How to kiss properly? French kiss - simple and important tips

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How to kiss properly? French kiss - simple and important tips
How to kiss properly? French kiss - simple and important tips

Video: How to kiss properly? French kiss - simple and important tips

Video: How to kiss properly? French kiss - simple and important tips
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How to kiss with a French kiss is a question that worries not only young teenagers who want to quickly enter the path of love. Many adult people cannot boast of great experience in kissing and passionately desire to master this art.

Types of kisses

The Kama Sutra tells of a samoyana - a passionate kiss using the tongue. Such a stormy battle of mouths is called a French kiss. The fusion of wet lips, the walk of an elusive tongue in the mouth of a partner is inherent not only to the French. Many couples know how to French kiss properly.

Romantic exquisite kiss, which can be watched on TV screens, is possible in practice for everyone. A girl or a guy who wants to master this technique will achieve his goal without much effort with the help of some tips.

the beginning of the kiss
the beginning of the kiss

Seductive lips

Wishing to learn the technique of how to kiss in French correctly, a woman and a man must first of all take care of the condition of their lips. Rough drylips, like slobbering, wet ones, can push a partner away and nullify attempts at any kiss.

To keep lips soft and slightly moisturized, you need to follow some rules:

  1. An hour before the kiss, it is advisable to apply lip balm or lip gloss, hygienic lipstick on the lips. After 60 minutes, the lips will have time to absorb it, become soft and pleasant to the touch.
  2. Dry lips can be a sign of dehydration, lack of fluid in the body. A glass of water, drunk in advance, will fill the need for moisture.
  3. Licking her lips, a woman not only looks seductive, but also moisturizes them. If she lightly licks her lips while looking into the eyes of a man, this will increase her attractiveness and his desire to kiss her sooner.
lip hydration
lip hydration

Fresh breath

French kissing properly, like a movie star in a love story, is to be fully prepared for that moment. An important factor in an exquisite kiss is not only technique, but also fresh breath. Bad breath will turn your partner off.

It is very important to maintain strict oral hygiene. When planning a kiss, the partner should brush their teeth or rinse their mouth with a special refresher.

  1. Mints, chewing gums, fragrant dragees - little helpers and an important point in the instruction on how to kiss in French.
  2. Do not eat foods and dishes that have a specific aftertaste: garlic, onion, milk, coffee, adjika.
fresh breath
fresh breath

French kiss: how to kiss the right way

The French kiss represents the passionate kissing of two partners. Inexperienced teenagers and those who have not previously had such experience dream of mastering his technique.

To understand how to French kiss properly, watch tutorial videos or follow a few simple rules:

Any kiss must begin with gentle touches. Many guys make a big mistake by pushing their way through a girl's lips. At first, it is worth slowly and languidly kissing and pressing against each other's lips, slowly and gently using either the lower or the upper lip

first stage
first stage
  • After a short touch with the lips, the partner's tongue penetrates the girl's (or guy's) mouth. It should not sink too deep, so as not to cause a feeling of discomfort and disgust.
  • Main goal: to caress and stroke the partner's tongue, gums and lips, drawing them into a playful and passionate game and sweet "confrontation".
  • It is better to start moving slowly, gradually increasing the pace of the kiss. You can attract movements with your hands, stroke your partner’s shoulders, face, gently digging your palms into your hair. Unpredictable acts that please both are an important part of a passionate French kiss.
  • During lip fusion, one of the partners is the leader and the other is the follower. The change of leadership during the kiss is a great game and variety that increases the couple's passion.
  • Image

Sweet Science

How to kiss with a French kiss, the photo below is perfectly visible. The actions of both partners are displayed. Do not tense up or act too relaxed. No matter how exciting the feelings, both partners should control the movements of the lips, tongue and teeth. Weak lip biting can cause both delight and rejection if done with excessive intensity.

how to kiss
how to kiss

How to French kiss correctly? The photo shows the process step by step, explains the technique of actions, but the naturalness and passion of the partners depends on each individual.

Teenagers, having entered into their first relationships with peers, are embarrassed to show their inexperience. They learn from fruit, with the palm of their hand. They want to learn how to French kiss properly to impress their young partner.

Important points

Kissing is a delicate matter, no matter how experienced a guy or girl is in this matter, you need to take into account several important points:

  1. The right place, the right moment. A passionate kiss requires privacy. You should not climb with hugs to a partner in a public place, in front of a large number of people. Even if the desire is mutual, the unlucky lover can be repulsed. It is necessary to pay attention to how the partner behaves, whether he flirts, whether he gives non-verbal signs of rapprochement. Very often, guys ignore the antics of the young lady, playful looks, delaying the moment of the kiss. In another case, instead of immediate action, they for a long time hint atkiss, shy, shy, which causes great irritation among the fair sex.
  2. the guy is shy
    the guy is shy
  3. To show a girl how to French kiss properly and lead her to the right moment, a guy shouldn't jump on her quickly. It is necessary to gently approach, to establish eye contact. A glance from the eyes to the lips and back will tell the girl about the intentions of the partner.
  4. eye contact
    eye contact
  5. You should not abruptly stop a languid and passionate kiss. Taking out the tongue, the partner should gently and slowly pressing his lips to the lips of the partner, finish the passionate "hickey".

French Kiss - a wonderful union of passionate partners attracted to each other. Naturalness plus mastery of technique will give a wonderful effect.