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What to do with children in the camp? Tips for counselors

What to do with children in the camp? Tips for counselors
What to do with children in the camp? Tips for counselors

Today, almost anyone can be a leader in a children's he alth camp or on a summer playground at a school. But most often they are still students of pedagogical universities who want to earn extra money during the holidays and gain experience. It is for them that this short article was written about what to do with children in the camp. Despite the fact that there are general programs, the guys often remain idle, which is fraught with various incidents. Organizing the free time of their wards is one of the main duties of a counselor.

what to do with kids at camp

So let's get started. What to do with the kids at camp?

1. Sport. Play volleyball, badminton or football. Everyone knows these sports games. Those who do not want to take part, let them be fans or judges.

2. Creation. It all depends on the age and gender of the children. Younger students will be happy to sculpt, draw and make applications. With older children, it's more difficult. Girls will only like to weave beaded baubles, while guys canbe interested in a complex constructor. But where to get it in the camp?

3. Decorate the premises of your squad: draw posters, a wall newspaper, paste a photo of each child, writing something about him.

what to do with kids on vacation

4. Hide the treasure, and spread notes around the camp. Each of them should indicate the location of the next, and the last one should say where the "treasure" lies. This is a great option for keeping your child busy during the holidays at camp!

5. Tour or hike. Before you engage the children in the camp with this interesting type of leisure, get permission from the teacher or director. They need to know when, where and what line-up you will be and how soon you will be back. You can go to meet the dawn, in the nearest forest or on the banks of a river or sea. Children should be accompanied by several adults. Come up with a purpose for the hike - shoot a video, collect material for crafts, hang bird feeders, etc.

6. Make a video about the camp or your squad. This can even be done on a mobile phone. The main thing is then to mount it on a computer in one video sequence. Or maybe you can make a whole movie by writing a script for it?

7. What distinguishes a summer camp for children from a daytime playground? Events that take place every evening! Prepare a dance, skit or a fun song for the entire squad!

summer camp for kids activities

8. What else to do with the kids at camp? Games! These can be board games such as lotto, chess and checkers, as well as mobile ones: relay races, fun starts. Belowwe will give some examples of such activity:

- Participants stand in a circle. Everyone is assigned a number clockwise: from one to … After that, everyone begins to simultaneously clap their hands twice, twice on their knees, without stopping. The first player says his number twice when he touches his knees, and the number of the other child when he claps his hands. Without losing the general rhythm of clapping, the person whose number was called calls his number and that of the other participant. The main thing in the game is not to break the rhythm and not stop.

- Divide the squad into teams of 3-4 people and give a list of tasks. Set a deadline for them to be completed. The team that completes everything first receives a prize or is relieved of some duties. The main thing here is to come up with funny and interesting tasks.

Hide and seek, bouncer, "The sea worries once …", "Broken phone" - all these games are also a great option for keeping children busy at camp! Go for it!

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