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Do you have budgerigars in your house? How to distinguish a male from a female?

Do you have budgerigars in your house? How to distinguish a male from a female?
Do you have budgerigars in your house? How to distinguish a male from a female?

Budgerigars occupy a special position among pets. After all, they are bright, unusual, funny and incredibly talkative! Such a small bird will become a true friend to a child and cheer up an adult. And in order for the parrots not to be bored, and they have not lost their ability to reproduce, a pair is selected for them. And now budgerigars appear in your house. How to tell a male from a female is the first question that will puzzle you.

Budgerigars, pair

To figure out which of the parrots is a female and which is a male, you need to pay special attention to the wax of your birds. The wax is a leathery formation located on the top of the beak. In males, the cere is usually purple or blue. And in females - brown or gray.

It is worth noting that it is possible to determine the sex in this way only when the parrot is at least three or four months old. But in very small chicks, it is impossible to determine the sex, since the cere changes its color over time. It often happens that the male in infancy has a pinkish, and the female has a blue wax. Budgerigars, photos of which you see,clearly demonstrate this clear difference in the color of the cere.

How do budgerigars behave? How to distinguish a male from a female by behavior?

Budgerigar, male

Distinguishing a male from a female is not difficult if you observe the behavior of parrots a little. The male behaves more aggressively and actively, and this is especially noticeable during the mating season, when the boy parrot actively protects his beloved from strangers. In addition, males are much more noisy, sing, and also talk. Females, on the contrary, behave very modestly. Also, sometimes, showing their cleanliness, they throw various objects out of the cage. It is usually very difficult to teach them to talk.

Such interesting and unusual birds are budgerigars. How to distinguish a male from a female? Now this question will not cause you any difficulty.

Budgerigars, which require responsible care, should live in a bright and clean room. Birds love light, but should not be placed too close to a window, as they are very afraid of drafts.

Budgerigar, female

It is also worth remembering that the cage for keeping budgerigars should be rectangular and have a flat top. Polygonal, round, as well as cages with various curly decorations are completely unsuitable for birds: parrots will not be able to move freely and fly from one place to another. In addition, jewelry often accumulates dirt, dust and various parasites. Separately, it is worth noting that it is desirable to purchase a metalcage.

In addition, the cage must be equipped with a retractable bottom, perches, feeders, and a drinking bowl for water. For the manufacture of perches, hard wood is used. They should have different diameters.

If you keep your feathered pets in proper conditions, then, of course, they will always be happy and he althy. In addition, you will no longer have questions about what gender your budgerigars are. You know how to tell a male from a female.

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