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Friendzone - what is it, or You and I are just friends

Friendzone - what is it, or You and I are just friends
Friendzone - what is it, or You and I are just friends

A huge number of women and men from various countries are located in the friend zone. What is this place? Let's try to understand the issue.

Just friends

There are such relations in the world between people in which one is friends and the other loves. Moreover, love is long, disinterested, painful and, unfortunately, unrequited. This type of relationship is the friend zone. This is what is translated from English as "friendship zone".

friend zone is what

In such a relationship, the side that is the "third wheel" is subject to various psychological disorders. This is low self-esteem, and constant depression, and against their background there is also a migraine, indifference to everything and everyone.

Friendzone. How to understand that you are in it?

friendzone how to understand

There are three most important distinguishing features of such relationships:

  1. You constantly dream of an ideal joint future, although in the present tense not everything is as smooth and good as you would like, and on the opposite side there is not even the slightest hint that you will have this future. You are constantly waiting for something, hoping that when this something happens, the attitude towards you will change. But waityou can spend your whole life, and then you won’t get anything in the end.
  2. Lack of intimacy is also an indicator that you are in the friend zone. Still, intimacy should be present in a relationship. Naturally, there are exceptions to this paragraph - children and adolescents under 18, religious people. If you don’t include yourself in this category, but you don’t have sexual relations with the object of your love, then you can say with full confidence that you are in a place like a friend zone. What does it mean? You are seen either as a friend or as a fallback.
  3. The easiest way to find out if you are a friend or something else is to ask yourself the question: Do you like you? If you start to doubt or think about the answer, then you are in the friend zone, nothing more.
  4. getting out of the friend zone

"Friend zone" - this is what a woman or girl says from time to time, who is indifferent to a certain person, but will not even think about letting him go. After all, you can use it for your own personal interests, in order to have stability, both material and moral.

How to find a way out of the friend zone?

First of all, you must change the tactics of your behavior. It makes sense not to spend all your personal time on the object of your adoration. You need to behave in such a way that your partner notices the change. But this in no way means that you need to become a boor, close in yourself. Think and act positively, this will show your partner that everything is going great for you. No need to indulge the ideas and desires of the object of yourlove. After all, the friendzone is what? This is when one loves, and the other indulges in everything. Therefore, fulfilling all desires, you will never get out of the friendship zone. It's better to limit your meetings a little, for example, by saying that you are busy today. Or walk, but not alone, but in the company of friends. By this you will show your independence from the person to whom you are not indifferent. Increase your self-esteem, take care of yourself, meet new people. Following these recommendations, you will never find yourself in the friend zone.

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