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Chants in the camp. Children's slogans for the camp, school and sports holidays

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Chants in the camp. Children's slogans for the camp, school and sports holidays
Chants in the camp. Children's slogans for the camp, school and sports holidays

Speech is an important attribute of being in a children's camp, at school competitions and in other games. Thanks to her, the team becomes more united, and the atmosphere is much happier. If you are puzzled by the question of finding chants, mottos, this article will certainly become your assistant.


When gathering your child for a summer vacation, be sure to tell him about the importance of speeches in the camp, he must clearly understand why they should be known. Especially if the child was not familiar with them at school or at sports games. You can share with him and your stories about your childhood, when you happily learned this kind of chants by heart, and then, as a friendly and cheerful team, walked to the morning workout or participated in competitions.

speeches in the camp

Perhaps you will remember your mottos and slogans for the camp, you can come up with something at the family council, write it down and give it to the child with you or hand it over to the teacher yourself. He will undoubtedly appreciate your contribution to the creative program. If you can’t write a rhyme, it doesn’t matter, various resources will come to your aid, which are simply saturated with interesting information andvarious plans for the most productive holiday.

The essence of the slogan

Summer camp or school chants are some mottos to cheer children up, create a positive environment, team them up and play a funny form. It is advisable to choose a text without using complex, incomprehensible words; children do not remember such expressions well. Preferably, if it is a maximum of 4 lines - short, loud and clear.

mottos and slogans for the camp

It doesn't matter if you're coming up with slogans for a canteen camp or organizing a game, the essence of the poem is that it should be fun and understandable to both you and the child. Team mottos and chants are always appropriate during exercises, joint walks, swimming and other activities. Be sure to involve the guys in them, the very participation in the process makes them more independent. Entrust them with the creation of the chants themselves, let them name their squad, and also come up with a beautiful slogan.

Morning ruler

Chants in the camp will cheer up the squad during the training camp for the morning workout. You can also learn them for the school ruler. It will be easier for children to wake up, perform a couple of simple exercises in order to start their new day with a great mood in the future:

A new day has come for us, The sun woke up, Hey guys, have fun

Sing the song soon!

Get on the exercises, don't be lazy on the exercises!

It's not for nothing that they say: physical education is a friend of the guys!

Left, right, up,down, you baby, work hard!

Be strong, brave, beautiful, tanned.

Good morning, combat squad, How did you sleep? Is it good?

Let's wake up, daring people, Let's play, have fun with soul!

One, two, three, four!

Three, four, one, two!

Look at us, All the guys are great!

We are so good!

Champions, daredevils!

Be the first everywhere:

In sports, in business and in work!

Let's go to the dining room

When gathering for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the chants for the camp in the dining room will be a kind of start for the children before the long-awaited meal:

We are very hungry, We really want to eat!

We will definitely eat lunch quickly

And we want more!

We haven't eaten for a long time, Open the door soon, Hands and face washed, We wish you all a great appetite!

Become, squad, hurry up, We're going to have lunch.

Soup, meatballs, salad and compote -

Our stomach will be happy with everything.

Let's eat pasta, We will become like champions!

Chefs, thank you!

Fed tasty, We'll look again in the evening, We will wait for the cabbage.

Screams in the camp when going to the canteen will provide an opportunity to organize the guys in a collective system, avoiding the hustle and bustle, as usually children run there headlong.

chants for the campdining room

Also, with their help, you can praise the cooks in the school cafeteria together and in an organized manner and wish other children bon appetit.

Physical Education

When children have to participate in various activities, then sports chants will be more useful than ever.

sports chants

They will perfectly set the guys in the right mood and set a good emotional mood:

Come on, guys, get involved in sports!

Squat - one, two, three!

Repeat - one, two, three!

Don't relax!

We should run, A circle or two around the stadium!

Each of us will grow up to be a champion for sure!

To be the strongest, you have to practice, Swim, run and dive, just don't wallow!

We will pump muscles, hey, grab the dumbbells!

You can sing the song, it will be more fun!

Bent over - one, and crouched - two.

Hands pull - higher, higher, To reach the roof!

Such chants in the camp and school should be the basis for sports and morning workout. A good mood is the key to more productive physical activity.

For the entire squad

For greater team cohesion, a slogan for the detachment will not be superfluous. The leader or leader starts the speech, then the children finish it together:

We hate boredom the most! – This is us!

We are jacks of all trades! – It's us!

And we dance and sing? – This is us!

And we save clothes? – This is us!

And underput her bed? – No, not us!

Do we keep everything in order? – Just us!And say thank you? And thanks for everything? - Yes, of course, it's us, mischievous daredevils!

These summer camp chants will allow children to playfully take walks, go swimming, explore the world around them, showing the cohesion of their squad:

Where are we going guys? Go to the stadium to play!

Are all the teams assembled or do we have to count?

Everyone has gathered for a long time already, it's time to go on our way!

Then follow me, athletes, and don't forget the ball!

We are going now… for a walk! (children continue)

Let's jump and ….jump! (children continue)

Get in line guys!

Sing along, squad!

Team games

When games are organized by teams, in addition to the motto, be sure to come up with a slogan. It should be short, concise and fully convey the whole mood of the team and its will to win.

speech for the team

You can also design a team symbol, come up with an anthem, flag, paraphernalia, a certain style of clothing and other symbols. The mottos and slogans for the camp during the games of different teams should be easy to remember, we recommend that you think over the organizational points the day before so that the children can prepare in advance.


Team "Airplane"


We will arrive at least where - clearly, always harmoniously!


We fly on the tops, We can do the clouds!

The roar of the engine will howl into the sky!

Our strength is forever!

Team "Tank"


Quickly, deftly and skillfully - we take up the matter boldly!


We will overcome any path, Difficulties are nothing to us!

We roam the earth, We don't care about any obstacles!

Evening chants at camp

At the end of a busy day, when all the children are tired and it's time to get ready for bed, getting ready for an evening wash, you can cheer up with a couple of funny chants. Children can learn them on their own, and then read the chants all together, for example, at the construction when summing up the day, showing other squads how they get ready for bed:

We were jumping and playing, so we were very tired.

Let's go to bed soon, otherwise the bed will be bored.

We had fun all day

And a little tired.

Strength left to wash

And get everyone to bed!

Come on, kids, fast sleep

Go to bed!

To gain strength again, Need a lot of rest!

We jumped, we ran, But it's time for bed.

Wash up, get some sleep, Tomorrow all over again!

Worked up, played enough, Time to go to bed.

Don't forget

Wash your hands and face!

Performing tasks to a resounding, comical slogan will surely please the guys.

summer camp rhymes

In the future, children will happily remember all the chants and chants, showing off towith these other funny poems.

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