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The best orthopedic school bags: features, reviews and customer reviews
The best orthopedic school bags: features, reviews and customer reviews

For the first time, the question of choosing a school bag is raised by the parents of future first graders. The assortment presented in stores is so impressive that among such a variety of models it is easy to get confused. Therefore, when going shopping, it is better to decide in advance which backpack and which manufacturer you should choose.

Difficult choice: backpack, backpack or briefcase?

Along with the preparation of school uniforms and stationery, it is equally important to buy a satchel, backpack or briefcase. At first glance, it may seem that the difference between them exists only in the name, because they are all equally designed to carry textbooks and other items necessary for organizing learning. But still, they differ from one another not only in appearance, but also in the degree of influence on the he alth of the child.

orthopedic backpacks

The briefcase differs from a knapsack and a backpack, first of all, by the presence of one handle, as well as solid walls to give itrectangular shape. Its main disadvantage is that the load on the spine is distributed unevenly, which may cause its curvature.

The backpack has a sufficiently dense back, it is convenient to carry all the accessories necessary for study, but the lack of a rigid frame does not allow doctors to recommend its use to children of primary school age.

The backpack makes it possible to evenly distribute the load on the spine. This is achieved thanks to the rigid orthopedic back and wide shoulder straps. But he also has other significant advantages over a briefcase and a backpack.

Advantages and disadvantages of orthopedic backpacks

The following main advantages of orthopedic backpacks can be noted:

  • anatomically shaped backrest minimizes the risk of spinal curvature;
  • ventilated holes on the back of the satchel prevent getting wet while wearing it;
  • wide shoulder straps provide even distribution of load on the shoulders;
  • hard bottom allows the backpack to keep the correct shape;
  • Water-repellent fabric keeps the contents dry from getting wet.
orthopedic satchel reviews

Despite all the positive aspects, orthopedic backpacks also have disadvantages:

  • high price compared to briefcases and backpacks;
  • quite a lot of weight due to the presence of a rigid back frame.

However, these shortcomings seem so insignificant when a student's he alth is at stake.

How to choose a quality backpack for a first grader

When choosing an option for a student, you should pay attention to the following details:

  • the size of the satchel should correspond to the height and age of the child, otherwise such a purchase will not justify itself;
  • the presence of reflective elements is only welcome, as it ensures the safety of the child on the road;
  • additional pockets and zippers help distribute contents evenly;
  • presence of documents confirming the status of "Orthopedic schoolbag" is mandatory;
  • adjustable straps allow you to tightly fix the backpack on your back;
  • high-quality orthopedic backpacks will not cost less than 3 thousand rubles, and the upper limit of the cost depends on the specific manufacturer.

Knapsacks of certain brands can be produced with additional filling with school supplies. These include pencil case, shoe bag, wallet.


In order for a school bag to serve for more than one year, when buying it, you must definitely pay attention to the name of the manufacturer. There are leaders in this area too. It is believed that the best orthopedic backpacks are made in Germany. Trademarks Hama, Herlitz, Kite, McNeill have long been heard by both sellers and buyers.

school bags with orthopedic back

Orthopedic backpacks made in Austria are not inferior in quality to German competitors. Schneiders produces high quality, stylish products that meet allsafety requirements.

Russian manufacturers are not inferior to European colleagues. The Hummingbird trademark uses modern polymer materials in the manufacture of satchels to create a comfortable original design. Models of another company - Steiner - are specially developed by Austrian and German specialists for Russian schoolchildren. They combine high European quality of production with a reasonable price for domestic buyers.

Disney and Tiger Family orthopedic schoolbags are made in China. They come in a wide range of bright colors and additional details for easy accessibility of accessories.

Orthopedic bags Hama and Herlitz

Hama is one of the leaders in the German production of goods for the school. It produces orthopedic backpacks of several series, which differ in size, design, availability of additional parts, price. Particularly noteworthy are the lightweight backpacks of the Light series. They are perfect for the smallest schoolchildren, since their weight is only 900 grams. Almost all backpacks are sold with filling. Depending on the series, this includes a gym bag and a pencil case, sometimes a wallet and a plastic sandwich box.

lightweight orthopedic satchel

Herlitz backpacks have long been considered the best in their field. The 100-year experience of the company in the production of school supplies, including stationery, speaks for itself. Herlitz satchels are always recognizable instores. Among similar backpacks from other companies, they are distinguished by a unique stylish design. They are made in accordance with high safety requirements from ecological materials according to the recommendations of German orthopedists and pediatricians.

Kite German satchels

When parents are faced with the task of acquiring a high-quality backpack (orthopedic schoolbag) at an affordable price, it's time to get acquainted with the products of the German manufacturer Kite. Under this notorious trademark, school products are produced that are durable, environmentally friendly and have a design approach to the creation of each model.

satchel with orthopedic back

Kite backpacks have a rigid frame, which contributes to the formation of the correct posture in the child, and wide straps can significantly reduce the load on the student's shoulders.

McNeill Lightweight Orthopedic Packs

McNeill backpacks are not just orthopedic, but also ergonomic, that is, thanks to the soft elements on the back, the anatomical features of the body of children of different ages are taken into account. This minimizes the load on the shoulder joints and spine.

orthopedic school bag

All McNeill backpacks are lightweight, that is, they have a relatively small weight compared to similar models from other manufacturers. Their only drawback is their rather high price, which makes them available only to a certain category of buyers.

As a rule, light orthopedic satchelMcNeill comes pre-packaged with a flask, sandwich maker, shoe bag, pencil case with stationery inside and a soft pencil case-tube.

Orthopedic satchel: customer reviews

Before buying a school bag, you should definitely study the reviews of other buyers who have appreciated the advantages and disadvantages of a particular model.

The most positive reviews are always collected by orthopedic backpacks made in Germany of the following brands: Hama, Herlitz, McNeill, Kite. With regard to quality and durability, German models always have advantages over competitors. If the backpack is purchased for more than one year, it is better not to save money, but to buy the right model that will ensure the comprehensive safety of the child both at school and on the road.

best orthopedic backpacks

Miscellaneous reviews can be found about the products of Asian manufacturers. A backpack with an orthopedic back made in China is rarely sold with documents confirming its status, and, as a rule, serves its owner for no more than one year. But they always come in bright colors and are sold with images of their favorite Disney characters, so as far as kids' preferences go, these backpacks will always come first, of course.

Satchel designs for boys and girls

The main requirement for backpacks of any manufacturer is that, first of all, children like them. Therefore, school psychologists are of the same opinion: goods for future first graders must bepurchase jointly. In turn, manufacturers have taken care of the appearance of their products and provide the appropriate appearance of backpacks in compliance with popular trends.

Orthopedic back packs for girls are available in pink, red, lilac and other bright colors. They usually feature favorite cartoon characters: Hello Kitty, Barbie, Monster High, Princess, Pop Pixie.

In the design of the satchel for the boy there are corresponding colors: blue, blue, green, black. They are printed with the following prints: Bakugan, Hot Wheels, Naruto, Spider Man.

Choosing an orthopedic backpack will not seem difficult if, when going shopping, you have useful information about models, manufacturers, parent reviews and children's preferences.

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