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Baby care. Children and their care

Baby care. Children and their care
Baby care. Children and their care

Babies who have just been born have insufficiently strong immunity. That is why it is especially important to care for newborns. Children are in great need of parental care and attention.

Newborn nutrition

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Nutrition is, of course, the most important item included in newborn care. Children used to eat strictly by the hour (1 time in three hours). Now pediatricians have changed their views on feeding children and recommend feeding the baby on demand. Thus, the process of feeding occurs in each child individually. Some are naughty and open their mouths in order to be given food more often, others do it less often. Any mother knows that breast milk is preferable and much he althier for her child. To date, many doctors recommend that mothers do not express milk left after feeding. If the baby eats on demand, then soon the milk will be produced in exactly the quantity that is needed.

Belly button treatment

When discharged from the hospital, the remainder of the umbilical cord in all babies disappears, but the umbilical wound remains. It requires constant treatment until complete healing. Processingnavel should be performed twice a day (in the evening and in the morning), as well as other hygiene procedures that ensure proper care of newborns. Children have very delicate skin, therefore, when treating the wound with hydrogen peroxide, and then with an alcohol solution of chlorophyllipt or brilliant green, one should try not to get on the skin around the navel. For faster healing of the umbilical wound, the child needs to take air baths more often, use diapers with a special cutout for the navel, make sure that the clothes do not “rub”, carefully iron all the baby’s diapers and clothes.

Hygiene procedures

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Like any person, your baby needs daily hygiene procedures. Washing, caring for the nose and ears, caring for nails, washing and bathing are all included in the hygiene care of newborns. Children should be washed, as a rule, twice a day with a clean cotton swab dipped in ordinary boiled water. To wipe the eye, be sure to change the swab. Wipe the eyes from the inner edge to the outer. This approach will prevent infection from entering them. The nose of young children is cleaned with cotton flagella soaked in water as needed. Perform this procedure several times a week, when you see that the nose needs to be cleaned or you hear that the baby is not breathing quite freely. The ears of newborns require special care. Parents can gently remove the yellow discharge with a cotton swab. In this case, you should not try to clean the ear deeply. Children's nails should be trimmed with sharp manicurescissors with rounded ends. The toenails are cut straight, and the nails on the hands are rounded.

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Wash babies after each emptying. This must be done immediately. You can perform this procedure with tap water with a temperature of 36-37 degrees. Washing is the only procedure that distinguishes caring for a newborn baby girl from caring for a boy. It is important to wash girls from front to back, because their vagina and anus are too close. As for bathing, it is the same for both a boy and a girl. The water temperature should also be 36-37 degrees, adding something there is not necessary at all. In the first days of life, while the umbilical wound heals, water should be boiled.

The first walks with the baby can be carried out 2 weeks after his birth. The first time the baby should be taken outside for just a couple of minutes. Every day, the time of walking should be gradually increased and gradually brought to an hour (if desired, you can walk for several hours a day). First walks and first books

Another important detail that includes caring for a newborn baby is a book. It may seem ridiculous and silly to read books to a newborn, but in fact it is very useful. Reading to kids is worth from a very early age, it contributes to their development. Love your children and take good care of them from the very first days!

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