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Terrible holiday Air Force Day - what date not everyone knows

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Terrible holiday Air Force Day - what date not everyone knows
Terrible holiday Air Force Day - what date not everyone knows

Everyone knows that our country is famous for its military power. Equipment, weapons and training of fighters are at the highest level. Every year Russia celebrates many holidays related to the defense of the country. But not everyone knows what date Air Force Day is. The presidential decree establishing this solemn day was issued on August 29, 1997.

A trip to history

Back in 1912, the history of military aviation in Russia began. A special department of aeronautics was created in the tsarist army. Initially, military aircraft were planned to be used only for reconnaissance. But the designers worked tirelessly, and today our supersonic fighters are the best in the world. And it all started with plywood small models “carved with an axe”. It is hard to imagine what kind of aircraft will appear before the people in a few decades.

What date is Air Force Day

On the warm day of the outgoing summer, one can celebrate a wonderful holiday with pleasure. Next, you will find out what date is Russian Air Force Day.


During the Great Patriotic War, aviation, which was not yet strong, suffered huge losses, althoughthe number of warships it had no equal in the world. The surprise factor worked, and many aircraft were destroyed by the enemy. But this did not prevent our brave people from winning. After the war, aeronautics improved, a lot of effort and money was spent on this industry.

Today we are proud of the professionalism of pilots, engineers and everyone involved in the country's navy. These people give themselves to work without a trace, show courage and desperation. Do not forget to congratulate relatives and friends, but for this you must find out what date Air Force Day is celebrated.

what date is air force day

Study and work

Sometimes it is difficult to find words and wishes. But you can say warm words to a military pilot without hesitation. These courageous people are always focused, serious, they feel military bearing and nobility. This is what millions of boys dream of becoming. They are waiting to be drafted into the army to try to get into service in the Air Force detachment. But once you get there, you won’t learn much, but you will know exactly what date Air Force Day is in Russia. Young fighters perform economic functions, protect strategically important objects. To get into the officer corps and get the opportunity to fly, you need to study hard and long. Only after graduating from a military university, which produces real pilots, yesterday's boy will fulfill his dream of taking to the skies. That's when his favorite holiday will be Air Force Day. What date this solemn day is celebrated, he will know by heart.

what date is the day of the russian air force

Country security

There is nothing more important than a peaceful sky above. War brings death and destruction. It is good that in the modern world people have learned to resolve conflicts and disagreements peacefully. But the defense does not sleep. The country's Air Force performs intelligence functions. Therefore, the development and improvement of this industry continues. Trained pilots are ready to start the mission immediately.

A wonderful annual holiday - Air Force Day, everyone knows what date it is celebrated. A presidential decree issued in 1997 gave the date August 12 official status. Now all people involved in this profession are happy to congratulate relatives and colleagues, make sincere speeches and wish them success in their work and promotion. On this day, magnificent demonstration events are held, awards are presented.

what date is air force day

It's good that our air force

Everything is fine today in the service.

Motors do not junk, Planes fly like birds.

Let everything go like clockwork in the sky, And nothing will let you down.

Happy holiday, brave people!

We will never forget your work.

Sleep well while you're on patrol

We are not afraid a priori.

Such a touching and universal greeting can be sent with a short message or expressed as a toast. Be sure to congratulate your loved ones on Air Force Day. What date this wonderful holiday is celebrated, now you know.

Tamers of the elements

The Air Force is in charge of the strongestelement is the sky. Russian fighters conquer their native spaces with ease. At parades and parades, they show real miracles of aerobatics. The crowd watches these aerial shows with surprise and delight. Attend city events on Air Force Day. What date this holiday is celebrated, you will not forget now. Children and adults, holding their breath, look up every time and get a lot of emotions from these spectacles!

Prepare congratulations to the pilot's acquaintances and those who are affected by this holiday. In prose or poetry, your sincere wishes will sound - it doesn’t matter. Most importantly, pay attention to people who do dangerous and important work for each of us.

“Today is high-flying eagle day! Please accept my heartfelt congratulations. May good luck and happiness pursue you all your life, success follows you around. You are the pride of the country, our protection and defense. Prosper, improve and serve confidently and proudly! We are grateful for your hard and responsible work. Happy holiday, brave people!”

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