Stroller "Peg Perego Plico mini": customer reviews, specifications and photos
Stroller "Peg Perego Plico mini": customer reviews, specifications and photos

Video: Stroller "Peg Perego Plico mini": customer reviews, specifications and photos

Video: Stroller "Peg Perego Plico mini": customer reviews, specifications and photos
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When a newborn baby begins to outgrow a stroller with a cradle, every mother asks herself: “What can replace it?”. The priority is the ability to combine a comfortable rest for the crumbs, not only during sleep, but also when going outside. Also, a young mother wants to get ease of use and the possibility of easy transportation from transport for a child. Of course, there are models that easily transform into a stroller and have three positions: recumbent, semi-recumbent and sitting. But for all their advantages, such strollers have a significant disadvantage - rather large dimensions and relatively heavy weight. Therefore, the transformer is not very easy to equip in the trunk or take on a trip. Yes, and not all doors pass through such models, but with an elevator it’s a real disaster. Many people spend a lot of money buying several strollers. In one childsleeps at home, and in the other goes for a walk. Of course, this is a very costly and not always justified measure.

stroller peg perego plico mini reviews
stroller peg perego plico mini reviews

Which pram to choose?

The way out can be a light stroller, which can easily turn into a bed. But the market is full of various models for every taste and budget. Parents, being at a loss, begin to surf the entire Internet, looking for the most suitable option. And this is not an easy task, because quality and safety must be at a high level when it comes to children.

In addition, not the last factor is the convenience and patency of the stroller.

peg perego plico mini stroller
peg perego plico mini stroller

Peg Perego Plico Mini Stroller

Peg-Perego Pliko Mini is one of the most successful strollers in recent times. This is a modernized and lightweight classic model. In addition, now the child transport can be folded in a few seconds and with just one hand. The Peg Perego Plico Mini, which we will review later in the article, was developed specifically for active parents who travel a lot and have to carry a stroller with them. But the novelty was to the taste not only to fans of adventures. Moms and dads who prefer to walk "light" appreciated the model to the fullest.

She won the hearts of parents due to her lightness, compactness, convenience and absolute safety for the baby. In addition, the model has a wide choice of colors and evendouble option for twins.

Let's consider further the features of the Peg Perego Plico mini baby stroller, user reviews.

stroller cane peg perego plico mini reviews
stroller cane peg perego plico mini reviews

Main Features

This model is produced by the Italian company Peg-Perego, which has been on the market for more than 50 years. Their strollers can be found all over the world, and there is no doubt about the reliability of their products. The company is constantly improving its production technologies, taking into account all the needs of children and their parents. The brand guarantees the high quality of its products, which are produced according to European standards. The company's slogan is: "We make our products as if all the children who will use them are our own!" And this is true, the entire range of Peg-Perego is made with love and taking into account all the features of little people and their adult relatives.

The Peg Perego Plico mini stroller was designed specifically for travel. It has a very light design, the weight of the model does not even reach 6 kg, which makes it as convenient as possible for any trips and flights. Plus, it folds very simply and compactly, decreasing in all respects. This allows you to easily put it in a small case. In addition, you can fold the walk into a cane with just one hand, without even letting go of the child.

Let's consider further the characteristics of the "Peg Perego Plico mini". It is thanks to them that the stroller has gained great popularity.

walking stick peg perego plico minireviews
walking stick peg perego plico minireviews


The main features of the Peg Perego Plico mini stroller include the following:

  • Folds like a cane with no effort.
  • Mobile front wheels, if necessary there is a lock.
  • Handle height can be easily adjusted.
  • The presence of a sun visor.
  • Rubber wheels.
  • Handle located on the side for carrying.
  • Hood toy attachment.
  • The back has the necessary rigidity.
  • The presence of a viewing window.
  • Available five-point seat belts.
  • There is a basket for things.
  • Availability of a footrest.

Size and weight

Let's consider such characteristics of the stroller as size and weight:

  • Folded size is 34 x 32 x 94 cm.
  • Unfolded - 50 x 110 x 84 cm.
  • Weight "Peg Perego Plico mini" 5.7 kg.
  • Suitable for children under 15 kg.
  • A painting can be loaded up to 5 kg.
  • Total seat width is 31 cm.
  • Back width - 28 cm.
  • Seat depth is 25 cm.
  • Step depth - 13 cm.
  • The length of this model in the prone position is 87 cm.
peg perego plico mini for twins
peg perego plico mini for twins

Peg Perego Plico Mini also available for twins or ages 0-36 months. The stroller is very comfortable and light. Soft large seats provide children with comfortable sleep and walks. How to unfold the Peg Perego Plico Mini stroller?This can be done without bending over, even with one hand, without much effort. To do this, you need to remove it from the latch, and then press the special pedal.

peg perego plico mini stroller
peg perego plico mini stroller

Benefits of using

As you can see from the specifications, the stroller can be used immediately after the child has grown out of the cradle. According to reviews, "Peg Perego Plico mini" is very convenient. In it, the baby can comfortably not only walk, but also sleep, due to the fact that in addition to the sitting position, the backrest can recline 150 degrees. It has the function of regulation and footrest. There is a hook on which you can hang a toy for the baby.

Dimensions easily allow you to pass with the model through any doorways, ride in public transport and take with you on any trip, both by private car, and on planes and trains.

The Peg Perego Plico mini stroller will be convenient not only for the child, but also for his parents. You can easily adjust the height of the handle for yourself, free your hands from things by folding them into a capacious basket, and after trying to ride it in the store, you can see how light and maneuverable it is. Also, the straps that the model is equipped with will ensure complete safety even for the smallest or restless baby.

One of the advantages is that the children's transport is folded with the wheels down, which allows you not to stain the hood. In addition, when folded, it can be stably in an upright position, and even a miniature mother can easily carry it.

peg perego plico mini weight
peg perego plico mini weight

Variety of colors and patterns

The range includes 14 color options, from plain to more original multi-colored.

In addition to the variety of colors, the stroller features a stylish design. The model has a small but well-protected visor with a large window for observing the baby. The wheels have a small diameter - only 15 millimeters, but this does not affect their functionality in any way. And thanks to the back, a record width for canes, the child can sleep comfortably.

The stroller is suitable for summer, autumn and spring operation.


The Italian company uses only ecological, hypoallergenic and safe material for the production of its products. Stroller consists of:

  • textile;
  • aluminum;
  • plastic.

Models are odorless and toxic, and also undergo mandatory certification. They are easy to use and maintain. Differ in the high durability and wear resistance. Modern upholstery material is waterproof and dirt resistant. The design itself consists of aluminum, which is not afraid of bad weather and mechanical stress. Transport will serve the baby faithfully, while maintaining its appearance.


It depends on the delivery and may change, but the main components remain:

  • stroller;
  • basket;
  • bonnet;
  • documentation;
  • packaging.

When buying or ordering onlinePliko Mini must be checked with the seller. If desired, you can separately purchase various accessories that will make use even more convenient, they can be selected specifically for each of the colors.

The stroller is almost assembled, it remains only to hang the basket.

Distinguishing Features

According to user reviews, the undeniable advantages of this stroller are:

  1. Incredibly light. It is rare to find models with such a low weight, Peg-Perego Pliko Mini is considered the smallest model in its segment.
  2. The backrest can be fixed from a sitting to a lying position, which makes it possible to start using it from the age of 6 months. Yes, and older children sometimes do not mind taking a nap during a walk.
  3. By raising the footboard, you can increase the bed.
  4. Maneuverability thanks to dual wheels and swiveling front pair.
  5. The visor provides excellent protection from the sun and is equipped with a large viewing window.
  6. The footrest is adjustable.
  7. Handle can be raised to desired height.
  8. Folds with one hand and just as easy to unfold in seconds.
  9. Stands folded upright and thanks to wheels it can even be rolled upright.
  10. Easily fits in the trunk and drives through any doorways.
  11. There is a handle for easy transportation of the folded stroller.
  12. A huge selection of colors - from bright to practical.
  13. Quality materials used inmanufacturing.
  14. Strength and reliability.
  15. Convenience for the child due to the wide and fairly rigid back for such a small model.
  16. Excellent not only on asph alt, but also on sand, pebbles and other uneven surfaces.
  17. Good wheel cushioning helps avoid heavy rocking on difficult road sections.
  18. Compliance with the European quality standard.
  19. Removable protective bumper.
  20. The presence of a combined brake on the rear axle.
  21. Justified, quite affordable price.

Thanks to all these qualities, the Peg Perego Plico Mini stroller has only positive reviews.


To complete the model, the manufacturer offers to purchase accessories for it:

  1. Bumper. It is convenient for children to hold on to it during walks.
  2. Cape on legs. Perfect for little ones.
  3. Raincoat. Provides a comfortable walk even during bad weather.
  4. Cup holder.
  5. Bag. Allows mum to pack all her baby essentials, such as diapers, for going out or on the road.
  6. Umbrella. Additional protection from the scorching sun, especially relevant on vacation in the summer heat.
  7. Mosquito net. Will protect the child from insect bites.
  8. Protective case.

Let's consider further what kind of stroller-cane "Peg Perego Plico mini" has reviews. They are based on the opinions of users.

Stroller cane "Peg Perego Plico Mini": reviews

Most of the parents who settled on the Pliko Miniwere satisfied. Judging by the reviews and reviews on the Internet, the stroller has won the hearts of adults with its size, weight and convenience. Many made a choice in her favor, only after trying once to ride in the store, the model is so comfortable.

According to reviews, "Peg Perego Plico Mini" has a practical material that is easy to care for and is easy to maneuver. Without a doubt, all moms agreed that there is simply no better option for vacation trips.

Children also liked this stroller, especially pleased with the hard and fairly wide back. In addition, it can take 3 positions, and the footrest is adjustable, which allows the baby to rest in the stroller, wherever he is. The kids are happy to ride on this model, and many even refuse to ride on other strollers.

Parents believe that the price of the stroller fully justifies itself, and the quality meets all standards.

The model has a very high rating and a lot of positive comments on various Internet resources. The Pliko Mini is voted the best mobile stroller of all cane models based on user opinions.

Comparing the cane of the Italian company with other models in this segment, the majority voted for Peg-Perego. The main argument was that there is simply no smaller, lighter and more convenient stroller for travel. Thousands of parents already ride their babies in them and are not going to change Pliko Mini for other models.


The model is very stable and the babyfully protected from falls. This provides:

  • 5-point safety harness that securely fixes the baby in any seat position;
  • endowed with a swivel function, the front wheels are simply locked in a straight position, which is more convenient when passing uneven surfaces;
  • the stroller has a foot brake that securely locks the rear wheels.

Where to buy

Purchasing goods is not difficult. Most stores specializing in children's products have Pliko Mini in stock. Also, the Internet is full of sites where this model is available. But it is better to give preference to trusted stores like the Detsky Mir or Daughters-Sonny chain, which can provide all the documents for the product and a guarantee for its use. Promotions often held in chain stores can be a nice bonus. This way you can save up to 30% of the cost. Also, without departing from the cash desk, it is possible to pick up accessories for recreational vehicles.

If you buy a stroller on the Internet, then you should choose only sites that have a representative office of the company, or reliable Internet resources. Be sure to check all certificates and documents. This will help you get the right quality product, because the market is full of fakes of famous brands and scammers.

Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a complete disappointment from the purchase and throwing money away.

Why choose

Based on all the characteristics and advantages, we can conclude that the stroller will be an excellent solution for active andappreciating the convenience of parents. If you prefer the Peg Perego Plico mini stroller, you can get:

  • convenience;
  • the lightest stroller in the world;
  • strength and reliability;
  • excellent Italian quality;
  • securely fixing the baby;
  • possibility of quick assembly with one hand;
  • instant transformation into a bed;
  • patency on any roads;
  • sun protection;
  • ecological and allergy-free material composition;
  • the ability to watch the baby during sleep through a special window on the hood;
  • beautiful design;
  • large selection of colors and accessories;
  • elementary cleaning of the product;
  • the ability to take a cane everywhere, including the plane;
  • savings, because the model is suitable for all seasons except winter;
  • your peace of mind;
  • bonus baby smile.

In addition, judging by the reviews, the stroller is really the way it is described by manufacturers and sellers. After all, people's love can not be bought for any money.

Choosing the Pliko Mini walking stick is the best choice for walking and traveling. Only after trying it, you will fall in love and never want to leave! Versatility, practicality, convenience and unsurpassed quality, coupled with safety, can conquer even the most demanding parents. Choose the quality proven over the years and thousands of families! After all, the Peg Perego Plico mini stroller was created to please both children and their parents. With baby transport from the Italiancompany, any walk will bring only joy.