memory". The latter perfectly reduces the load, contributing to a good rest.

Ikea children's mattresses
Ikea children's mattresses

Summing up

The budget mattress "Yomna" is suitable as a guest or country option, it is not recommended to purchase it for daily personal use. Some users claim that the state of he alth after a long rest on such a product may not be very good. If you are limited in funds, but at the same time have any back diseases, you should pay attention to the Hillestad mattress. This model has great features. It is most similar in properties to back he alth anatomical mattresses.

Perhaps you will like other Ikea products more. Choosing them, you need to focus primarily on personal feelings.

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