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Powder for washing machines automatic: rating of the best, composition, cost of funds, customer reviews

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Powder for washing machines automatic: rating of the best, composition, cost of funds, customer reviews
Powder for washing machines automatic: rating of the best, composition, cost of funds, customer reviews

Responsibilities of the powder for automatic washing machines impute a lot. It should easily remove dirt, preserve the quality of clothes, soften water, protect equipment parts, and much more. It is good if all these characteristics are present at once in one product, but some manufacturers still adhere to the old standards and cooking patterns. And the latter carry far from the most useful, and sometimes even prohibited elements.

Given that today's market is literally overflowing with household chemicals of this kind, many people ask a completely natural question: "Which powder is better for a washing machine?" Experienced users have long identified a number of attractive options for themselves, while beginners are tormented by the throes of choice.

Important qualities of household chemicals

Let's try to find out which powder for a washing machine the machine meets the concept of "good" and what requirements it must meet. Independent European laboratories have found out that such chemistry should in no case containphosphates, sulfates and silicates.

Also, experts strongly discourage buying solutions where chlorine, ammonia and boron have been noticed. All this has an extremely negative effect not only on the fabrics that will later have direct contact with your skin, but also on the equipment.

As for the ubiquitous surfactants (surfactants), their percentage volume is strictly regulated. For non-ionic substances it is 3%, and for anionic and cationic substances it is 2%. There are also restrictions for s alts with acids - no more than 1% and flavors - <0.01%. The latest requirements especially apply to liquid detergents for automatic washing machines.

With this percentage, all active substances are well rinsed out of tissues and do not cause any significant harm to humans and equipment. Of course, the less harmful elements the product contains, the greater the consumption of washing powder for a washing machine, but you have to choose the lesser of two evils. That is, save an extra couple of hundred rubles on harmful chemicals, or save your he alth and equipment, but pay more.

Best solutions for washing machines

Next, we will designate the most popular and well-proven powders for automatic washing machines. User reviews, advantages and disadvantages of products, as well as the opinion of experts in this field will be discussed in our article. All of the options described below are sold both in online stores and in specialized stores, so there should be no problems with the purchase.

The best washing powdersfor automatic machines (according to reviews):

  1. "Stork-Pro Color".
  2. Wirek Color.
  3. "Klar Basis Compact Color".
  4. "Atak Bio EX".
  5. CJ Lion Beat Drum.
  6. Persil Frosty Arctic.
  7. "Ariel "Mountain Spring"".
  8. SARMA Active Lily of the Valley.

Let's take a look at the notable qualities of each product.

Stork-Profi Color Machine

The St. Petersburg brand "Aist" has existed for almost a hundred years and offers its customers quality and high efficiency solutions, which is confirmed by numerous reviews from both ordinary users and experts.

Stork-Profi Color

Judging by the responses, the Aist-Profi Color Automatic series is the best washing powder for automatic machines. The manufacturer carefully monitors the raw materials for its products, plus it has its own and very impressive laboratory, where new formulas are developed and existing ones are improved.

One of the best washing powders for automatic machines copes with any dirt. The enhanced qualities of the product make it possible to remove complex stains without problems, while maintaining the color of fabrics. The powder performed equally well with both white and colored items.

Product Features

The only thing this product can't handle is wool and silk. It is also worth noting that the composition contains enzymes and bleach. The presence of detailed instructions, which indicates how much to put the powder in the washing machine and what temperature it will bepreferable in one case or another, can also be written as a plus.

Of course, the exterior of the package leaves much to be desired, as consumers have repeatedly mentioned in their reviews. But for household chemicals that are not stored in plain sight, such as dishwashing detergents, this is not critical. Powder for washing machines "Aist-Profi Color Automatic" can be found in almost any specialized store. For a 20-kilogram package, the manufacturer asks for a little less than 2,000 rubles.

Wirek Color

This is a Polish brand that has received a lot of positive feedback from consumers. Powder for washing machines Wirek Color consists of fast-washing components, and the exclusion of phosphates significantly reduces the risk of destruction of fabric fibers.

wirek color

Surfactant content fluctuates around 3-5%. The product is positioned by the manufacturer as an advanced solution for washing colored fabrics of natural and artificial origin. Also, the advantages of this powder for automatic washing machines include the presence of enzymes in the composition, which help get rid of difficult stains and enhance the properties of bleach.

As a result, we get a soft and not rolled up fabric without loss of color intensity. I was also pleased with the convenient 3-kilogram packaging, which allows you to dose the product without any problems. Powder consumption cannot be called large, so the high cost of the product, which is a little more than 1000 rubles, is fully justified. Judging by the reviews, Wirek Color does not have any serious shortcomings.

Klar Basis CompactColor

One of the main advantages of the German washing powder is the components of plant origin. Here we have rice starch, soda and oil soaps, coral s alts and sugar surfactants. Thanks to this approach, the powder gently and gently cleanses the fabric.

Klar Basis Compact Color

It is also worth noting that the product can be used to wash children's clothes. The composition is mostly hypoallergenic and does not even smell of some phosphates, fragrances and other harmful elements.

Judging by the feedback from consumers, at the output things do not have a pronounced chemical smell, but smell naturally. This solution proved to be excellent in working with colored and fastidious fabrics. Even after numerous washes, they do not lose their original appearance.

The product is good for many, but due to plant components and a minimum of active chemistry, it does not cope well with old stains. So for the latter it is better to use "heavy artillery" and not this powder. The cost of funds can not be called democratic. For a 1.4 kg package, the manufacturer asks for about 1,200 rubles.

Attack Bio EX

Powder from the Japanese brand received a lot of positive feedback from experts and ordinary consumers due to the balanced composition and the presence of useful components in it. The product can be called universal, because it does an excellent job cleaning both light and colored fabrics.

Atak Bio EX

The powder is able to remove even the most old stains andmud of organic origin. Due to the increased content of enzymes, it is not a problem for him to remove coffee, wine, oils and cosmetics. Also, consumers note the economical consumption of the product. Included is a sensible measuring spoon.

The powder contains bleaching ingredients, so it works best on bedding, both cotton and synthetic. Another clear plus is the absence of phosphates and chlorine-containing substances. I was also pleased with the packaging, where the packaging of the powder was competently implemented. A kilogram box will cost about 500 rubles.

CJ Lion Beat Drum

This liquid product is available in either small bottles or sachets. In both cases, a convenient dispenser is provided. The composition of the product includes foaming additives of plant origin. So thorough rinsing is not required in this case.

CJ Lion Beat Drum

Judging by consumer reviews, there were no white marks that often appear after washing with ordinary powders. One of the main advantages of a liquid product is that it remains effective even in cold water.

As a fly in the ointment here is the presence of aggressive flavors and an increased proportion of surfactants (5-10%). After washing, a specific smell appears. But the product copes with its main task quite adequately. For a bag or bottle you will need to pay a little less than 500 rubles.

"Persil Frosty Arctic""

This is a German brand, but the production itself is located in Russia. PartThe product includes liquid stain remover granules that do an excellent job with the most complex and serious stains. The solution is universal, so it is well suited for all types of fabrics.

Persil Frosty Arctic

There are no harmful phosphates in the powder, but the proportion of surfactants significantly exceeds the permissible norm and is in the region of 5-15%. Odorants, alas, are poorly washed out, therefore, after washing, the linen has a specific smell. "Persil submachine gun "Frosty Arctic"" - this is exactly the same "heavy artillery" that will cope with any specific problems.

Judging by consumer reviews, the powder is extremely economically consumed (about 1.5 times less than the options described above), and one package is enough for a long time. With its main task - cleaning things, the product does an excellent job. Naturally, this solution is not suitable for washing children's clothes due to the presence of aggressive fragrances and optical brighteners. The average cost of a regular package fluctuates around 100 rubles.

"Ariel "Mountain spring" machine"

This solution has not proven itself in the best way in working with knitwear, but in washing bed linen, towels and clothes it has no equal. With regular use, the powder retains the whiteness of products. Separately, it is worth noting that "Mountain Spring" does an excellent job of bleaching cotton fabrics.

Ariel Mountain Spring

With the composition of the product, not everything is so rosy. There are no harmful phosphates, but there are unpleasant zeolites that contribute toincreasing the rigidity of products. The concentration of surfactants also exceeds the permissible limits and is in the region of 5-15%. Glad to see it all panned out nicely. For children's things, "Mountain Spring" is better not to use.

Judging by the reviews, consumers liked this product. Yes, it does not contain the most harmonious components, but it copes with its task very well and at the same time has an acceptable consumption. The classic packaging of the powder will cost about 100 rubles.

"SARMA Active "Lily of the Valley""

This is a Russian product from the Nevskaya Cosmetics factory. This solution attracts domestic consumers primarily due to its low cost. Regular packaging will cost only 50 rubles, which is two times cheaper than the promoted brands.

SARMA Active Lily of the Valley

In terms of its effectiveness, the powder is not inferior to the aforementioned "Ariel" or "Persil". Nevertheless, the low cost still affected the composition. It uses unwanted phosphates and sulfates, as well as optical brighteners. And the proportion of surfactants is also exceeded and is in the region of 5-15%.

It is quite difficult to rinse out this entire set, so experts do not recommend "Lily of the Valley" for children's things and bed linen. But the abundance of chemistry made this product universal. Judging by the reviews, the powder does an excellent job of washing all types of fabrics and removes any, even the most difficult dirt. In addition, the product perfectly whitens light-colored clothes and has antibacterial properties.

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