Eyelash lamination during pregnancy: harmful or not? Compositions for laminating eyelashes
Eyelash lamination during pregnancy: harmful or not? Compositions for laminating eyelashes

Video: Eyelash lamination during pregnancy: harmful or not? Compositions for laminating eyelashes

Video: Eyelash lamination during pregnancy: harmful or not? Compositions for laminating eyelashes
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Women in interesting positions worry about how they look. Bearing a child is the most wonderful period for each of the fair sex, and at the same time very exciting, since various changes take place at this time, both in the body and in appearance. In an effort to look their best, many women think about eyelash lamination during pregnancy, but at the same time they are afraid that the procedure will harm the unborn baby.

eyelash lamination for pregnant women
eyelash lamination for pregnant women

Lamination of eyelashes: what is it for

Such a cosmetic procedure as eyelash lamination allows you to make them more fluffy, shiny and long. Beauticians claim that it also strengthens the structure and moisturizes the cilia, which become a real eye decoration, making themmore expressive.

Eyelash lamination compositions do not affect the skin around the eyes, so women are allowed to carry out the procedure in position. In addition to the cosmetic effect, lamination contributes to:

  • restoring the eyelash structure;
  • activate growth and strengthen eyelashes;
  • additional nutrition that protects against hair loss.

During the procedure, a heated composition is applied to the cilia. The mixture is strengthened with keratin, then the eyelashes are coated with paint of the desired shade. The duration of the procedure is about 40 minutes.

eyelash lamination during pregnancy
eyelash lamination during pregnancy

It should be borne in mind that after the composition is washed off, the eyelashes will be stiff. After 2-3 hours, you can enjoy the desired effect.

Procedure steps

Lamination of eyelashes during pregnancy takes place in several stages:

  • cosmetics are removed so that the active substances can freely penetrate the hair structure;
  • a special preparatory composition is applied, which smoothes and softens the skin;
  • the protective form is selected to which the cilia are glued;
  • fixing the protector on the upper eyelid, glue the eyelashes with natural glue, which can then be easily removed;
  • Nourishing serum containing natural oils and vitamins, as well as a coloring pigment that gives the desired shade is applied to the eyelashes;
  • eyelashes are covered with liquid keratin, which penetrates the hair structure and strengthens it from the inside (actually keratin createsthe effect of long and fluffy eyelashes);
  • when the active ingredients dry, remove the protector and the remaining substance that covers the eyelashes.
compositions for lamination of eyelashes
compositions for lamination of eyelashes

Due to the procedure, dormant cells and bulbs are activated, resulting in accelerated growth of young eyelashes.

Is it possible to do eyelash lamination for pregnant women

Professional masters claim that lamination for expectant mothers is carried out exclusively with natural preparations, which contributes to the healing and restoration of eyelashes.

Among them:

  • keratin, which is a protein compound (this substance is present in the structure of hair, nails, eyelashes);
  • vitamins and minerals;
  • vegetable oils.

In addition to the main ones, the lamination product also includes additional components that strengthen and restore eyelashes.

Is lamination of eyelashes harmful during pregnancy?
Is lamination of eyelashes harmful during pregnancy?

Eyelash lamination compositions are applied only to natural cilia, without affecting the mucous membrane. At the same time, the woman has no pain sensations.

Lamination and first trimester

To avoid negative consequences and get the desired effect from eyelash lamination, the procedure time must be chosen correctly. The first trimester, according to doctors, is the most dangerous period, which is accompanied by various troubles, both for the woman and for the fetus. The expectant mother's hormonal background changes dramatically, her mood worsens, and she suffers from toxicosis. Alsopossible miscarriage or bleeding. In this regard, it is advisable to abandon the procedure in the first trimester.

Reviews on eyelash lamination during pregnancy indicate that due to the changes taking place in a woman's body, the result can be completely unpredictable:

  • the shape of the eyelashes can change unpredictably (they will be too curled or straight);
  • if dyes are used, the color may be uneven or not as expected;
  • Lamination effect may be completely absent.

Lamination in the second trimester

In the second trimester, there is still a risk of getting an unpredictable result from the procedure. Lamination of eyelashes, according to the masters, is better to be postponed to a safer time (third trimester). But the expectant mother for a month and a half may not worry about how beautiful her eyes look, especially since after the birth of the crumbs there will not be much time left to take care of herself.

eyelash lamination during pregnancy reviews
eyelash lamination during pregnancy reviews

Third trimester procedure

The most suitable period for eyelash lamination during pregnancy is the last trimester. The main thing is that there are no contraindications and natural ingredients are used.

Expectant mother is desirable to carry out the procedure about a month before birth. After the birth of the crumbs, you will be able to save time on makeup. In addition, some new mothers develop an allergic reaction to cosmetics, which makes it impossible to use mascara.

What the pros say

Many expectant mothers would like to receive an answer from professionals to the question of whether eyelash lamination is harmful during pregnancy. Considering that natural remedies are used for eyelash lamination during pregnancy, as well as the absence of pain during the procedure, we can say that there is no danger to either the expectant mother or the fetus (provided there are no contraindications).

Manipulation is prohibited if:

  • there is an individual intolerance to the components of the means used;
  • previously had eye surgery or injury;
  • eye diseases are present, especially inflammatory ones.


In order for the eyelash lamination procedure during pregnancy to be safe, you must follow the rules:

  • apply exclusively to certified salons, where they adhere to sanitary and hygienic norms and rules;
  • tell the master about your situation, specifying the trimester;
  • do an allergy test for the products used. The specialist must offer this procedure to the expectant mother himself;
  • make sure that the composition for lamination contains only natural ingredients;
  • reduce the amount of coloring pigment or abandon it altogether.

Possible consequences

Lamination during pregnancy, like any cosmetic procedure, can have negative consequences. Therefore, before you go to the salon, you need to think carefully about your decision. Riskthe occurrence of side effects increases if a woman decides to have a procedure without taking into account its contraindications.

is it possible to do eyelash lamination while pregnant
is it possible to do eyelash lamination while pregnant

In some cases, as a result of the procedure:

  • an allergic reaction develops, which is manifested by reddening of the eyes;
  • woman suffers from itching of the mucous membranes of the eyes;
  • eyelashes may fall out;
  • hair condition may worsen;
  • eyelashes may become lighter than before the procedure;
  • the structure of the cilia may be broken.

If the expectant mother did not know about her situation

It also happens that a woman has already done eyelash lamination, and only after that she found out about her pregnancy. If at the same time it was possible to achieve the desired effect, and there are no allergic reactions, then you don’t have to worry. A second procedure can be carried out already in a safe period.

Lamination of eyelashes during pregnancy is allowed. The main thing is to choose the right period for the procedure in order to avoid unpredictable consequences and trust only a certified specialist.