Unusual birthday wishes in prose and poetry
Unusual birthday wishes in prose and poetry

Video: Unusual birthday wishes in prose and poetry

Video: Unusual birthday wishes in prose and poetry

After the gift for the birthday boy is selected, purchased and beautifully packaged, people usually think about the words of congratulations. Of course, everyone wants the text to be original and beautiful, so that the most memorable and unusual wishes sound.

Happy birthday greetings in a variety of genres, so there are no restrictions on imagination when composing the text of a speech and pronouncing it. For example, you can express your wishes to the birthday man by teaming up with someone and arranging a small performance or a prank. However, turning your original ideas into reality, you should not forget about who unusual wishes are addressed to. Happy birthday is congratulated not by an abstract person, but by a very specific person. This means that when composing the text and pronouncing it before the birthday boy, you need to take into account a number of points.

What should be considered when congratulating?

Originality and beautycongratulations - what absolutely all people who are preparing for the holiday strive for. At the same time, often during the preparation of a speech or the search for a finished text, they forget about the birthday man himself, about the tastes and preferences of this person. Far from every holiday, original, playful and unusual wishes are appropriate. Happy birthday, as we have already said, they congratulate a specific person, therefore, when composing a speech, you need to focus on his ideas of what they should be.

What do you need to consider in order not to get into a mess? First, you should take into account what date the birthday person is to celebrate. Congratulations that are appropriate on a simple birthday may not be solemn enough on an anniversary.

Secondly, you need to take into account the person's age and gender, of course. You should also take into account the degree of your own closeness with the birthday man. Beautiful and unusual birthday wishes for a friend will differ from words addressed to a relative or boss.

What determines the style of congratulations?

Looking through ready-made versions of congratulatory speeches, it is impossible not to notice the variety of genres inherent in them. This is the usual prose, poems, humoresques, parables and even songs. There are also not so few options for how you can convey your wishes to the birthday man. For example, various celebration agencies offer prank arrangements, surprise cakes, specific party decorations, costume and life-size puppet services, and much more.

Designing congratulations at a distance alsoinvolves choosing from a variety of options. Unlike previous generations, those living today don't have to be limited to a template postcard sent through the mail.

holiday candles
holiday candles

Sometimes it is very difficult to decide what style and genre to choose for your congratulations. You need to focus on someone for whom unusual birthday wishes will sound. You need to make a speech in the genre that the birthday man is most pleasant. Of course, you need to take into account the status of the holiday. It is unlikely that an ironic playful song would be appropriate at a pompous celebration of a half-century anniversary, and a long prose speech at a birthday party celebrated in a close family circle.

What to wish a friend? An example of congratulations in verses

What can be unusual birthday wishes for a girlfriend? Only the congratulator herself can know about this, because a special connection is established between close people who maintain friendly relations with each other. For example, in congratulations, you can and should use those jokes or jokes that are understandable only to friends.

A lyrical poem will also sound quite beautiful and unusual. However, one must not forget that the verse in this case is a congratulatory speech. That is, the words should be addressed to the birthday girl, there is no need to read an ode about the beauty of crimson autumn or other poetic works.

Example of greeting text:

My dear friend, Counselor in difficult days.

You are the only one in the world, Like a ray in the skydawn.

Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.

And on this beautiful day of yours

I wish you, dear, Shined so that even the shadow.

Laugh, bathe in smiles

People close to you

And don't learn from your mistakes, After all, it's boring to live properly.

I congratulate you on your holiday!

Let everything be in your life, Like a fairy tale, beautiful and happy, No dark dull days.

Glasses,t and cake
Glasses,t and cake

As for the duration of the congratulatory speech, you should not delay your speech. Long enumeration of wishes not only makes birthday people happy, but makes them and other guests sleepy.

What to wish a friend? An example of congratulations in prose

A gift prepared in advance will please the birthday man even more if the presentation is accompanied by original wishes in prose. Birthday comes only once a year, and you should not miss the moment when you can please your friend with warm and sincere words.

Of course, when composing a congratulatory speech, one should be guided by the tastes and preferences of the birthday man. Some people like short and concise toasts, others prefer long and ornate parables in the Caucasian style. But no matter which of the prose genres is chosen for a festive speech, one must not forget that it is addressed to a specific person, and is not an abstract story.

Example of congratulation text: “Dear friend! What do you wish? Expensive cognac pouring from a tap? A self-assembled tablecloth on the kitchen table? Magic purse in whichnever run out of banknotes? Of course, I wish you all this. But in addition to a life filled with miracles, I want to wish you good he alth. It will be required so that you can enjoy all the wonders. Happy birthday!”

Of course, the theme of wishes should correspond to what the birthday person expects to hear. If a person celebrating a birthday, for example, does not drink alcohol, then brandy or some other drink should not be mentioned in the congratulation. However, text similar to the example above can be used in this situation as well. It is enough just to replace the mention of alcohol with something else, for example, with a phrase about a protein shake. If the birthday boy visits the gym, then it will be appropriate and funny. That is, when considering non-typical, non-standard wishes, one should start from the lifestyle of the one who celebrates the birthday.

What to wish your beloved man? An example of congratulations in verses

Oddly enough, but most of all problems usually arise when congratulating the most dear, close and important people. This happens because you really want to say something truly touching, expressing all the feelings that overwhelm your heart. And finding the right words for this is not easy at all. All variants of congratulatory speeches seem dull, monotonous, boring.

Bengal fire on a birthday cake
Bengal fire on a birthday cake

Unusual birthday wishes for a man can be both poetic and prosaic. However, most women tend to express theirfeelings in verse. It is quite possible to supplement such a congratulation with short prose notes, previously left in different places of the apartment or put into the pocket of a loved one. Of course, this is only possible if there is cohabitation or during a romantic date.

Example of greeting text:

My heart beat faster, Because today is your day.

Receive congratulations soon

And give your smiles light.

Unusually my wish, I want the world to suddenly disappear

To kiss you only

Starlight and other wonders.

So that everything in this sublunar world

It was only yours forever.

So that there are no gray days

You, dear, never.

Of course, the words of congratulations directly depend on where they will be pronounced. What is appropriate in a private setting is unlikely to be suitable for a toast at a celebratory banquet in a restaurant.

What to wish a girl? An example of congratulations in verse from a guy

What can be a congratulation for a girl? Of course, it should be beautiful, original and filled with romance. Words should please the birthday girl, make her smile dreamily.

unusual birthday wishes for a man
unusual birthday wishes for a man

An unusual birthday wish for a girl can be expressed in any genre, but most young women have a weakness for poetry. Accordingly, the poetic genre in this case is more appropriate than any other.

Example of greeting text:

The sun shines brighter today, The sparrows chirp louder.

The world is filled with flowers, happiness, Because you were born today.

I want to wish beautiful, Beloved and so dear

Don't become a stranger overnight, Don't be grumpy and angry.

Don't forget to give smiles

They decorate life.

And make more mistakes, To fix them I could.

Of course, wishes should correspond to both the degree of intimacy with the girl, the specifics of the relationship, and her expectations.

What to wish mother, wife, grandmother? An example of congratulations in prose

What words can you use on your birthday to your family members? Of course, only with the most sincere, coming from a pure heart. As a rule, this is how wishes expressed without much ornateness are perceived, briefly and simply.

However, this does not mean that congratulations should be boring and stereotyped. Unusual birthday wishes for a woman may well be pronounced in your own words, briefly and concisely.

unusual birthday wishes for girlfriend
unusual birthday wishes for girlfriend

Example of the text of congratulations: “Dear (the name of the hero of the occasion or the address adopted in the family)! You are our sun, warming with your priceless warmth even on the most gloomy and difficult days. Therefore, I want to wish you everything that will make you happy, bring a lot of joy and fill you with inner light. May all your wishes and dreams come true! Happy birthday!”

What to wish in an SMS message? An example of a playful greeting

The most unusual birthday wishes are those that a person will read in the early morning, immediately after he wakes up. This is due to the fact that the birthday man is waiting for congratulations and, of course, has some idea about them. Therefore, all words that go beyond typical, template SMS will seem unusual and original to him.

Example of greeting text: “Happy New Year to you! I wish that on this day your house will be decorated with a real Christmas tree, under which guests will pile mountains of gifts. Let Santa Claus fly to you and fulfill all your wishes. After all, today is the start of a new year for you! Happy birthday!”

Of course, the texts sent in messages need to be supplemented with GIFs and various emoticons. You can also send a musical postcard. There are no restrictions other than the birthday person's preferences for congratulations in messages.

What to wish in social networks? An example of a universal congratulation in verses

Beautiful original wishes for a happy birthday can not only be expressed to the birthday person or sent to him via SMS, but also posted on his pages on social networks. Such posts are always pleasant for people to see, they add popularity to them and provide them with a good, high spirits for the whole day.

Those who do not want such publications for some reason usually just close their page for them, choosing the appropriate function in the settings. Therefore, if a person's resource is open for publication, there is no need to hesitate, you shouldpost a congratulatory post.

Example of greeting text:

On your birthday I wish you

Don't get bored and count the years.

It will be a great holiday, I know

I want to get tired of gifts.

Gift candles and flowers
Gift candles and flowers

Long congratulatory monologues should not be posted on social media. As a rule, rarely anyone reads them to the end, including the birthday man himself.

What to wish mother's friend? An example of congratulations in prose

Often often people are faced with the need to congratulate friends of their parents. It is especially often necessary to make holiday speeches for mothers' friends. Finding the right words for such a case can be difficult, because, on the one hand, they are addressed to a complete stranger, and on the other, you don’t want to upset your own parent.

Original birthday wishes for a mother's friend can be expressed in prose. The main thing in such a speech is to get away from the banal enumeration of standard wishes. Of course, familiarity should not be allowed either.

Example of congratulation text: “Elena Sergeevna! It is a great honor for me to congratulate you on your birthday, because you are a special person who invariably supports and delights my mother. Let me wish you eternal youth in your heart, luck in life and the fulfillment of all your desires! Happy birthday!”

What to wish colleagues? An example of congratulations in the Caucasian style

The need to congratulate colleagues on the holidays is not always happy. It is quite difficult to find words and phrases that would not soundtrite for people with whom only work connects. However, original birthday wishes can also be expressed to people with whom the congratulator does not communicate outside the office.

Example of greeting text: “The inhabitants of the big hive had too many worries. While doing their work, they did not pay any attention to the little bee, which for some reason did not collect nectar and did not take it to the comb, but simply sat on the flower all day. The bee had a birthday, she was waiting for congratulations. When no one congratulated her, the bee got upset and flew away to live in another hive. And for those who forgot about her, just the amount of nectar that she usually brought was not enough. So let's not be like these bees and congratulate our esteemed colleague (the name of the hero of the occasion) on his birthday! I wish you success, we alth and happiness! And I also want to wish that you never have to change your "hive" for another! Happy birthday!”

What should not be forgotten?

When looking for ideas for congratulatory speeches and thinking about original wishes, many people often forget about very important little things. For example, a gift without a package, with a price tag not removed, can spoil the impression of the most wonderful and unusual speech.

It is important to find time and pay attention not only to finding the right and original words, but also to everything else that is customary to do on a holiday. For example, if a birthday is celebrated at home, in a close circle, then one should not forget about elegant serving and decorating the room. Going to a banquet in a restaurant, women shoulddress tastefully, but modestly, so as not to overshadow the hero of the occasion or the wife of the birthday man.

Rose andt
Rose andt

In other words, we must not forget that the birthday of a particular person is celebrated and it is required to show respect to him. Attention should be paid to the birthday man himself, and not to what text will be pronounced when congratulating.